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Not The Sun

Be my serene
Tell me you know what I mean
You've set on me but you are not the sun
And you will not listen

Harry’s POV

I stood in the doorway, hand in hand with Scar, frozen, as Kendall glared at me. This looked bad. We had just come out of a locked room, not too long after sharing a kiss, I might add, and we were holding hands.

I couldn’t explain why I was holding her hand, it just felt right.

“What were you two doing in here?” she demanded. I felt Scarlett give my hand a small squeeze of reassurance and I pulled mine away from hers, running my fingers through my hair.

I didn’t have an answer. I mean, I did, but ‘I was hoping Scarlett was going to change her mind about me’ wasn’t the best answer.


I couldn’t come up with anything. I wasn’t known for being that big of a liar, especially not when someone was staring at me, awaiting a response.

“I got into a fight with my boyfriend and Harry was comforting me,” Scarlett spoke up. I must have made a face at her because she shot me a look that said ‘go along with it’.

“Yeah, I told you about him, that he was a bit of a tosser,” I added. I could feel Scarlett’s glare from behind me and chuckled as I stepped out of the room. That much was true; I had expressed my disdain for Xander before, sometime after I found Scarlett roaming the streets looking for a taxi.

Kendall’s features softened and I knew she bought it. Now that she was done with her questions, I had a few of my own. Like, why was she here? My mum and step-dad was here, if she thought she was going to meet them, she had another thing coming.

“What are you doing here?” I asked her, trying not to draw attention to myself. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see Scarlett brush pass us and join in the conversation Mum and Robin were having.

I quickly turned my attention back to Kendall who had yet to give me an answer. She was supposed to be back in the states. I didn’t invite her here because I didn’t want her meeting my family. It was too early on for any of that.
“I thought I’d surprise you and you’d be happy. Obviously not,” she scoffed, earning and eye roll from me.

‘My family is here, Kendall, I don’t just go bringing any girl around for them to meet!” I yelled in a hushed voice. I didn’t have to have a booming voice to get my point across. I wasn’t one to get angry often, but I didn’t like the idea of someone pushing their way into my family.

“Isn’t that a bit unfair? You know who my family is and I don’t get to meet yours?” I glared at her, taking a few deep breaths to stay calm. She couldn’t be serious.

“The whole world knows your family! That’s not my fault! You can’t just force yourself into my life, Kendall, that’s not how relationships work!” This girl was deluded if she thought her family being in the spotlight was enough reason for her to be able to meet mine.

Fat chance.

“I just…I thought. I’m sorry,” she sighed. It was hard for me to stay angry; she looked as though she was about to cry. Maybe I shouldn’t have whisper-yelled. I adjusted the headband on my head as I calmed and reached for her hand, bringing it to my lips.

“Kendall, its fine. Right now just isn’t the time. I don’t let anyone meet my mom unless things are serious and it’s only been a few weeks. It’s too close to call. I’ll give you a call when we get to LA in a few days,” I promised, hoping that would be enough for her to end the argument.

“In a few days? Just come tonight, with me?” she asked, as though that was the most obvious choice in the world.

“No, not tonight. A few days. I’m seeing some family and old friends tomorrow and we’ve got the US X-factor when I get back. We’re really busy, I can’t just abandon my family.” Leaving an after party to hang out with Kendall was one thing, leaving everyone behind for Kendall was another.

“So what, I’m just supposed to be in LA alone?” she griped. It was moments like this that I wondered why I was with her.

“My world does not revolve around you, Kendall. You’ve lived there your whole life; you’ll figure it out. Now go! I just want to spend time with my family and friends. I’ll call you,” I shooed her, hoping she would get the point and leave. Sometimes she could be so sweet and others, she was the most self-absorbed person I’d ever met.

Once I was sure she had left, I turned back to where Scarlett was, smiling to myself at how quickly she seemed to have won everyone over. Introducing my family to Scarlett was different. She worked with me, they would meet her soon enough. I quickly walked over towards them, joining in on the conversation.

“Oh, Harry, Caroline did such an ace job hiring this one. I love her already,” Gemma grinned, shooting me a wink. Oh Gemma. I knew that look. She wanted to say more, but she didn’t want to embarrass me. Gemma thought something was up between the two of us.

