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My Name is Trouble

Well I've had this secret
And I feel it's time that you should know
When I'm in your arms it turns me on
But I've got a conscience too
And it says my heart's never in tune
With anything I do

Harry’s POV

I hated her. I hated how she managed to make me lose my cool, all because of some damn pants. I hated how she showered for exactly twenty minutes, nothing more or less, how she probably combed her hair thirty times before blow-drying it.

I hated everything about Scarlett Hawthorn.

She got me so worked up that I actually took Kendall up on her offer and went out to a club with her. Never mind that there would be a ton of people at the doors, ready to catch us when we left, I just wanted to drink and get away from that room. It was only a week and I was going insane around her.

“Why is Niall coming? Harry, did you tell them where we were?” I heard Kendall ask as she tugged at my arm. I looked up from my glass and saw my band mate coming to join us in the VIP section Kendall insisted we had. She was my exact opposite, but in a different way than Scarlett. A way that didn’t make me crazy.

“Of course I did. Niall loves a good night out,” I shrugged. I wasn’t sure what her vendetta was against the guys, she hated when they were around. I waved Niall over and offered him a drink. If anyone asked, I was merely sipping on water.

“Tequila,” I told him, answering his questions before he could even ask. Niall grinned and took my drink from me, finishing off the rest. As Kendall muttered something about going to the ladies room, I sat against the couch cushion and surveyed the crowd, taking it all in. Typical club scene, people grinding on each other. I may have been halfway around the world, but some things were the same everywhere.

“I didn’t think I’d ever see you at a club without Grimmers. Everything alright, Har?” Niall asked and I nodded. I loved a good dance, don’t get me wrong, but this was very high profile. Not my scene at all.

“Scarlett. I uh, I think I almost kissed her today,” I admitted, pouring myself another glass.

Niall merely laughed and fist bumped me. This is exactly why I invited him. Louis may have been inseparable at on point, but as we aged, I feel like Niall and I think similarly. Louis will always be my best friend, but sometimes I needed advice from my fellow single friend. “What happened? Wasn’t in her schedule? She had to pencil you in for next week?”

I laughed at Niall’s jab at Scarlett, feeling a little bad for making fun of the girl when she wasn’t there to defend herself, but it was pretty damn funny.

“She comes in wearing these yoga pants and bends over looking for something. Jesus Christ, she shouldn’t be allowed to wear those in public,” I lamented.

“Pants? She shouldn’t be allowed to wear that dress in public!” I looked in the direction of where Miles was pointing and found Scarlett in the middle of the dance floor, all alone. Where the hell was her precious Xander?

Without another thought, I started towards Scarlett, hoping Niall knew to make up an excuse as to where I had disappeared. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Scar. That blue lace dress she was wearing was hugging every one of her curves. “Fuck,” I whispered, fighting through the crowd.

“Back so soon?” she giggled as I put my hand on the small of her back. When she turned around, Scarlett seemed startled to see me there. This was the last place I would expect to see her, and I’m sure she assumed I’d be hiding from her after our earlier encounter.

I couldn’t, not when she was dancing like that.

“Harry, what are you doing here?” she asked me, her eyes filled with confusion and anger. It seems as though she wasn’t too fond of my actions from earlier.

“I could ask you the same, Scar. But it seems as though you’re here on a date? With Xander, I assume?” As I spoke, I took a few steps closer to her until I could almost feel her body against mine.

“H-Harry, I…” Scarlett stumbled on her words. I seemed to be having the same effect on her that she was on me earlier. I looped my arm through hers and pulled her off of the dance floor and away from the bar.

I hated how good she looked in this dress.

Scarlett didn’t put up a fight as I pulled her away, she followed me willingly. Perhaps this meant she was as curious as I was as to what this energy was between us. Once I found a secluded enough spot for the two of us, I stood against a wall, pulling her against me.

Thankfully this place was dark enough, I looked like any other curly haired guy looking to have a good time with a hot brunette.

“I like this dress,” I whispered as my fingers trailed along her sides until they reached her hips, swaying to the music. When she looked at me, I saw something in her eye I thought I’d never see.


“Is that so? Xander likes it too, though he doesn’t act like a caveman and drag me off.” What the hell was she doing to me? Scarlett was better at this game than I thought she was.

“He clearly doesn’t know how a girl like you likes it a little rough.” I shot Scarlett a smirk and watched as she shivered against me. Seeing the effect I was having on her was making it harder to concentrate, especially when she kept brushing her hips against my growing erection.

“And you think you know what I want?” she asked, biting her lip at me. Christ, she was messing with me. Scarlett knew exactly what she was doing to me, the little minx.

Everything I thought I knew about Scarlett completely went out the window. Apparently you put a few drinks in her and she turned into a sexual deviant. I wonder if her boyfriend knew. “I’m pretty sure, yeah.” No I wasn’t. Not anymore. Not after seeing this side of Scarlett. How could she keep this girl hidden so well, and would she remember any of it in the morning?

I watched as Scarlett stood on her toes and brought her lips to my neck, brushing them against it lightly. I moaned at her actions and pulled her hips closer to mine, rubbing myself against her. She was going to be the death of me tonight, I knew it.

“I want,” she whispered in my ear, “to go back to my boyfriend who’s probably worried about where I’ve disappeared to.” My eyes shot open and I looked down at her face, her incredibly smug face, and groaned. She won, she knew she won.


