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Souderton Abbey

My Lovely Valentine

Chapter 17
It was now late February and snow was lightly piling upon the window sills, but inside every fire place was burning and giving off the warmth that humans thrive off of. Sure, every human needed to be physically warm to stay alive, but the warmth everyone longs for is that of the heart that comes from an act or a knowledge of knowing someone loves. It could be romantic, or as well as friendly, but it too has become a part of human survival. Everyone just wants to know that they mean something to someone.

Carrie was in bed reading "The Count of Monte Cristo" while next to her chestnut nightstand that had the only light on in her room that was currently on. She turned the page but heard two soft knocks come from the door. She allowed the person in knowing it was Hayley with tea to help her fall asleep. A couple nights before she had a dream about being in a war zone, and ever since then, she has had trouble falling asleep. She couldn't understand why, but she felt like that dream was a reality, and that's what was really bothering her.

Hayley set down the tea on the nightstand and said goodnight as she left the room to go to bed. Soon after, she heard to small knocks and became confused because Hayley was the only person she was expecting. She lifted her covers off of her body and felt the cold hardwood floor against her pale feet with every step she took towards the mahogany door. Her nightgown was plain white with small accents of lace here and there, but it wasn't anything extraordinary. Her brown hair was tied in the back into a French braid, and her face was all natural, showing off the many freckles around her petite nose. When she opened the door she was surprised to see Niall on the other side. She immediately pulled him inside the doorway to prevent him getting caught for even being in that hallway at that time of night.
She closed the door as softly as she could in a frantic matter before whipping around to come face to face with Niall. Confused, she talked with her hands trying to understand while Niall was in her room.

"What do you think you're doing here?"

Niall reached behind his back and pulled out a small box from behind his back and extended his arm out. Carrie took the box in her tiny palms and opened it. She gasped at the sight of pearls, they were gorgeous, but she was still bewildered.

"What is this for?"

Niall looked at the ground with a shy smile and scratched the back of his neck. "When I went back to Ireland, I saw them and thought of you. I know we are not dating or anything, but I wanted to give it to you as a late Valentines Day present."

Carrie's heart felt like it was being overworked from all the happiness she was currently feeling. She had already assumed they were not doing anything for Valentines Day, but she had to admit that on February 14 she was disappointed from the lack of some type of affection. That night, though, she felt like she was given more than just a necklace. It felt like she was given a person she did not deserve, but he made it hard for her not to like him.
Carrie leaned up to Niall and kissed his cheek while softly saying thank you in his ear. The two of them wrapped their arms around each other and stood there at the foot of her bed just holding on to each other. Niall pulled back and tucked am escaped strand of hair behind Carrie's ear.

"I should probably get going. I don't want anybody looking for me." Carrie bit her lip and nodded her head. Niall turned toward the door and the nervousness he felt that whole day washed away from his entire body. He opened the door and closed the door quietly before walking towards the hallway that lead to the servant's staircase. Unfortunately, Niall was walking the same path as Carrie's father, Mr. Barlow, who was apparently just then going to bed from the library.

"Good evening, Niall. What brings you up here so late?"

Niall felt his body start to sweat as he quickly tried to come up with a believable excuse.
"I was on my way to bed when I noticed Lady Carrie needed help with her bedside lamp."
Niall silently prayed to God that Mr. Barlow believed him. It was bad enough to lose Carrie, let alone potentially his job.

Mr. Barlow shifted his weight as he eyed Niall to make sure he wasn't lying. He noticed that Niall was smiling but did seem quite nervous, which is what made him not believe his alibi. He didn't want to accuse Niall just yet because he knew he needed solid evidence before he could stop whatever type of relationship was going on between his daughter and the butler. After all, he was planning on soon hosting a ball to really try and find Carrie a husband, and he already had someone in mind.

"Very well then, thank you. You have a nice night."

Niall nodded his hand and walked rather quickly towards the servant's staircase. When Mr. Barlow was out of earshot he breathed a heavy sigh of relief and prepared himself for a night of much needed sleep. Little did he know that it would be his last happy Valentine's day for a very long time.


sorry for not updating, I finished the story but just forgot to post the chapters :)


Are you going to post soon? Please do!

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@ericajaine thank you so much! I really tried to make it more like a story than just another fanfiction

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missed you!!

I read one effing paragraph and holy shit, you're amaze-balls at writing!! Your attention to detail, and writing style is very impressive. <333