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I feel a surge coming over me
I feel it all around my thighs
And chills going up my legs
This is the worst coming out of me
When I can't, felt like I could die
And it sends chills up my spine

You're sexy sexy
I got things I want to do to you
Make me make me
Make my tongue just go do-do-do
Flex it, flex it
Flex your muscles, and go through the roof
Arrest it rest it, cause it's just criminal

Scarlett’s POV

Living with Harry was actually better than I could have imagined. Despite the normal disarray I found in his hotel room and dressing space, he was pretty neat, and most mornings, I was greeted with breakfast and coffee. Apparently he enjoyed cooking with his family and didn’t get to do it much on tour.

In a few days, we would be parting to go visit out families, but he promised he’d stop by on the way back and fly with me to LA. I wasn’t the biggest fan of flying, so having him at my side was a plus. In the meantime, I still had three more days of LA fun time and with Harry having plans with Kendall that night, I would have to make some of my own.

Hanging out with him, I’ve gotten to meet a few up and coming designers, Harry is way more into fashion than I realized, not that I was complaining. I met so many people these past few days, and they all seemed interested in my ideas.

Glancing over at my clock, I realized it was far too late to be napping; I needed to get a move on it if I was going to get out of the apartment before Kendall showed up. I quickly got out of bed, grabbed my towel and started off towards the bathroom.

It was a bit weird sharing a shower with him, but we only managed to find a place with one. It was only a temporary residence, Harry didn’t have time to have them add in a second bathroom, so we made due.

As I turned on the warm water, I leaned my head back, letting the water soothe my aching muscles. I had started doing pilates more frequently and often found my muscles tense by the end of the day. My shower was more me sitting under hot water than anything else.

I didn’t realize how long I had been in the shower until the water turned cold on me. It just felt so nice to have a moment to relax; we had been on the move since we got here. Stepping out of the shower, I grabbed my towel and wrapped it around my body. When I opened the door, I didn’t hear anything and wondered if Harry had left already.

“Harold?” I called out, expecting to get a response. When there was none, I shrugged, assuming he was gone, and headed towards the kitchen, wanting to bring a bottle of wine with me to my room while I got ready.

Walking past the living room, I saw a sweaty, shirtless Harry Styles doing pushups on the floor and I stopped in my tracks. “Oh, Scarlett, you scared me,” he said after moments of me gawking at him passed. He pulled his headphones out of his ears, standing up with a huge grin.

I bit my lip slightly and tried not to fixate on his chest, but I couldn’t help myself. “Sorry, I was just going to get a bottle of wine, didn’t know you were still here. Don’t mind me!” I spoke quickly; my voice raised a few octaves. I skirted off towards the kitchen, grabbing my bottle of wine, and prayed I wouldn’t run into him on the way back.

“Hey,” he stopped me as I was heading back to my room and I put my arms to my side, keeping my towel in place. Everything about him made me think things I shouldn’t. This was Harry, I worked for him, I lived with him, and he had a girlfriend. I shouldn’t think of him this way.

Yet as Harry told me he was going out for a jog, his voice alone did a number on me. I shivered at his words, pressing my legs together as I felt my body betraying me. Nodding, I rushed off towards my room and shut the door behind me. Screw drinking. I needed to fix my problem.

I waited until I heard the sound of the front door closing before climbing into bed. Leaning my head against my pillow, I shut my eyes and pictured Harry laying beside me, post work out. My fingers trailed long my torso, grazing my nipples, imagining it was Harry’s fingers doing it to me. Gasping lightly, I brought a hand between my legs, rubbing my fingers against the sensitive bud while my other rest on my breast.

Harry’s hands were so large, his fingers so long; I wondered what it would be like to have them inside of me. Gasping lightly, I slipped two of my own into my dripping hole, curling them slightly. Bringing my other hand down to my clit, I kept my fingers pressed against it as I rocked against my hand.

It would never substitute for the real thing, but my imagination Harry was doing a good job of getting me off.

“Harry,” I breathed, only to be met with a groan coming from the doorway. With a scream, my eyes shot open and moved my hands to my blanket, using it to cover up.

“No, don’t…don’t stop,” Harry said from the doorway. I didn’t hear him come back in and I hadn’t noticed him opening my door, I was so wrapped up in my thoughts of him. He stood there and watched, and wanted me to continue?

“I want to watch,” he whispered, taking a few steps closer. I looked down at his waist and noticed he was sporting a full on erection in his shorts and my breath caught in my throat. Shaking slightly, I couldn’t bring myself to come up with a response, my mouth incredibly dry.

Harry’s hand covered my own, bringing it back between my legs, encouraging me to go on. I couldn’t get my eyes off of the bulge in his shorts and he seemed to notice.

