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Souderton Abbey

Oh Danny Boy, Oh Danny Boy

Chapter 14

As autumn began to come to a close and the grass began to die along with the leaves, Carrie and Niall were back to their usual spot in the trees during midday talking and laughing. After his birthday, they had not kissed again for Niall was afraid of his job, but every time he looked at her pink lips he questioned why he had not done it again.

Carrie wanted Niall to kiss her again, but as the search for a husband continued her father kept a close on her and even Niall. He had seen how close of friends they are and questioned their relationship but now he just assumes they are two teenagers who have a nice time together.

As they strolled along the path, Niall soon felt Carrie's cold hand in his not realizing that he had absentmindedly grabbed it. Carrie squeezed it in assurance as they continued walking on this forgotten road. Without warning, Niall slowly came to a stop and turned to a confused Carrie with only the most pure shade of blue in his eyes.
"Carrie, I need to ask you something but please don't get mad at me." furrowing her eyebrows, Carrie's stomach started to churn at the thought of anything disappointing coming out of Niall's mouth.

As Carrie waited patiently, Niall shifted in his feet a bit as he questioned whether or not he should ask his question. He liked where they were at but he wasn't the type to ever beat around the bush, but he realized he didn't want to ask the question just yet.
"Would you like to dance with me?" Niall hopefully held out his hand for Carrie to take she smiled softly as she put her hand in his once again. As he brought her body close to his he noticed he had never been so close to anybody he cared about before. Sure he had danced with his mom a few times, but she didn't really count.

Carrie swayed with Niall softly putting her face on his chest and secretly smelling his cologne. Of course at banquets and family thrown balls she had danced with different guys, but they were all mostly family friends that she had never thought of being anything more than a friend. As the slight breeze blew past them both of them realized there was no music to dance to. Carrie lifted her head from Niall's chest as she looked up to him.

"Niall, would you mind singing for me?"

Upon her request, Niall's cheeks turned bright red as his hands became slightly sweaty underneath his wool gloves. "What do you want me to sing?"

"Anything you want that is some what romantic."

Niall had to think hard about what he wanted to sing and couldn't think of anything at first, but soon an Irish lullaby came to mind that he remembered hearing his mother sing often. As Niall began to sing "Danny Boy", Carrie only pressed her head harder onto Niall's chest. With the smell of his shirt and the softness of his voice she felt as though she was in a distant place out of touch with her usual high class society. She felt comforted and protected, unlike her usual self.

"Oh Danny Boy, oh Danny Boy, I love you so..."

Niall decided not to sing the other verse for Carrie as he often found it sad and only for times of uncertainty. At that very moment, he was sure that the most beautiful girl he had ever met was in his arms, nuzzled in his chest right where he wanted her to be.

Unfortunately, there were soon screams and yelling coming from the town square and Niall as though his perfect moment was ruined. As the both turned to the direction of the yelling, they could faintly make out two bodies moving towards each other. Even from many yards away Niall could tell that Harry was one of the men in the fight and he quickly grabbed Carrie's hand and ran toward his friend. When they quickly got there Harry was punching a slightly older man with dark hair in the face screaming and shouting nonsense.

"And if I ever catch you again I will end you." Harry immediately got off the badly beaten man as he looked up and saw Niall and Carrie staring hopelessly at him.

As if a warning, police sirens roared in the background as Harry quickly ran off but not before whispering in Niall's ear. "I'll be in the trunk of the car. Get there as soon as you can without making a scene." Harry vanished as he turned a corner around a building and Niall quickly turned around to Carrie to ask if she was ok. Nodding her head "yes", Carrie quickly turned her head in the direction Harry left.

"We should probably get you back home. We wouldn't want to give your parents any reason to worry about you." Niall squeezed Carrie's hand as she nodded her head once more and they quickly walked off, but in a different route towards the car.

Once they reached the car, Niall quickly opened the door for Carrie to get in and he soon hoped in the front seat. Turning on the engine, he wondered if he should let Harry out of the trunk but decided not to in case anybody recognized him on the road. Without a another thought, their car was moving swiftly down the road towards Souderton Abbey.

As they drove up the gravel driveway of the Abbey, Niall and Carrie unknowingly both sighed a sigh of relief as they were not questioned or followed on the way home. After parking the car in its usual spot, Niall quickly helped Carrie out of the car as he immediately gave her a hug and kissed her forehead.

"Are you ok? That might have been a bit to witness but just know I had no idea what that was about." Niall hopelessly looked into Carrie's eyes as she actually began to laugh a bit.
"I'm just happy he didn't get arrested. It's ok to get out Harry."

Upon demand, Harry knocked on the trunk door twice as Niall went to the back of the car to open it up. As Harry emerged out of the back, he had mild, but noticeable bruises on his face and even some blood on his teeth. Niall tried to hide a look of disgust as he took a good look at his now fugitive friend hoping Carrie wasn't as squeamish as he was. Turning back to her, Niall took both of her hands in his and looked straight into her gorgeous eyes.
"I'll take him back inside and get him cleaned up, but I need you to try and distract everyone so they don't focus on the doors."

Carrie only nodded for hopefully the last time that day as she kissed Niall's cheek and went back inside and taking off her coat before quickly going downstairs to the servant's quarters.
As Niall turned around to face his slightly beaten friend, he knew asking questions right away would be no use to the situation at the moment. He walked over to Harry and used his right hand to pat his back as they both walked back to the worker's entrance of the Abbey. Luckily they walked at a good enough slow pace to allow Carrie enough time to go downstairs and telling everyone something about putting up the Christmas tree earlier that year. Even if they didn't want to everyone had to listen because she was part of the family that provided them jobs.

As Niall snuck Harry inside to the staircase, he let Harry go up by himself as he went looking for someone who would come quite in handy in this situation. Listening to Carrie in the back of the dining room, Niall was able to find Hayley and sneak her upstairs into their room without anybody noticing. Haywire couldn't help but gasp and ask what in the world happened to Harry but he still refused to talk about the situation.

"I just need your help getting him cleaned up and covering up those bruises, please." Niall asked as politely as he could even though he was kind of angry at how silent Harry has been this whole time.

Sighing in defeat, Hayley nodded her head. "Of course, just let me go to my room and get some makeup to cover up those bruises. I'll be right back. Oh, and before I forget, go wash that blood out of your mouth, Harry."

As Carrie went back upstairs to her room, she felt a pang of jealousy in her chest as she remembers seeing Niall sneak out Hayley to obviously help Harry. She knew she might have not been the best choice to help Harry, but it still felt nice to feel needed every once and awhile. She opened her door to see her sister crying softly to herself on the edge of her bed queen sized bed.

"I need you to help me cover something before James finds out please if he sees this he'll leave I know it just please help me." Carrie quickly walked over to her sister and let her cry in her shoulder as she saw the hickies lining her collar bone and guessed that is what her sister was talking about.


Hey guys! I hope you are still enjoying the story because from here on out this is where the plot is really begining to start.
Oh and I'll update tomorrow!


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@ericajaine thank you so much! I really tried to make it more like a story than just another fanfiction

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missed you!!

I read one effing paragraph and holy shit, you're amaze-balls at writing!! Your attention to detail, and writing style is very impressive. <333