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Harry’s POV

I couldn’t wait for this day to end. I left the island a few days earlier than the rest of the guys, wanting to get back to Scarlett by my birthday. It was miserable being without her. Don’t get me wrong, I was having a nice time being away from the crowds and relaxing in the Caribbean sun, but I wanted Scar. She’s all I wanted for my birthday.

My shoulders were sunburned, my phone was dead, I lost my charger and didn’t have time in-between flights to buy a new one. I hadn’t slept in hours and my flight to London was delayed. I was supposed to have gotten back to Scarlett by nightfall on my birthday, and I figured we could have spent a nice evening inside together, and here I was, stuck on a plane on the runway.

Worst. Birthday. Ever.

When we finally landed in London, I was quick to flag down a taxi, speeding off to my flat. It had been over twenty-four hours since I had spoken to Scarlett and I knew I would explode.

As I opened my door, I was greeted with the last thing I expected to see. A half naked Scarlett lying on top of a sleeping Liam.

I was tired, cranky, hungry, annoyed, my shoulders were on fire, and walking in on Scarlett and Liam was like a slap in the face.

Scarlett quickly pulled herself up and covered her bottom half in one of my blankets, making no attempt to explain this situation. I kicked my bags out of the way and shut the door behind me, taking my anger out on these inanimate objects.

Was this why she wanted things to be a secret between us? So that she could also have secret affairs with the other members of the band? And Liam of all people, he had a girlfriend! I couldn’t believe they would do this to me, and on my birthday no less.

I opened my mouth to say something to Scarlett, to let her know how disappointed I was in her for her actions, but before I could say anything, she brought her hand to her mouth and ran off towards my bathroom.

Bloody hell.

That left no one but Liam to face my wrath, and even though I wanted to take it all out on him, I couldn’t sit back and listen to Scarlett puking her guts up in the bathroom. As angry as I was, my feelings for her didn’t disappear in a matter of seconds.

Liam sat up on the couch, his words stopping me in my tracks. “She told me everything, you know,” he spoke and I turned around in time to see him wiping the sleep out of his eyes.

Scarlett told him about us and then slept with him? Well, not with him, on him. Intimately. In the no pants kind of way. What kind of best friend was he supposed to be?

I was torn between ripping Liam a new one and helping Scarlett in the bathroom, and I honestly didn’t know which was more important to me.


I huffed, making a mental note to let Liam have it and stalked off towards my bathroom to find Scarlett hanging over the toilet bowl. She looked miserable but I refused to feel the least bit bad for her.

“Too much,” she mumbled as she leaned away from the bowl and rest her back against the bathtub.

I had to stay strong.

“Well, that’s your own fault,” I scoffed, rolling my eyes at her. Yeah, that’ll show her. I was probably being more of a brat than I needed to be, but it was only fair. She broke my heart.

“I just missed you,” she mumbled and rest her head against the side of the tub. I kneeled down beside her, knowing that it couldn’t have been comfortable for her to sit in that position and leaned her head forward.

She missed me? “So the obvious thing to do when you miss someone is drink yourself to a stupor and sleep with their best friend, right.”

Why was I taking care of her? I shouldn’t be doing this; I should be helping her into her clothes and having her go back with Liam. He’s whom she really wants.

“You think we slept together, mate?” I heard Liam laugh from outside of the bathroom. “I only came over here because she wouldn’t stop going on about how upset she was that she didn’t get to spend your birthday with you.” Standing up, I turned to glance at Liam who was walking down hall to join us.

I looked down at Scarlett who, although was pale and barely looked conscious, nodded in agreement. “I left you a million voicemails, your phone stopped ringing. Then I was just listening to your voice.”

I was an asshole. I don’t know what it was about this girl, but I always seemed to jump to the wrong conclusions when it came to her. It was then that I noticed that she had been sleeping in one of my shirts. They had to be telling the truth.

What kind of person would sleep with a guy and then sleep in another guy’s shirt?

“She’s crazy about you,” he added, putting his hand on my shoulder as he joined us in the bathroom. I felt my anger wash away with those few words. Suddenly, the trip I made back home didn’t seem so dreadful. Scarlett was crazy about me, and I about her.

