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Navarro Mental Hospital For the Criminally Insane.

Cigarette butts rested in the ashtray. That ashtray placed in the corner of the room, excluded from the outside world.
A book lies next to the ashtray with the same page always marked.


His curls are pushed back to reveal a face perfectly carved and painted as if he were a masterpiece.
He fiddles with the pages of that same book while he watches the day disappear over and over again behind the walls of Hell.
His body; masked by an orange, jail jumpsuit, but it's no secret his body was as perfect as his face.

He found her annoying.
But she didn't want to leave.

"You can't love me," he mumbled while she pushed his hair back. "Do I ever listen?"

Sometimes a broken heart is good for the mind and soul. It helps you see that the world isn't perfect, that everything isn't okay.

Sometimes a broken heart shows strength. Because you were strong enough to go through it and move on.

Warning: sexual themes, drug and alcohol use, language, and minor abuse

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Styles nor do I own Ariana Grande or any other celebrity mentioned in this story. I own the plot and the original characters and would appreciate it if you'd not steal my material.

Inspired By: The Harry Styles fanfiction, 'Psychotic' on Wattpad and the Harry Styles series, 'It Takes Patience' by XOXOH

2014 wonderful .


Celia Edwards

Celia Edwards

Charlotte Huntington

Charlotte Huntington

Elizabeth "Liz" Martin

Elizabeth "Liz" Martin

Harry Styles

Harry Styles



thank you for reading x

I LOVE THIS. thank you so much for writing!xx

@Hopeless Directioner
Aw, you're so sweet. Of course I will.

wonderful . wonderful .

@wonderful .
I'll be sure to read them then! It's good to know I make your day, haha.
I hate asking, but would you mind taking a look at my story, Don't Burn Out? I'm new to this and I would love some feedback from someone who obviously knows what they're doing.
So if you want to, you can read it at:

@Hopeless Directioner
I already have another story called Paper Stars out and a story coming soon that has the first two intro's posted called Heart of Arrows, it's an interesting story about a blind girl, Harry, and Marcel. I think you might like it. And it doesn't matter when you came along, I love you anyways, you are one of the many that make my day <3

wonderful . wonderful .