I should’ve gone after Scarlett as she walked away. I should’ve turned her around and kissed her like I wanted to. Instead, I watched her make her way back to the dance floor, finding her boyfriend and taking a drink from him, while I stood against the wall, trying to make my erection disappear.

I hated her.

Five minutes of thinking about my grandma later, I made my way back to our roped off VIP section where Niall looked as though he was going to shoot himself, listening to Kendall speak. I didn’t find her to be too boring, but I should’ve known Niall would lose his mind having to interact with her.

“Where were you?” she asked as I sat down. I glanced at Niall, wondering what excuse he came up with as to where I had disappeared to.

“She didn’t believe that we ate that curry for lunch. I told her it probably wasn’t sitting well with you,” he explained and it took everything in me to not laugh.

“Sorry, Kendall. Mixing alcohol and that probably just made for a bad reaction, but I’m feeling better now,” I added, not caring if she bought it or not. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Scarlett and Xander.

I watched as she danced without a care, earning the attention of plenty of guys around her. I could see Xander finishing his drink and taking a few steps towards her, whispering something in her ear. Suddenly, her movements slowed and she put her arms around his neck, the two of them looking like ninth years, barely touching as they danced.

I wondered if he knew how much of a vixen his girlfriend was, or if they had ever even had sex. He seemed like one of those guys who planned it all out. Once a month, at night, lights off, missionary type of thing. Maybe it wasn’t Scarlett that was such a planner as it was her trying to keep her boyfriend happy by pretending she’s someone she’s not. Alcohol does tend to show our true selves.

“We should get out of here, early day tomorrow,” I heard Niall say, snapping me out of my thoughts. He must’ve noticed my staring at the couple. I nodded and finished off my drink, standing up quickly. “Yeah, he’s right. Got a few interviews in the morning and a sound check for SNL.” Glancing over at Kendall, I could see she was pissed.

“But we didn’t even dance,” she griped, tugging at my sleeve. I pulled my arm away, rolling my eyes at her antics and shook my head.

“I didn’t want to dance, I told you that, and we have to go. It’s almost one in the morning,” I told her, hoping she’d let up. I could tell by the expression on her face that she wasn’t going to argue any longer but she still looked incredibly pissed. Whatever.

“I’m gonna stay here and find someone to dance with me then,” she snapped and I shrugged. If this was an attempt to make me jealous, she should know better than that. I don’t play games. “Suit yourself,” I shrugged and left her sitting in the VIP by herself.

I contemplated stopping by Scarlett and letting her know we had an early start, but they were nowhere to be found. Frowning, I followed Niall out and walked around the corner to where our car would be waiting for us. Security was a few feet behind, as normal, and we almost made it to the car without any mishaps.

“Is that…Scar?” I asked, pointing across the street. She was trying to hail a taxi, her boyfriend nowhere to be found. What kind of asshole leaves his girlfriend like that?

Oh wait…that’s exactly what I just did. But Kendall wasn’t my girlfriend, and at least she’s inside. Scarlett’s out in the cold with only her coat to keep her warm. As Niall got into the car, I jogged across the street to her side.

“Back for more, Harry?” she slurred at me. Okay, she was wasted, clearly. One more reason for me to hate her boyfriend. If I saw the guy, I would punch him.

“You’re coming with us. Where’s Xander?” I asked as I wrapped my arm around her waist and helped her across the street. The paparazzi would have a field day with these pictures, I was sure, but my image would have to suffer a bit. I couldn’t leave her there, drunk and alone, trying to catch a taxi in the freezing cold.

“I told him I couldn’t go home with him, so he left. Said I should be able to afford a taxi though. Guess what…I can!” Scarlett giggled at her own joke as though it was the funniest thing in the world. With a sigh, I helped her into the car and got inside. It was a tight fit with all of us, but it would have to do.

“She’s hammered!” Niall laughed, watching as Scarlett leaned her head on my shoulder and passed out. I smiled at him, though I wasn’t too pleased with her boyfriend. How could he leave her like this?

Once we were back to the hotel, I struggled with getting Scarlett upstairs. We kept quiet enough, not waking up the rest of the boys, but I knew I couldn’t put her in the room with Caroline and Lou, not with their babies around. After sending Caroline a quick text, letting her know where her assistant was, I did my best to wake Scarlett up. She couldn’t sleep in that dress.

“I’m gonna be sick,” she whispered and I quickly brought her to the toilet, holding her hair back as she puked. Niall walked into the bathroom, handing over some of my shorts and a shirt for her to change in to, and despite my protests, Scarlett changed right in front of me.

“Louis and Eleanor got a room together, we can put Scar in the bed with Liam since they’re best friends or whatever. And we can crash on the bed with Zayn.” I nodded at Niall and helped Scarlett into the bed with Liam, careful not to wake him.

“Stay with me?” she whispered, clutching onto my shirt. As much as I wanted to, I knew I couldn’t. She was drunk, and when she woke up the next morning, she would be livid, I already knew.

“I’ll just be in the next bed, I promise,” I told her, brushing her hair out of her face. She didn’t seem too happy with that answer, but she passed out almost immediately. I spent some time cleaning up the bathroom and putting away her things before climbing into bed with Zayn and Niall, falling asleep beside them.



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