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What We Want

I just don’t know
what I want
you just don’t know
what you want
yeah we don’t know
what we want
just keep it trivial

Harry’s POV

I don’t know what this girl has done to me. Here I was, in England a day early to spend the evening with Kendall, and all I can do is think about Scarlett. When we were playing earlier that night at the Italian finale, I found her in the crowd, dancing along to our songs and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her.

She knew all the words to Midnight Memories, singing along to every note and I loved every moment of it. I shouldn’t have been so enthralled by her, but I was. As she wiggled her hips and flipped her hair…Christ I’m starting to sound like one of my songs.

I will admit though, she got me pretty overwhelmed.

Ever since our almost kiss two days ago, she had definitely been avoiding me. She sat next to Liam on the plane, which was understandable, but then she did her best to avoid even giving me my wardrobe for the evening. When I make eye contact with her she shies away, and tries her hardest to preoccupy herself with something else.

All I could think about was that moment and how her body responded to me. It had been two painful days, not including the entire week before that when she was avoiding me.

“Harry, I’m talking to you,” Kendall’s voice droned, snapping me out of my thoughts. Why did I come to London? There were paparazzi conveniently waiting outside of her hotel, already knowing I was on my way. It was annoying and part of me felt as though her mom was behind it, but I knew bringing it up to her would only cause drama.

“Sorry, love, I guess I’m just a bit jet lagged,” I lied, brushing my hair off of my forehead. Kendall took the bait and it was only moments later that I felt her lips attached to my neck. Normally, that’d be it for me, I would be all over her, but right now, my mind was too preoccupied.

“Not tonight. I just want to sleep.” I looked over at Kendall who was sporting a full on pout. Rolling my eyes, I unbuttoned my shirt and slipped out of my pants, climbing into bed beside her. I wasn’t in the mood for hooking up, or even cuddling. I just wanted to sleep.

Hours later, I was awoken by the sounds of someone pounding on the door. “Motherfu-,”I grumbled and buried my head underneath the pillow. “Kendall, answer that, would you?”

When I didn’t get a response, I looked over and noticed she was no longer in bed with me. There was a note on the nightstand that she had gone to pilates and would bring me some coffee.


That still didn’t explain who was at the door.

Without so much as covering up, I made my way to the door in only my boxers. Whoever knew where I was staying had to have been used to seeing me like this. “Alright, stop banging on the door!” I griped, swinging open the door to find Scarlett gaping at my half naked body.

“Are you going to come in or keep staring?” I smirked at Scarlett, breaking her train of thought. She pushed past me in a huff and set a pile of bags as I shut the door behind her locking both locks. If Kendall came back early, I didn’t need her getting the wrong idea.

“Don’t start with me, Harry. There’s a car waiting downstairs and I need to get you to an interview in less than an hour, so hurry up and shower if you haven’t already.” She was moving at a mile a minute, emptying everything out of her bags. Clothes, scarves, shoes, there was even a ton of hair product. I couldn’t tell if she was nervous because this was her first time working alone, or if she was nervous to be around me.

I took a few steps towards her and grabbed her hand, stopping her mini freakout. This was the Scarlett I had come to know and loathe. “Hey, slow down, love. It’ll be okay, we won’t be late, I promise,” I told her, wrapping my arms around her for a hug. Her body stiffened at first, but eventually, I could feel her relax at my touch and melt into my embrace.

“Just give me a few minutes.” I gave her a quick kiss on the forehead, for reasons unknown, and rushed off to the shower. She was freaking out and this was important to her, I was going to do my best to go easy on her.

When I got out of the shower moments later, clad in only a towel, Scarlett one again stopped everything she was doing and simply stared. She couldn’t keep her eyes off of me and I could tell by the look in her eyes that she wanted me.

The door was locked, my phone was charging, nothing was going to interrupt us this time. “Don’t look at me like that,” I warned, backing Scarlett up into the wall. A small gasp escaped her lips and I shut my eyes, that sound doing wonders to my lower half.

