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Souderton Abbey

You Apologize, But Then They Nearly Die

Chapter 10

The next morning, business and relief washed all over the Abbey in preparation for the Hemming's departure. It had been a tiring weekend, but enjoyable for many. Charles had requested to get ready by himself that morning in order to "become more independent", which was not true at all. Even though he slept soundly he still felt very embarrassed by what he did to Niall, and hoped he could apologize at some point. Luckily he was late to breakfast and Niall went upstairs to gather Charles' luggage. When he opened the door he immediately regretted and wanted to shrink back into himself. Charles kindly asked him to stay and Niall obeyed, without saying a word.

"Look I'm sorry what happened last night it was rude and unacceptable of me, I should have realized you were never looking at me the way you look at Carrie." Niall was already surprised he was getting an apology, let alone having Carrie be brought up in the conversation.

"I forgive you, but I have to say, I beg your pardon?"

Charles laughed lightly as he became a bit more comfortable with himself now that Niall had forgiven him. "Oh don't try and fool me, I see the way you look at her, and the way she looks at you. I should have just known you weren't looking at me that way. Just promise not to hurt her because I swear to god..." Charles began taking slow but intense steps towards Niall, and Niall couldn't help but cower back in fear. After all, Charles was taller than him and he had a lot more muscle than he had.

Niall took a step back and looked at Charles with honest eyes.
"I wouldn't do anything to hurt her, or at least not on purpose." With that, Charles gave Niall a quick pat on the back as he walked out of the room and downstairs towards breakfast. Niall went to the corner of the room containing the old Victorian desk and picked up the trunk containing Charles' traveling items.

The brown trunk bag with black leather lining seemed to be more heavy than at the beginning of the trip, or was it the guilt and secrets he was hiding? Niall had barely slept last night and listened to the sounds of Harry snoring because it was all he had to distract him. He couldn't stop thinking about what happened and felt like a criminal even though he had done nothing wrong. His thoughts then proceeded to destroy him even more with the constant reminder he was only a butler. He came here as a butler, and when he leaves, he will probably leave as a butler and not a happy man who is also hopelessly in love with the girl that he first saw through a window.

His throat began to quench as his fatigue began to catch up with him. The dark circles under his eyes were completely obvious to the naked eye, and his muscles ached yearning for him to sit down and take a quick break. He knew that would be an idiotic decision, and that he would most likely fall into a deep slumber and not wake up until somebody finds him and is convinced that he truly is a fool that many were expecting him to be. Opening the front door of Soudertown ad walking down the front two steps towards the Hemming's car, Niall hauled the trunk with all the might he could manage in his arms, but mostly in his back, and put it securely to the back of the car and wrapped a buckle around it for extra security.

Maybe it was the sun, but soon Niall felt every pore in his body open and at first it felt like a wave of relief, but soon every single one was filled with salty water and his head felt as though it was detached from his body. His limbs began to shiver and his body somehow managed to become more pale than it already was, making it seem as though he was almost dead. His stomach clenched involuntarily and soon the food he managed to scarf down earlier that morning was now on the gravel driveway. The ground became unleveled and the sun slowly turned duller but its heat more painful than enjoyable.

The utterly confused butler tried to run as fast as he could into the Abbey, but every step took out so much energy from himself. He felt someone grab him by the side and attempt to carry most of his weight in order to assist him inside, but Niall fell unconscious halfway through the doorframe and was lost in his subconscious.


Hi guys! Because my power went out yesterday but finally came back today, I was able to write ALOT of the story and I really hope you guys like the rest of it!
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Are you going to post soon? Please do!

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@ericajaine thank you so much! I really tried to make it more like a story than just another fanfiction

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missed you!!

I read one effing paragraph and holy shit, you're amaze-balls at writing!! Your attention to detail, and writing style is very impressive. <333