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Souderton Abbey

The Lady in the Dress, the Dame in Distress

Chapter 18

It was now early December, but it had been one hell of a year. Harry and Hayley finally started dating again, after a much needed argument which lead to them both realizing that they truly do love each other. They were actually quite happy, unlike the beginning of the year. Carrie and Niall continued to sneak off and be together, but they had never defined their relationship. Neither of them felt as though it was necessary or ,realistically, likely. If Carrie's parents found out about them everything would be over and Niall would be on the first train back to Ireland. What class of society mattered more to them then whether or not love was a factor in the relationship.

Niall had to admit, he was terrified for what was to come. Soon, Carrie would be having her 18th birthday ball and all the eligible bachelors will be coming to Souderton Abbey in hopes of winning her had in marriage. With their perfectly tailored suits and thousands of dollars in inheritance, he knew he couldn't compete with any of them. The thought of losing Carrie made him sweat slightly as he drove her and her mom to town for her to buy a gown for gown, and it felt as though he was driving her to their end, and he hated every second of it.
In the backseat, Carrie and her mom discussed ideas for the ball and more importantly, her dress. Carrie wanted to wear a dress shorter than usual, one that stopped only halfway up her calf, and Niall laughed slightly to himself because he knew she only wanted a dress like that to show all the bachelors that she wasn't just some doll. He knew she was her own person, and that's the part that he loved about her.

Niall stayed by the car while Carrie and her Mother went dress shopping in a tiny, but expensive boutique. Carrie touched every piece of fabric she walked past with her small, pale hands and appreciated every delicate detail of the beading on the red dress she stopped to admire.

"Mom, I would like to try this one on."

Carrie's mother turned around and looked at her daughter with disbelief.

"You want to wear something that shows you're innocent and obedient. That's all these men are looking for in a wife."

Carrie frowned at the thought of all the men that would be attending her ball. She almost forgot that it was mainly for her to find a husband, but lately being with Niall had made her forget all about the class-surrounded world outside.

"Maybe I don't want to look innocent and obedient, Mom. Maybe I want to look daring and independent."

Carrie's mom laughed and smiled to herself as she examined a nearby pale blue ball gown dress.

"Well then, I know you get more of your genes from me, and not your father."

Carrie and her mother laughed as she walked away from the red dress and eventually they both decided on a pale pink a-line dress that touched the floor. Carrie wouldn't have picked it as her first choice, but after all, she wasn't the one buying the dress.

When they walked out of the boutique, Carrie smiled at Niall as he helped her and her mother into the sleek, black car. When she was seated, she turned towards the empty roads that were mainly used for walking and saw a couple that obviously didn't have much money, but as they held hands and strolled through the streets it seemed as though nothing else in the world mattered.

The engine roared as they made their way back to the Abbey, but Carrie couldn't help but think of her relationship with Niall after the ball next week. She did love him, but neither of them had admitted it to each other. Maybe she was more into their relationship than he was. On the other hand, he always treated her with respect and made sure she felt like the luckiest person on earth, but in the long run, she wasn't sure if he was what she wanted, or more likely, what her parents wanted.

Carrie stopped as put her hand on her mother's shoulder to stop her. Her mother turned around with a puzzled look on her face as Carrie pretended to act like she just realized something.

"Oh mother it seems as though I left my bracelet in the car, I'll just go back and get it myself." Carrie turned around swiftly and left through the front entrance as her mother stood there still confused because she did not remember her wearing a bracelet at all.

Carrie walked faster than she could ever imagine and timed herself by the consistent clicking of her shoes against the pavement as she made her way to the place where all the cars were parked. When she got there, she stopped as she watched Niall do an annual check up on the car. She noticed how he took off his jacket and rolled up the sleeves on his shirt and she was able to see his biceps through his thin white dress shirt as he used a wrench to tighten a screw in the tire. Carrie cleared her throat and Niall stopped what he was doing to find out who was trying to get his attention. When he realized it was Carrie, he stood up and smiled shyly as they were both thinking the same thing.

Carrie ran forward and kissed Niall forcefully and though he was caught off guard by her action, he soon accepted and returned it. She pulled away as she rubbed her thumb on the back of his neck as she began to speak in a way that seemed as though she was crying, but no actually years left her eyes.

"I care about a lot, okay?"

Niall nodded his head as he pressed his forehead against hers and held her closer to him.
"I know you do, almost as much as I care about you."

Carrie was slightly thrown off by his statement but just ignored it for the time being. Little did she know that Niall already faced the facts: she was soon to be married off to a rich and wealthy man with a good name and he would be just another person in her life, but that doesn't mean he wasn't upset about it. Throughout his life he learned not to get his hopes up, and so far he knew that that was the best thing the do in their situation.


I kinda gave up on this fic not gonna lie but because of some of the comments I've been getting I have decided that I absolutely positiely will finish it and hopefully some of you will cry when you read it or maybe not idk
But all in all I hope that you guys keep reading!


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@ericajaine thank you so much! I really tried to make it more like a story than just another fanfiction

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missed you!!

I read one effing paragraph and holy shit, you're amaze-balls at writing!! Your attention to detail, and writing style is very impressive. <333