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Souderton Abbey

Hiding in the Hallways

Chapter 12

Later that night, Niall had finally regained some strength and was again being a butler at dinner. Carrie's sister decided to join them all for dinner that night along with her husband, who always seemed to be traveling and working.

Oddly enough, Carrie's sister, Kristen, was wearing a deep purple lace dress that came all the way up to her neck and stopped at her ankles. Usually her sister chose a more modern fashion, but she didn't want to expose the hickeys that were now stained on her neck. Her husband sat next her, and occasionally grabbed her hand and she would gladly accept it. They were in love, and everyone around them had no doubt about it.

Harry had returned to the dining room with more champagne seeing as though they had underestimated how much they actually needed. When refilling their cups, Harry had noticed Kristen's outfit of choice and chuckled lightly to himself which sounded more like a small cough. He knew she wouldn't wear any outfit like that unless there was a reason, and he had already guessed what reason it was.

Mr. Barlow turned toward Kristen's husband as he became curious of his recent business trip. "So John, how was good old London last week?"

John smiled at the fact that Mr. Barlow was even interested and wiped his mouth with a napkin before speaking. "It was great. I was assigned to a very interesting case, actually."

"Oh really? What was it about?"

John pierced a piece of broccoli with his fork and cut it in half with his knife as he spoke. "By law, I'm not supposed to tell, but I can say this. A man with lots of money did something not illegal, but at the same time it was not honorable and was getting sued for it. Because he had so much money, many didn't think making him pay a fine would do anything and actually wanted him to have jail time. In the end, the case was more of a question of whether or not, in some cases, paying money is enough of a punishment."

Mr. Barlow was quite shocked that a case like was even happening during their time. "What do you think about it the case then, John?"

John ate half a piece of broccoli and sat upright in his chair with more of a powerful demeanor than usual. He was rarely asked about his cases, considering he was a lawyer and he had many cases all the time. "I think he should have been thrown in jail because he has more money than anyone could ever imagine. If he goes to jail he'll be cut off of his recourses so by the time he gets out he would have nothing and then he would truly learn his lesson. Unfortunately, my job was to make sure he stayed out of jail, and it was the first time I felt ashamed for doing something."

Dinner carried on like usual and soon everyone was moving into the library for casual after dinner conversations on the couches. Niall and Harry were dismissed downstairs after dinner and were now seated in the servant's dining room. Hayley sat down next to Harry and looked exhausted as if she was ready to fall asleep any minute.

"What's gotten you so tired?"

Hayley rolled her eyes slightly at Harry and reached for the mash potatoes in front of them on the table and took a spoonful. "If you must know, I am currently operating on almost three hours of sleep because of that little booger next to you."

Harry nudged Niall with his elbow and nodded his head over to Hayley. "So I hear you're the booger that's been keeping Hayley from sleeping?"

Niall only shrugged as he ate a mouthful of mashed potatoes. "It's not my fault I passed out and she decided to help me. Thanks by the way." Hayley smiled at Niall as she continued to eat her food.

"Anytime. Although, I'm not sure looking like a zombie is worth it."

All three of them laughed, and Harry leaned a bit over to Hayley so she could only hear what he was about to say.

"Well personally, even though you do look like a zombie, I still think you look beautiful." Hayley smiled at Harry and Niall leaned into their mini conversation.

"I heard that, by the way. Did you guys ever go on that date?"

Hayley rolled her eyes jokingly. "First, it wasn't a date, and secondly, something kind of came up preventing us from even leaving the house."

Niall mumbled sorry once again and Hayley assured it really was ok. She was happy her and Harry didn't leave the house because they had more fun in the house when basically no one was there. Hayley pretend to be hiding and running from Harry, making him play along and chase after her. It might have been kind of childish, but at the same time very intriguing. When Harry finally caught her, he swooped around a corner and grabbed her by the back. He placed his hand over her mouth to stop her squeals and giggles from being heard and whispered in her ear, "Don't struggle it will only make it worse."

Harry turned her around and was about to lean down and kiss her when the family doctor cleared his throat at the end of the hall. Surely he could have taken a different route, but he felt as though it would it would be better for them to be caught by him than rather the intimidating Mr. Dates. Harry and Hayley stepped away from each other when the doctor walked down the hallway past them. Before he left, he turned around and said, "Mr. Dates is just around the corner and to be honest, he scares me too sometimes." He nodded his head at the two teenagers and they thanked him as he left.

After dinner, Niall went up to his room to read his usual letters from his mom, and Harry managed to corner Hayley before she went upstairs to help Carrie get ready for bed. As Harry towered over Hayley in the often forgotten corner, Harry handed the blonde lady's maid a bag of her favorite jelly beans. Hayley took them in her hand shocked that he even managed to buy some even though he didn't go into town.

"How did you get these?"

Harry only smirked and said, "I had a friend get them for me because I knew you really liked this kind."

Hayley leaned up on her toes and kissed Harry on the cheek as a thank you and headed upstairs to go help Carrie.

When Harry got his room he was smiling like an idiot and Niall immediately noticed. "What's gotten you so happy?"

Harry unbuttoned his white dress shirt and pulled it over his head revealing his toned stomach. "Nothing, I guess she just makes me happy."

Niall didn't need an explanation of who "she" is, and he was happy that Harry and Hayley were finally getting somewhere with their relationship. They've always been very flirty with each other, but they have never been so honest with each other, and nobody was complaining.


Hi guys!
So i kinda didn't like this chapter but whatever so I'm going to take some time to see where I want to go from here and post a new chapter very soon!
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@ericajaine thank you so much! I really tried to make it more like a story than just another fanfiction

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missed you!!

I read one effing paragraph and holy shit, you're amaze-balls at writing!! Your attention to detail, and writing style is very impressive. <333