Looking back down at Scarlett, I felt bad for waking them up and getting as angry as I did without any explanation. I owed it to her – to them to hear the truth.

I leaned forward and grabbed Scarlett from the floor, pulling her into my arms. She would feel a thousand times better with some food in her system. “Come on, let me make you some breakfast while Liam tells me all about what happened yesterday,” I told her as I looped my arm around her waist.

Scarlett rest her head on my chest as she stood and I turned on the water at the sink, helping her rinse off and out her mouth. Liam was ready to talk once we stepped out of the bathroom. As tired as I was, I wanted to make Scarlett some breakfast so she could get to sobering up.

“Scarlett was a mess without you, mate. Sophia and I took her out a few times, but we could tell she wasn’t really enjoying herself. Last night we invited her out, but she turned us down. When I showed up over here, she was already pretty drunk, and dressed only in your shirt. I would’ve helped her into some pants, but she ran to the bathroom and puked and cried about missing you. I asked her if anything happened between you two and she told me everything.” Liam stopped, as though he was censoring himself for a moment and after I helped Scarlett into her seat at the table, I turned to face Liam, brow raised.

“What are you leaving out?” I asked, feeling the anger boiling up again. It was hard not to jump to conclusions, and maybe it was because of the awful day I had trying to get back here, but I wanted the whole truth.

“I um. She may not remember it right now,” Liam continued and joined me at the fridge, keeping his voice low. “I let it slip about you wanting to kiss her to see if she would. She was a little upset, but I kept reminding her that it’s obviously progressed further than kissing to get a rise out of her, and that seemed to calm her fears. And I told her I approved of this whole thing you two have going. I may not understand it, because you wanted to get under her skin, and she hated you, but obviously something is working. I thought you two were just overly attached friends, and now I see that you’re just crazy about each other.”

I was angry that Liam told her about my plans to kiss Scarlett to get a rise out of her, and taking my anger out on the egg I was whisking up. From what he was saying though, it seems like Scarlett wasn’t’ too upset about it. I had to talk to her about all of this when she was sobered up.

“Just get her a glass of water,” I grumbled, pulling some veggies out of the fridge to add to the omelet.

Liam did as he was told and sat with Scarlett at the table as I finished making breakfast. Once I was done, he made some excuse as to why he had to go, though I think it was just so he didn’t have to be here for the talk Scarlett and I were due to have.

With a sigh, I fixed her a plate of all of her breakfast favorites and sat them in front of her before joining her side. Normally, I would sit across from her, but I could tell Scarlett was more drunk than I had ever seen her. She would need help, for sure.

After eating in silence for a few minutes, Scarlett finally turned over to me, her eyes filled with tears. I was worried that something had happened, that she overheard my conversation with Liam and she was upset by my actions months ago. I don’t know why I did it, she got under my skin, I guess. I just wanted to do the same to her.

But I didn’t know that when I kissed her, she would mean so much to me.

“Do you hate me?” she asked and I nearly dropped my fork. That was the last thing I could ever feel, I couldn’t hate her if I tried. Even when I expected the worst happened with her and Liam, I still cared.

I reached over to Scarlett and pulled her close, hugging her for the first time since I had gotten home. “I could never hate you, Scarlett. I was just, shocked. And tired. And I didn’t respond the way I should have. I was trying to get home to you, I left early but my phone died, my flights got delayed…I did my best to spend my birthday with you. Because you’re the most important person I wanted to share that with.”

I didn’t even care that she had puked an hour ago; I needed to feel her lips on mine. That was all that I could think about this past week, all I thought about on my flights home, how badly I wanted to have her in my arms again.

For the first time, I realized that I was in love with her.

Scarlett started giggling against my lips and pulled away, shaking her head at me. I looked at her in confusion, wondering why she had to ruin such a tender moment. “I’m all puke-breathy,” she laughed as she shielded her mouth from mine.

I missed her laugh, I missed her awful jokes, and I missed her cooking, because we both know breakfast would’ve tasted a thousand times better if she had made it. I missed talking to her; I missed being the first thing she saw when she woke up. I missed seeing her first thing when I woke up.

“Well, you’re my puke breath,” I whispered and kissed her once more. She was the only present I needed for my birthday.


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