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Two Way Street

And there's no conspiracy
Behind the way two hearts meet
When love is a two way,
(Love is a two way street.)
And I think I'm ready

To let you get under my skin
I can't make you fall for me,
(Love is a two way street.)

Scarlett’s POV

I swear, if I spent another night at the Funky Buddha I was going to kill someone. After Harry and I came back from Sundance, his friends whisked him away for some bromantic 20th birthday celebration. Never mind that I wanted to do something for his birthday, no.

These guys wanted Harry to himself and so that’s what they got.

Harry insisted that I stay in London at his flat while he was gone, because for some reason he felt better about me being alone in London than he did LA. I quickly realized I didn’t have any friends on this side of the pond, except for the rest of the boys and the others that I worked along side of. Finding someone to hang out with me was harder than it looked.

Everyone was either off working, spending time with their significant others, or their children, leaving me to third wheel it up with Liam and Sophia nearly every night. Gemma stopped by once, though it was a bit weird as I had only spoken to her once. I would need more time to become friends with her.

And now here it was, Harry’s actual birthday, and he was nowhere to be seen. Niall and I put our party planning plans on hold, as we didn’t know when would be the best night to take him out.

“Come on, Scar,” Liam said to me on the phone for the fifth time. It was nighttime and Harry hadn’t come home – he hadn’t even responded to my email or skype attempts. We weren’t together, and we hadn’t even been friends for a long time but I felt odd not having him around.

“If Harry’s not going to be here to celebrate, then we celebrate without him.” It did sound like a good plan, but I was getting so tired of the Funky Buddha night after night. The guys were sleazy and even though I was single, I didn’t feel right being hit on by other people.

I always turned everyone down and I believe Liam assumed it was because Xander and I were still together. I couldn’t dare tell him the truth, not yet.

I glanced at my clock for what felt like the fifth time that night, realizing that it was too late for any flights to come in. And even if they had, who would Harry have come pick him up? I suppose he could’ve taken a taxi but…

“Fine, I’ll go,” I muttered, rolling my eyes at Liam’s incessant celebration afterwards, He could be so arrogant sometimes. Not as much as Harry, of course, but enough.

I bid Liam my farewells and let him know that I’d meet him at Sophia’s in a few hours after I got ready, or finished wallowing in my self pity, whichever came first. My last message from Harry was a day ago ago, and he never replied to my happy birthday text, call, or voicemail.

Perhaps he found some island princess to run off with. He could have, we weren’t dating, he could do as he pleased.

Tossing my phone to the couch, I made my way into the bathroom, turning on the shower. I couldn’t understand why I was so upset, I hadn’t been this broken up with things ended with Xander. I didn’t even get this upset when he forced himself on me.

Oh right, because Harry was there both times to pick up the pieces.

Why couldn’t I spend a few days without him without feeling like I was missing a piece of myself? I had only known him for a few months, I shouldn’t be attached to him – or anyone for that matter. It wasn’t healthy.

We weren’t even together and I doubt we would ever be. If I still worked along side the boys, it’d be a conflict of interest. Whenever we’d eventually break up, it would make working here a nightmare. And if I wasn’t working with him and just dated, I would probably receive the unyielding amount of hate from the crazies on the internet.

I hadn’t even realized how long I had been in the shower until the water was ice cold on my skin. I don’t know what it was that he had done to me, but it was quite possible that I was falling for him.

When I got out of the shower, I had two missed phone calls, none from Harry. Liam was calling to get my opinion on his outfit, then again, worried that I hadn’t responded yet. The more I thought about it, the less I wanted to go out. With a sigh, I hit Liam’s name on my phone, ringing him back.

“I don’t think I’m in the partying mood,” I said softly, a wave of sadness filling me. It seemed wrong to celebrate Harry’s birthday without him being here, and not talking to him in the past 24 hours had taken it’s toll on me.

Liam wasn’t buying it and he vowed to come by and pick me up for brunch in the morning so we could talk about it. At least this gave me a few hours to come up with an excuse as to why I had gotten so down.

Once I had toweled off, I made my way to Harry’s room, digging through his messy drawer, I don’t think he knew how to fold anything, and found one of his shirts to change into. Even though it had been months since he had been here, it still smelled of him.

The whole apartment smelled of him.

I checked my phone once more for any signs of Harry and when I got none, I decided to raid his liquor cabinet instead. There was no better way to wallow in self-loathing than with alcohol, that was for sure.

Somewhere between my fourth and fifth drink, there was a knock on the door, but I was far too gone to put on pants and get to the door.

“Come in!” I yelled. When the knocks persisted I laughed at my stupidity and drunkenness and stumbled over to the door. “Lima?” I muttered, giggling at how badly I botched his name.

Liam was standing outside of my door with a bag of goodies and no Sophia. It seemed as though he knew me better than I thought he did.

“Lima, that is one for the books, love,” he said as he stepped inside. As soon as the door was closed, I realized how hard it was for me to stand on my own and leaned against him for support.

“Right then, let’s get you back to the couch. Looks like you’ve started the party without me.” Liam hooked his arm around my waist and helped me as best as he could.

I fell over onto the couch, thankful that I had been wearing boyshorts instead of some skimpy underwear, and Liam quickly covered my bottom half with one of Harry’s throw blankets. Once Liam was seated as well, I rest my head in his lap and sighed.

Perhaps I did have a bit too much to drink, so it was nice to have someone there to take care of me.

“Why aren’t you at the Funky Bruddah?” I fumbled my words, my tongue not working in the way I wanted. Whatever it was Harry kept in his flat was way stronger than most things I drank back in the states. Liam ran his fingers through my hair, massaging my scalp for me like my mom used to do when I was upset.

