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Souderton Abbey

A Day at the Fair

Chapter 13

Two Months Later

Instead of being awoken by the usual knock on the door, the cold feeling of having the sheets of his bed being ripped off of his body is what woke Niall up on that September morning. The weather had gotten a bit colder since the summertime but it was only brisk and not as harsh as the England winters. Niall soon felt two hands moving his body back and forth exclaiming "It's your birthday! And the day of the fair!"

Niall opened his eyes to the all too familiar green eyes and brown curls as his lips turned into a smile. He didn't that anyone would remember his birthday, even Carrie. He only mentioned it a bit here and there when news of a local carnival surfaced in the house.
As Niall got ready for the day ahead, he imagined the perfect birthday. Being with his parents and older brother Greg, and having all of his friends from the Abbey there. He knew having his family there to celebrate was a long shot, considering they could barely get enough money to send him off to London, but a little daydreaming never hurt anyone.

When he and Harry walked downstairs to the servants hall for breakfast, a special little breakfast of bacon and eggs were at his usual spot at the table. A roar of "happy birthday" came from everyone's mouths, especially Harry and Hayley. Niall couldn't help but smile at the thought that this many people actually remembered his birthday and that the busy house cook even took time to make him a personalized plate of his favorite breakfast food. As he said his thank you's, he quickly dug into his plate as everyone around him became amused at how happy he was about a simple breakfast.

"Slow down, man. Your stomach might start to hurt! And I doubt Lady Carrie wants someone who is crouching over all day ready to vomit." The last sentence was said more discreetly so that only Niall could here. Niall laughed as he put down his fork down and turned to his closest friend, Harry.

"Ok number one, we are still only friends and will probably only ever be that. Number two, I will stuff my face if I want because it's my birthday and I can get away with it, unlike you."

"Touché, Niall. Touché"

As the day went by, it was filled with many whole hearted happy birthdays and secret glances between Niall and Carrie. They had become close friends over the past two months and everybody was beginning to become less suspicious of a relationship between the two. As
Carrie was getting help from Hayley while getting ready for the Carnival, her older sister Kristen came in without any warning.

"Sorry if I seem as though I'm barging in, but I think an older sister has her rights." Kristen smiled as she sat down on Carrie's quilted chair by her makeup desk.

"I won't call the police if you promise a rematch at the ring toss tonight." Hayley chuckled lightly as she helped but on gloves for Carrie while Carrie looked playfully at her older sibling.

"I would if I could but I already have plans of relaxing properly in our little hide away house in town. I would go with James but he is away on a business trip." James was Kristen's husband that was a proper gentleman but was always traveling and working but always seemed to make time time for his new wife.

"Fine suite yourself, but don't have too much fun without me." As Carrie put on her autumn coat, she turned to her mirrior and whispered "perfect" in her mind. She turned to Hayley and asked her if she was ready for tonight and Hayley nodded as she gathered her stuff and left the room.

Hayley quickly made her way down to the servant's quarters swiftly without being seen as she entered her bedroom and closed her door softly. Throwing her stuff on the bed as she ran to the bathroom. She stuck a finger down her throat hoping all the contents from today's meals left her body through her mouth. She coughed slightly at the burning aftertaste left in her throat but felt slightly relieved as she looked at her muscular legs which she took as fat. She remembered how slim and beautiful most women seemed nowadays and wished she could look like that one day. She knew she would never be able to afford the glamourous fabrics and dresses but she at least wanted to feel good in her own body.

Through the vent, she heard conversations of everyone downstairs putting on their coats and getting ready for the carnival. She had no plans of going tonight, but as she pndered about it a bit more she thought it to be more meaningful to go than to stay back at the Abbey and potentially do something she might regret later.

Downstairs, everyone began leaving the Abbey as an seemingly excited Hayley came down the stairs and out of the door with everyone else. Niall and Harry were way ahead of everyone else as they wanted to get through more games and talked about random stuff along the way.
As the Carnival came into view, Carrie and her sister were well on their way in a game of ring toss as Kristen finally gave in and promised a short game before she went on her way . Niall looked around hopefully for a game with decent prizes and saw one with the most adorable Teddy bear. He challenged Harry a game as he wanted to have some sort of competition as they walked to the ring toss booth. He had not realized before that the two ladies currently playing were Lady Carrie and Lady Kristen. Without warning, Niall began cheering Carrie on as Harry smiled cheekily at him before cheering on Kristen. The two sisters laughed as they played but by the end of it neither of them won because it was a tie.

Groaning happily, Carrie turned around smiling as she came face to face with the ever so happy birthday day boy. Kristen and Harry were distracting each other while talking when Carrie threw her hands around Niall, yelling "Happy Birthday!" She knew it was not proper to do that in public but she didn't care about that right now.

Still holding onto her, Niall looked down at Carrie while softly saying "Thank you" to her smiling face. As they released each other they spent the rest of the night talking and playing games until Niall finally won that Teddy bear at the ring toss booth. Without a second thought, he gave it to Carrie hoping she would like it as much as he did.
"How did you know I wanted this Teddy bear?"

"I didn't. I guess great minds think alike." Niall smiled down at Carrie as she looked down at the Teddy bear before snapping her head up and grabbing Niall's hand and leading him towards the exit.

Laughing as he went along the pathway, Niall showed confusion on his face when they stopped along a lit narrow pathway inside many trees. "Where have you kidnapped me to, Carrie?"

"Somewhere where we can call our own. Happy birthday, Niall."
And with that, she stood up on her toes and kissed him.


hi guys!

I've been working hard on this story and just as a heads up I would like to apologize in advance for skipping over months at a time. You haven't seen it yet but eventually you will and that is because I forgot to take into account the year 1913 (oops)
Hope you enjoy it!


Are you going to post soon? Please do!

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@ericajaine thank you so much! I really tried to make it more like a story than just another fanfiction

RoyalQueen RoyalQueen


missed you!!

I read one effing paragraph and holy shit, you're amaze-balls at writing!! Your attention to detail, and writing style is very impressive. <333