I shot Gemma a look, silently warning her to not say a word. I just had it out with Kendall; I didn’t need to argue with my sister as well. I knew what she would say but none of that mattered. Scarlett made some good points, about her job and all, and until I found her a better one, I had to stay away.

“She’s alright, Gem. Don’t want her getting a big head,” I teased and bumped my hip into Scarlett’s. She chuckled a bit at me and turned her attention back to Robin, it seemed as though they were engrossed in conversation, I didn’t want to disturb them.

A few hours later, after we finished up with dinner and my parents were off to bed, I was debating going off to hang out with Nick or having a quiet night in with Lou and Gemma. It would probably be a few weeks before I got to see Nick again, so I gave him a call and let him know I was coming by.

On my way out the door, I found Scarlett standing in the hall, on the phone with someone. I would’ve walked past her if I hadn’t noticed that she had been crying. I stopped in my tracks and despite her shaking her head and hands at me, telling me to go on, I knew I couldn’t. Someone had clearly hurt her and I wasn’t just going to leave her here like this.

“No, you can’t just…I would never do that, you have to believe me,” she sobbed. Xander. That’s the only person it could have been. I racked my brain for all of the scenarios of what could have caused them to fight but nothing came to my mind.

Suddenly, she pulled her phone away from her ear, staring at it in disbelief. “H-He hung up on me,” she cried and I wrapped my arms around her, rubbing her back gently as her tears soaked my chest. She was using my shirt as a snot rag, but at that moment, it didn’t matter to me.

We stood in the hall for what seemed like an eternity before Scarlett spoke, the small space filled with the sounds of her sobs until then. As she pulled away, I reached down and wiped her face dry. Seeing her like this made me feel sick; I could kick his ass for doing this to her.

“Apparently there’s a picture out there of us,” she began and I gasped, staring at her wide-eyed. That couldn’t have been good.

“No, not like that,” she added, shaking her head at me. “But we were getting lunch or something. The others were on their way, but he thinks it was a date because ‘there’s some truth in every news story’. His words.”

I shook my head at Scarlett, growing even angrier with Xander. Was he an idiot? Who actually believed the rubbish that was posted online and in the paper?

“Come here,” I said, pulling her into my arms again. Why she let this idiot affect her so much was beyond me. He was not worth it, not by a long shot. I may not have been in many relationships in my life, but I knew enough about them to know it took trust.

“If he’s not a good enough guy to know that you love him and would never do anything like that to him, then he doesn’t deserve you.” I immediately regretted my choice in words, what was I even talking about?

“But I did, Harry! I kissed you and even though I stopped it, I still kissed you!” she cried. Fuck. I stopped her tears and quickly got them going again.

“He doesn’t know that! That asshole is getting upset because you were eating lunch with a friend! He doesn’t deserve you, Scarlett. I promise.” Scarlett seemed to take those words to heart and looked up at me, her eyes searching mine for the truth. I was being completely honest with her; I thought she was an incredible girl who needed to leave him behind. She had her whole future ahead of her.

And I wasn’t just saying this for selfish reasons. As much as I liked her and was enjoying the fact that she was single, I thought she was great either way.

“Come on, Scar. I was actually on my way out, you can meet some of the lads, drink a little, get your mind off of everything,” I suggested, tugging her down the hall before she could even give me an answer. Even if it was a no, I knew I would be able to talk her into it.

I could hear her laughing behind me as I unlocked the room I was sharing with Niall, walking over to my closet to grab a new shirt. “Well, you surely weren’t going to take no for an answer. I guess I could. But no getting me too drunk and dancing with me, Harold. I know how you work,” she winked.

Fuck her and her stupid adorableness. She knew the effect she had on me and yet she did nothing to stop it. Smirking to myself, I pulled my black shirt over my head and tossed it aside, grabbing another black shirt from my suitcase.

“What? How…did you just rob a black shirt factory?” she snorted, covering up her nose as her cheeks turned red. It was adorable; I had to admit it.

“Yeah, yeah, look who can laugh again,” I quipped and led her out of the room. “See, everything will be alright, Scar. Just, you know, don’t let Nick talk you into any more than five drinks.”

She would be fine, I hoped.

And I would get to the bottom of who told Xander about Scarlett and me.


Sorry about the delay, guys! At least today we got the fantastic Midnight Memories vid. What'd you guys think?


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