“You did this to me, Scar. I…was just coming to ask if you wanted some juice but I forgot my phone and…fuck. And then you said my name,” he murmured, guiding my fingers along my clit. I closed my eyes as he continued to speak and felt him get into the bed beside me.

We were crossing every line in the book, but I couldn’t stop him if I tried. I wanted this, even if it was wrong.

Letting his fingers guide me, I slipped them between my folds, moaning slightly.

“You were thinking of me, weren’t you,” he whispered, his voice sending a chill down my spine. When I didn’t respond, Harry pulled his hands away and I reached out for hm.

“Nuh uh. Tell me, Scar. Were you thinking of me?” His voice was low and husky and I could feel myself getting even more wet at his words.

Licking my lips slightly and swallowing hard, I gave Harry a nod. “Say it,” he demanded, trailing his fingers along my side. “I-I was.”

I opened my eyes in time to catch Harry bringing his fingers to his lips, tasting the small amount of my fluids that somehow ended up on him.

“You don’t have to pretend, Scarlett,” he told me as he pulled my fingers towards him, licking them clean. “I would gladly fulfill any fantasy of yours, all you have to do is ask.” I whimpered as his much larger fingers replaced my own, just two of them felt larger than anything I had ever had inside of me.

“Fuck, you’re so tight.” I nodded, still unable to form a complete sentence. Harry didn’t seem to mind anymore, I think he enjoyed having his fingers in me more than I did.

I tentatively reached across his lap, rubbing my hand along the bulge in his shorts. He hissed slightly and his fingers curled inside of me, pressing against that spot that drove me wild. I began to shake and moan uncontrollably; knowing that if he kept this up, I would lose control in a heartbeat.

Tugging at his shorts, I managed to get them down halfway before Harry used his free hand to pull them all the way off, along with his boxers. “It’s only fair that we’re both naked,” he mused, eyeing my hand wrapping around his length.

I wanted to please Harry as he was doing for me, but I couldn’t concentrate on anything other than what his fingers were doing to me.

“You don’t have to, Scar. Let me just focus on you.” I nodded and pulled my hand away, knowing it would be much easier if I just repaid him afterwards. Biting my lip, I gripped the sheets underneath me as harry added a third finger and his thumb began to work on my clit.

“Harry,” I moaned again, feeling my release near. Harry seemed pleased with himself, knowing that he left me a babbling mess, and leaned forward, taking one of my nipples into his mouth. The combination of all three quickly sent me over the edge and I tangled my hand in Harry’s hair, tugging at it as writhed underneath him in pleasure.

It took me a few moments to catch my breath and my limbs felt incredibly shaky. I didn’t know if standing would be an option for me. Realizing I was still holding onto his hair, I pulled my hand away and ran it through my hair.

“You know, that’s the secret to a good quiff. Give a girl a mind-blowing orgasm; let her pull your hair, and bam. Just add hairspray,” he joked and I shoved him away from me. “Go away Harold,” I giggled, though I only moved closer to him. With Xander, I couldn’t think of a time where anything had come remotely close to feeling that amazing and I would definitely never feel comfortable laying around him, completely exposed.

Harry made me feel comfortable and safe. I didn’t even feel pressured to reciprocate, like I would with Xander, though I wasn’t sure if I would be capable.

“I know that your career is important to you, Scarlett,” he began, and I turned to face him, “but I can’t promise that I won’t want to do that again. You’ve done a number on my head and I can’t get you out of it.”

I nodded, understanding him entirely. This changed things for us, but I couldn’t say for sure if it was a permanent change. The two of us dating could spell the end of my career.

“I’m willing to keep it a secret, if you are,” he added.

Could I keep it a secret? That implied that this wouldn’t be the first time Harry and I found ourselves in this kind of predicament. What did that make us? Fuck buddies? Couldn’t exactly call ourselves boyfriend and girlfriend.

“What…would that make us?” I asked, vocalizing my internal struggles. Harry shook his head, as unsure as I was.

“Harry and Scarlett? I don’t know. We’ll figure it out when the time comes.” Harry kissed my lips softly and I rest my hand on his chest, sighing deeply.

“And…what about Kendall?” I didn’t know if they were together or not, but she seemed dead set on her and Harry being official.

“To be quite honest…I haven’t even kissed her in weeks,” he laughed and I shook my head at him. I would’ve felt sorry for the girl, had she not been so rude to me. Harry was quite the kisser. “I’ll just let things fizzle with her, hopefully that will be the least dramatic way to end things.”

I smiled at Harry, satisfied with his response and climbed on top of him. “What are you doing, Scar?” he asked, his hands on my waist.

Smirking down at Harry, I gripped onto his length and pumped it slowly. “Returning the favor.”


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