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Time To Pretend

This is our decision to live fast and die young.
We've got the vision, now let's have some fun.
Yeah it's overwhelming, but what else can we do?
Get jobs in offices and wake up for the morning commute?

Forget about our mothers and our friends.
We were fated to pretend.

Scarlett’s POV

“Tell me again why you agreed to this?” I asked Harry for the fifth time. We made it back to LA and he waited until we were mid-flight to tell me that he agreed to a ski-trip with Kendall and friends. He says she promised she’ll play nice with me, but I couldn’t be too sure about that. Plus, I had gotten quite accustomed to being able to kiss Harry as often as I wanted and I knew we would have to go yet another week of no-contact.

I guess this would prepare me for when we go on tour and I’d have to find those private moments to steal away with him. Why did we have to complicate this? I almost wished I didn’t work with him so that I wouldn’t have to hide.

“It’ll be a great way for me to kind of toss her into the friend-zone. Plus, when the two of us are alone,” he started, backing me into the wall. I glanced down at my hand, hoping I didn’t spill my coffee, but at this point, I don’t think I would have minded.

Before he could get the words out, Harry’s lips were attacking my neck with kisses and I nearly dropped my mug on the floor. “There will be hot tubs,” he murmured, his lips travelling to my earlobe. “And Kendall wouldn’t be around always. When she’s not, you’re mine.”

I pushed Harry off of me slightly, only so I could put the mug down before I wound up with first-degree burns on my hands. Talk about sexy, nothing hotter than a girl in gauze.

“Tempting,” I grinned, biting my lip as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Just as his lips neared mine, we were interrupted by a knock on the door. “Nooooo,” I groaned, knowing immediately who it was. Kendall was here, and that meant t was time for us to pretend like we were just friends.

And nothing more.

“She can wait a few seconds,” he whispered before crashing his lips into mine. Moaning against his lips, I tangled my fingers in his curls, tugging at them lightly. The knocking on the door grew a few octaves and as Harry pulled away, I knew that meant it was time to end our fun. Pouting, I walked off to my room to finish getting ready.

Harry’s POV


He was my favorite person as of late, apparently, as I was always saying his name. Everything about Scarlett made me use his name in vain, and as I watched her saunter off towards her bedroom, I kept my eyes trained to her perfect arse, saying his name once more.

Shaking my head, I brushed my hair back, making sure my curls were tamed enough and went to answer the door for Kendall. “Hey!” she practically shouted. Judging from the tone of her voice and the way she jumped into my arms, I guess she missed me.

I can’t say I was able to return her enthusiasm.

“Thanks for coming on this trip, Harry, it means so much to me,” she added and pulled me in for a kiss. It took a moment for me to register what was happening and I lightly pushed her off, under the guise of not wanting to make thing awkward for Scarlett. “I don’t like to overdo the PDA in front of friends,” I explained, hoping that would be enough of an explanation for her.

Kendall pulled away with a nod and it seemed to have worked on her. At some point during this trip, I was going to have to figure out how to let her down gently. There was no way I could pretend to be dating her when I had someone like Scarlett by my side.

Speaking of Scarlett, only moments later, she stepped out of her bedroom, her curls cascading down her back. Scarlett was such a sharp contrast from tall, stoic Kendall, the minute she stepped out of the room, her face lit up into a huge grin. Kendall smiling when I opened the door was one of the few times I saw a genuine smile on her face.

“Hi!” Scarlett said, approaching Kendall cautiously. Their last conversation clearly wasn’t forgotten in Scarlett’s mind and the last thing she wanted was to start an all out war. I looked between the two girls, hoping Kendall would be nice enough to at least apologize for the things that she said.

“I’m glad you are joining us, Scarlett. It’ll be a great opportunity for us to get to know each other, especially since I plan on being around for a long time.” Kendall snaked her arm around my waist and leaned her head on my shoulder, resting her hand on my chest. There was nothing nice about what she said, I wasn’t an idiot.

This was a war and Kendall just struck the first blow.

“Well, Harry wouldn’t come unless I did as well, so I’m glad I could do you a favor,” Scarlett retorted, her smile as sugary and fake as Kendall’s.

“Uh, let’s…get out of here, yeah?” I stepped in between the two girls, not wanting to seem them get into a fist fight in front of me. Luckily, Kendall stepped out to bring the car in front of the building, leaving Scarlett and I to bring our things downstairs on our own. Walking over to Scarlett, I pressed my lips to hers in a soft kiss, letting her know I was proud of her for not playing too much into Kendall’s game and went off to get my coat.

As I expected, I carried most of our bags downstairs. Not that Scarlett wanted me, but because I couldn’t be rude and make her bring everything downstairs on her own. She carried the smaller things, and my laptop, just in case I had any emergency band stuff to take care of. It didn’t seem likely, but I always brought it with me, just in case.

Much to my surprise, we weren’t riding in Kendall’s Range Rover, sitting in front of my apartment was a minivan of some sort. “I figured we could drive all the way there,” she shrugged, probably after seeing the confused look on my face. I was still unsure as to why it was so large, until I remembered there would be more people joining us.


As Scarlett climbed into the van, sitting all the way in the back, Kendall looked at me expectantly. I know she wanted me in the passenger seat with her, but I wanted to be beside Scarlett. “She doesn’t know anyone who’s going on the trip. I’ll sit back there with her.”

If looks could kill.

About an hour later, we had picked everyone up and we were finally driving up to the ski resort. The drive would take a few hours, I remembered that much from taking Taylor there the year before.