“I-I’m s-sorry,” she stammered as her hands tangled themselves in my hair. She wanted this. If Scarlett didn’t want me as much as I wanted her then she would have pushed me away. She would’ve told me to stop, something.

“Don’t be,” I murmured against her neck, leaving a trail of kisses along it. I could’ve sworn I heard her moan my name and I almost lost it. Without wasting another moment, I tilted her chin up and connected my lips to hers, fulfilling my strongest desire from the past few weeks.

Her lips moved against mine with tiny gasps coming from her every so often and I reached down, hooking her leg around my waist. This was wrong on so many levels, she worked with me, we both were seeing other people, but none of that mattered. In this moment, she was finally mine.

“Harry,” she breathed once my lips reconnected with her neck, “we…you need to get dressed.”

Dressed? Like hell I was getting any pants on now, not after what she did to me.

“I’m pretty sure those jeans are never going to fit,” I whispered, grinding my hips against hers. I grinned as her eyes went wide and she shoved me playfully, ending our sexually charged moment.

“Well you better make them. Clothes. On. Now!”

Fuck. Demanding Scarlett was even hotter than vixen Scarlett.

I nodded, thinking of anything I could to tame the beast under my towel. We had to be on time, I promised her.

For a while I thought that if I kissed her and got it out of my system, I’d be fine after that. I would be able to move on and focus all of my time on Kendall, but I was wrong. I wanted more.

After struggling a bit, I managed to get all of my clothes on and sat on the bed so Scarlett could fiddle with my hair. Of course, I didn’t make it easy on her, stealing kisses any time her face got too close.

Why was this so easy with her? She was my exact opposite, we disagreed on everything, yet kissing her felt so right. We left the hotel room, walking hand in hand to the elevator. Our dynamic had changed and I don’t know if I could go back.

In the lobby, things were business as usual, she kept her normal distance from me, and once we were in the limo and alone, I was back to being on top of her. She was more aggressive than I imagined, it was kind of hot how she would try and take control, Kendall never did that.

Fuck. Kendall.

As though someone was tuned in to my inner monologue, Scarlett’s phone rang, interrupting our makeout session.

“It’s Xander.” I could see the panic in her face as she stared at the screen, quickly climbing off of my lap. What did I do to her? Scarlett wasn’t the kind of girl to cheat on her boyfriend.

Christ, I wasn’t the cheating type either.

“Hey baby!” she cooed into the phone. I cringed, they made me sick. Hopefully she’d let him know she had to end things with him soon.

They were still on the phone when we got to the TV studio and I quickly exited the limo, wanting to get far away from their cutesy couple talk. Disgusting.

Niall gave me a look when I came in and I knew I had to tell him everything, when we were alone. He didn’t understand my fascination with Scarlett, but he supported it.

Hours later and about seven or eight interviews down, I finally had some alone time with Scarlett. Everyone had gone off and she was packing up the last of Caroline’s things; I offered to stay behind and help her.

“Uh, hey,” I said awkwardly. She looked up and smiled, as though nothing had happened only hours before.

I quickly leaned in for a kiss and she shied away, chuckling lightly.

Rejection. This is how it felt.

“What are you doing, Harry?” she asked, staring at my as though I had grown three heads. Did I dream that earlier? I could still taste her lip balm on my lips, it couldn’t be.

“I…well I thought I was kissing you, was I not?” I did not get this girl.

“I have a boyfriend. And you have a girlfriend.” She scoffed and zipped the bag up, slinging it over her shoulders.

“You…didn’t break up with him? But we kissed, I thought,” I fumed. This was the closest thing to me putting my heart out there and she was practically stomping on it.

“Girls like me don’t date the Harry Styles’ of the world. It was a good kiss, for what it’s worth, but that’s all it’ll ever be. I’ll see you at 5 for wardrobe,” she told me, leaving me standing in the empty studio, as confused as ever.



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