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One Direction Imagines

Harry Imagine Part One

My boyfriend just broke up with my boyfriend. When he did I feel into depression. The thing is that when I get sad I get really sad, and the only one who knows about me and my depression is my best friend Harry. Harry is the person I'm closes too, and he doesn't know everything. I started thinking of the stuff my ex use to say to me.

"I will never leave you" was the thing that got to me most. Everyone who said they loved me left me. I grabbed the cold blade from the freezer. I promised Harry I'd never do this again, and same with starving myself. I slid my back down the fridge till I was on the ground. I was already weak from not eating for five days. Every time I thought of a lie he told me I cut my wrist. Going from one on the right wrist to one on my left.

"I will never leave you, I will never hurt you, I love you, I wont let anyone hurt you, I won't use you, we will be together till we die, the only way I would leave you was if I died, I would do anything for you, your beautiful, your body is perfect, your not fat, I love you, I love you" I kept cutting. One cut for one lie. Still going one cut on my right wrist then one on my left wrist. I watched as the blooded poured down my arms getting all over my bottom clothes and the floor. My hands fell down from me being to weak to hold them. I could feel the blood through my fingers. Some just sitting there and some rushing down my arm on my hand. I heard a knock on the door. I didn't do anything. I was to week to do anything.

"Y/N, I know you're in there" Harry said through the door echoing through the house. I still sat on the floor in the kitchen. Watching as the puddle of blood was growing. The more blood that came out the more I got tired and the world started to go black. I heard the door open so I look at the kitchen door way. I had shown Harry were the spare key was. In case he needed it.

"Y/N, Where are you?" Harry called out for me. The last thing I saw when everything went black was Harry. Harry's terrified face full of shock and horror.

~Harry's Pov~
I hurried over to Y/N's house when I found out her and her boyfriend broke up. Part of my was happy they broke up, but most of me was scared. I knew about Y/N's depression issues, and flashbacks of the first time I saw her cut herself came to my mind. I love Y/N way more than a friend, and the thought of losing her scares me. When I got to her house I quickly ran up and knocked on the door.

"Y/N, I know your in there" I said as I started to look around for the spare key. I found it and quickly went inside.

"Y/N where are you" I asked as I walked looking around for her. I got a bad feeling when she didn't answer. I walked into the kitchen and there it was. My worst nightmare. Y/N laying there almost covered in her own blood on the floor. I saw her eyes were a little open, and then the shut closed. I quickly ran over to her, and took off my jacket. Wrapping tightly around her arms. Then taking my belt off and tying it tighter to her to help stop the bleeding. I pulled out my phone and dialed 911.

"Come on Y/N don't leave me, you cant leave me I love you" I said crying waiting for someone to answer the phone.

"Hello, this is 911, Jade speaking how can I help you?" The operator asked.

"Please send a ambulance, please" I said crying into the phone as I held Y/N tight to me. Not caring about the blood getting all over my clothes.

"Sir please clam down, and tell me whats going on" The operator said

"How am I suppose to calm down when the love of my life is practically dying right in front of my eyes" I cried harder holding Y/N closer to me.

"Sir, whats your address?" The operator asked. I gave them the address, and she told me that they were on their way.

"Please don't leave me Y/N, I need you, I love you" I said still crying holding her close to me.


Hey Guys to uploads in one day yay, and this is going to have a part two, and maybe a part three. I will continue this story if you guys like it and want to read more of it so just leave a comment tell me if you want me to make a part two or not ~Lov U Guys A xx.



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