Oh man. I like to forget that time of my life. She’s finally stopped talking about me, but I know she’s the reason Ed and I don’t speak as often as we used to. She’s ruined that for me.

A few hours into the drive, most of the other passengers had fallen asleep, Scarlett included. I couldn’t, I couldn’t stop thinking about possibly sharing a hot tub with her tonight and all of the things I would do to her in it. Scarlett and I hadn’t gone all the way, and I didn’t want to rush it by jumping right into that just yet, but it didn’t mean I couldn’t please her in other ways.
Nudging her lightly, I smiled as her eyes fluttered open and she shot me an angry look. “I’m sleepy, Harold,” she murmured, leaning her head back against my shoulder. I chuckled to myself, hoping she wouldn’t be so tired when I told her what my intentions were in waking her up.

Nudging her again so that she was sitting up, I leaned towards her ear, keeping my eyes trained up front to make sure no one was watching us and whispered in her ear. “I can’t stop thinking about all of the things I’m gonna do t you,” I whispered, so low that only she could hear.

Scarlett’s eyes shot open and she shivered at my words. She had a light blanket covering her lap as she slept, and keeping my head facing forward, I slipped my hand underneath her blanket and rest it on her leg. A small gasp escaped her lips and I shook my head at her.

“Scar, you have to stay quiet, love. And either pretend to be asleep or keep your eyes forward,” I whispered in her ear again, smirking to myself. I know this was going to be like torture for her, she was normally an extremely vocal girl in the bedroom, so keeping quiet was going to be a challenge. Nodding, Scarlett rest her head on my shoulder and pretended to go back to sleep.

I was tracing circles in Scarlett’s thigh, causing her to squirm beside me. I couldn’t help but chuckle at her inability to keep still, but I quietly let her know that I would stop if she didn’t. With a sigh, Scarlett nodded and placed her hand on my own thigh. I wasn’t sure if she was bracing herself or giving me a taste of my own medicine, but I was okay with either.

Slowly, I moved my hand further up her thigh, feeling the heat emanating from her core. I hadn’t even touched her where she needed me the most and I could already feel Scarlett coming undone. Chuckling to myself, I tucked my hand into the waistband of her tights, thankful for her wearing a dress today, and found my way to her panties.

I moaned upon realization that she had completely soaked through her panties. She was so wet, “always so wet for me,” I whispered in hear ear, earning another shiver from her. Scarlett’s grip on my thigh tightened and I rubbed my thumb against the sensitive little bud between her legs.

I could hear her panting, though I knew it wasn’t loud enough to even wake the couple in front of us up. Thankfully, she kept quiet and there was no evidence as to Kendall picking up on our activities from all the way up front. I started by slipping one finger inside of her and she flinched, though I knew it was because she was never quite used to having anything inside of her.

Xander was a fool for not taking care of Scarlett in this way. Not that a relationship had to be solely about sex, but when you were with someone like Scarlett, how could you not want to leave her trembling at your touch, any chance you got.

Her grip on my leg loosened and I knew it was okay for me to continue. I slowly added another, careful not to her Scarlett as I did, and felt her turn her head towards my shoulder. Her sudden movement didn’t go unnoticed to Kendall, who, as I suspected, was using the rearview mirror to keep an eye on us.

She turned down the music, yelling loud enough to wake our other passengers. “You alright back there, Scarlett?” she asked and I turned to Scar, worried that she wouldn’t be able to respond. With my fingers still inside of her, Scarlett sat up completely and cleared her throat.

“Thanks for checking! I was trying to fall back asleep but it’s a bit bumpy back here,” she lied. Kendall turned around and gave Scarlett a fake smile. I wasn’t sure if Scarlett wanted me to stop or go on. Everyone was awake now, so the odds of us getting caught were much greater, and I didn’t think Scarlett was one for exhibitionism.

“Do you want me to stop?” I turned and whispered. I could tell she was still angered by Kendall waking everyone up and disturbing us, but her response shocked me. Scarlett gave me a defiant, “no” and used her hand that wasn’t on my thigh to guide my actions.

She was determined to finish what we started, and I was determined to finish her off. Scarlett kept her focus towards the front, just as I had done mine while my fingers moved inside of her. I could tell by the change in her breathing that she was close. I wanted to kiss her, I wanted to hear her scream, but I knew I couldn’t do any of those things.

This “break up” needed to happen soon.

I watched as Scarlett’s chest rose and fell rapidly and I knew she was coming undone. I could feel her pulsating around me, coating my fingers with more of that sweet nectar, and it took everything in me to not pull them out so I could have a taste. This was Scarlett’s time to enjoy herself, I would simply have to wait.

As her breathing steadied, Scarlett shifted slightly, making it easier for me to pull my hand from the waistband of her tights. My fingers immediately shot to my lips and I was in pure bliss. I would much rather have had my head between her legs, having her come against my tongue and making sure no drop goes wasted. Instead, I would just have to make due with what as left on my fingers.

“I think I could go for a lifetime of that,” I murmured, turning to face her. Judging by the horrified look on Scarlett’s face, I knew I made a poor choice in words.


I was going to scare her off before things could even get started.

Her expression relaxed a few moments later and I hope that she wasn’t taking my words to heart. Offering me a small, satisfied smile, Scarlett laced her fingers between mine, underneath the blanket, and rest her head on my shoulder. Maybe I didn’t scare her off as much as I thought. First things first, however.

Break up with Kendall.


Suspend your disbelief, guys! This guy is totally capable of getting it on in the back seat xx


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