“Well, I don’t know why you’re really upset over Harold not coming back yet, but I know that you are, and what kind of friend would I be if I didn’t try and console you?” he answered as though it was the most obvious response. I tried to sit up and thank him, but the room was spinning far too much.

I was going to regret this in the morning.

“Now, what…exactly is going on between you two? I know you two were close, well, eventually became close, but I never expected for you two to live together, even as friends, even for a few months. And the last time he was home, he was moody and couldn’t wait to get back to LA, now that you’re here, you’re moody and can’t wait until he gets back here. Did something happen since you guys have been living together? Does Xander know?”

Detective Payno. He should get his own movie.

I began chuckling at the mention of Xander. Funny how it was only a month or so ago since I had seen him, but it seemed like ages. So much had happened between Harry and I this past month that Xander was the last person on my mind, and everything Harry had done so far had long eclipsed anything Xander could do.

It was nice to know that Harry was seemingly miserable without me as well.

“Xander read a tabloid article a few months ago that said Harry and I often went out on dates. Even though some of those pictures that were used had you or someone else in the picture, and of course, he believed it. I broke up with him, and a month later, he tried to force me back into a relationship with him,” I explained as eloquently as I could. I may have trailed off a few times, stumbled on some words, but Liam got the gist of it. He was as angry and fired up about it as Harry was at the time.

“And I know you don’t get it, because we were instant friends and I would complain to you about Harry all the time, but once I finally let my guard down and tried being friends with him, I don’t know. We just get on really well,” I sighed. I was even starting to talk like him. “To the point where it felt weird to not be around each other. So he offered me a chance to move in with him in LA for the few months, but still doing what I normally do. I don’t know. Ever since we kissed, I feel myself growing more and more attached to him.”

Liam cut me off before I could say another word. “You did what?!” he asked incredulously. Whoops. I should have let that part out.

“Oh um…” I trailed off, thinking of the timeline. When Harry and I kissed, this was a day or two before Xander accused me of cheating. Technically he was right, I had cheated, just not when he thought I did. It wouldn’t help to lie to Liam, but I didn’t want him to judge me. “It was um, shortly before the x-factor performance,” I admitted, biting my lip.

Liam pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head, taking a deep breath. “I can’t believe he would do this. We suspected something was going on, but we didn’t think Harry actually went through with it,” he whispered. I sat up, a bit too quickly for my liking and was hit with a wave of nausea. I didn’t know what it was that Liam was referring to, but I didn’t have time to check. I quickly ran off to the bathroom, ridding myself of my drinks from earlier.

Moments later, Liam was by my side, holding my hair back as I continued to dry heave, my body turning on itself. It didn’t even take me until the morning to regret this.

Once my body stopped betraying me, I rinsed my mouth out and brushed the taste of vomit from my mouth, trying to put off learning the truth for as long as I could. I kept replaying Liam’s words in my head and my mind was coming up with so many scenarios, all of them ending with me getting my heart broken.

“What did you mean earlier,” I asked as I turned to face him. Liam ran his hand through his hair and scratched at his beard, seemingly thinking of the best way to save his friend. “Don’t sugar coat it, Liam. Tell me the truth.”

Liam sighed, knowing I had him cornered. “I don’t know what your relationship with Harry is like right now, and I don’t want you to think anything different of him or it because of this. It may have been a one time thing for all I know and he may have developed serious feelings for you Scarlett. But um, back before you and Harry were friends, he would go on and on about how uptight you were and how he thought there was another side to you. So he said he would get you to kiss him, just to see if he could. It wasn’t anything malicious, nothing from a 90s teen movie where that one “Kiss Me” song plays as something important to the plot happens. We never actually thought he went through with it, and like I said, he seems to really miss you when you’re not around.”

I stared at Liam for a few moments, trying to figure out what to think of this. Yes, there were dozens of worse things Harry could’ve tried to get me to do. Yes, his feelings for me did seem genuine. And he did hide it from the boys; if this was some kind of bet, wouldn’t he have wanted to gloat about his winnings every chance he got?

And at the same time, knowing that the moment that was the catalyst to our whole…whatever this was, was based on some sort of contest made me feel sick. I wanted to be angry at Harry for thinking he could just do that, but also angry at myself for proving him right. Even if his feelings for me were real, I can’t believe they only came about because of this.

“Scarlett, you really should see Harry when he’s without you, love. Please, if your relationship with him is important, please don’t let this change your mind. At least not without talking to him.” Liam stood up and wrapped his arms around my shoulders, rubbing them lightly. He was right. I needed to talk to Harry about this.

“You’re okay with us, um, doing whatever it is that we are doing?” I asked, wanting his approval. I needed at least one person in our lives who didn’t think we were crazy for this. Liam was the first person who knew and although I wasn’t ready for anyone else knowing, it was calming to see him approve of us. I could only hope anyone else did the same if they found out.

“I know that it won’t be easy, but as long as the both of you are happy, then I’m happy. And I take it that your drunken confession is a sign that this is a secret meant for me to keep. You don’t have to worry about that either,” he chuckled and helped me back to the couch.

In his bag of goodies he brought over were massive bags of chips, popcorn, and candy, and every awful 90s teen romance I could ever want. Somewhere around the third movie or so, I must have fallen asleep, and Liam not too long after.

The next morning I was woken up by a loud thud behind me. My eyes shot open and I realized Liam and I were sharing the couch and I had been using his body as a pillow. The blanket covering my lower half had halfway fallen onto the floor, leaving me partially exposed.

As I turned around, I realized it was the worst person who could’ve seen me like this. A sunburned, tired, and seemingly pissed Harry was standing in the doorway, fuming.

“Well, happy fucking birthday to me.”


Hi loves <33 Sorry that was a bit late but I got it out! How's everyone liking this reveal? :O

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