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My Saviour

Chapter 7

Kylie’s P.O.V
“Let him go!” I shouted.
“Kylie!” Ben exclaimed.
“I told you I’d look after you.” I smiled at him. “Let Ben go, you can hurt me all you like but you have no right to hurt Ben. He hasn’t done anything. I’m the one that ran. I’m the one that sleeps around, let Ben go.” I said. Dad let go of his arm and Ben ran. He ran out the front door and I hoped he’d find Lauren.
“Now, time for you to get what you deserve.” Dad walked towards me. I couldn’t move. I was frozen. I would do anything to be with Harry right now but I have to do this for Ben and Lauren. Dad came nearer and nearer until he slapped me, my face stung. “You’re such a slut, if your mother had been here, you would never have done this.” He slapped me again. I held up my arm in defence but he pulled it down twisting it as he went. It hurt so much but I stayed strong. Do this for Ben, for Lauren, for Harry, for Mum… kept repeating in my mind. Dad touched my neck where the bruises were and pressed hard. I kicked him. “You’re gonna regret that.” He said grabbing my other arm. He punched me in the stomach a few times making me fall to the ground. If I die, at least I know I died for a reason. He twisted my arm making it hurt as much as my other. He punched me in the stomach over and over again and that was the last thing I remembered before I blacked out.
Harry’s P.O.V
“You’re Harry right?” A girl asked me, she had a little boy obviously very upset next to her.
“Yeah I am, why?”
“I’m Kylie’s sister, Lauren. She told me to come here. I hope you don’t mind.” She explained herself.
“Oh no, of course, go inside.” I opened the door for them.
“Don’t worry about her. She’s strong enough to fight back.” The little boy said. “I’m Ben, Kylie’s brother.” He introduced himself.
“I’m glad you’re okay. Are you sure Kylie is going to be alright?” I said crouching down to his level.
“To be honest, I don’t know. She’s been hurt by him before but he was really angry this time. I don’t think she’s going to be able to fight back this time.” He started to cry. Lauren came over to us.
“Don’t cry Ben. Kylie is strong and a fighter. She can do it.” She said. I gave Kylie’s phone to Lauren.
“She told me to look after this. For you I think. She didn’t want you getting found out.”
“Thanks, but can you go and see if my sister is okay? You’re much stronger than she is.” She said tears rolling down her face.
“Sure. Put your number in my phone and I’ll call you to tell you if she’s okay.” I took my phone out of my pocket and gave it to her. She put her number in and gave it back to me before I ran down the road to their house. The front door was open so I walked in carefully. I looked around and there was no one in the living room. I opened the door to the kitchen and saw a pool of blood on the floor. I walked in and looked behind the door. Kylie. I fell down next to her. “Kylie, please wake up.” I shook her. She didn’t wake up. Don’t do this to me Kylie. I looked at her carefully. She had stab wounds all up her arms and bruises all over her stomach. I picked her up before taking my phone out of my pocket. I called Lauren. “Put Ben in the room at the top of the stairs. He doesn’t need to see this. She’s in such a bad state, I don’t even know if she’s alive.” I said into the phone.
“Oh god, please just help her.” Lauren cried.
“I’ll do anything to protect her. I knew I should have gone with her.” I said before hanging up. I walked out of the house and shut the door before walking back to my house. I opened the door and Lauren was sitting on the sofa.
“She didn’t deserve this.” Lauren said looking at her.
“It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t taken her home from the club last night she would have gone home. Your dad wouldn’t have got mad and she wouldn’t have ran.” I told her looking down at the lifeless girl that I held in my arms. “Call an ambulance now. We need to get her to a hospital.” I instructed.
“Did he- did he do that to her?” I heard from the top of the stairs. Lauren looked up.
“Ben, I told you to stay in there.” She said.
“I know but I heard you talking. I wanted to see if she was okay.” He answered. He came down the stairs and sat next to her on the floor. “Please don’t die Kylie. I love you so much, please don’t leave me.” He held her hand. Her eyelids fluttered.
“Ben keep talking to her!” I shouted.
“Kylie, please wake up, please. I need you. I need you Kylie.” He continued. Her eyes opened.
“B-” She whispered.
“She squeezed my hand!” He said excitedly.
“Kylie stay awake. You’re going to be okay. There’s an ambulance on the way.” Lauren told her.
“It-it hurts. Everything hurts. What happened?” She said faintly.
“Dad, dad happened.” Ben said. I stood back. I knew she wouldn’t want me. I knew that she probably couldn’t remember me.
“Where’s Harry?” I heard Kylie say. She remembers me? I heard sirens and Kylie’s eyes shut again.
“No!” Ben shouted.
“Stand back please.” The paramedics rushed in. Lauren and Ben hugged each other and I stood frozen.
“Come with us Harry. She obviously remembers you.” Lauren said. I walked towards them and followed them out of the door. I drove them to the hospital and we ran in. Lauren told the receptionist Kylie’s name. The receptionist told us that Kylie has been taken into surgery so we can’t see her for a while.
“Who are you?” She asked us.
“I’m her sister and this is her brother and her urm, her boyfriend.” Lauren said. I stood next to Ben trying to hide my shock at that word, boyfriend. I’ve never really had a girlfriend; I’ve just had one night stands.
“Well, take a seat and we’ll tell you when she’s out of surgery.” The receptionist said. We walked over to the chairs and sat down.
“Why did you tell them that?” I asked Lauren.
“Because I doubt they’d let the guy she slept with and then ran away from stay.” Lauren said. I nodded and Ben was trying not to cry. “Ben, come on, Kylie is strong, she can get through this,” Lauren tried to comfort him.
“What if she doesn’t? What if she doesn’t make it? What then?”
“We’ll deal with that if it comes to it, until then, we have to stay strong, for Kylie okay.” She told him. Her phone started to ring and she looked at it before standing up and walking away.
Lauren’s P.O.V
I answered the phone. “Now you decide to call? After two years of us trying to warn you? Now that Kylie is dying you call.” I said harshly.
“Lauren, I’m so so sorry. I should never have left you three. I didn’t know he would try and kill her.” She said obviously upset.
“Well he did, and he may have succeeded. He would have killed Ben too if it wasn’t for Kylie. Kylie took it upon herself to look after Ben and when Dad took him she came back from running away to save him, only to take the damage herself. She’s bruised, stabbed, bleeding everywhere.” I told her.
“Lauren, I’m so sorry. Please let me come and see her. I promise I’ll make it up to you.”
“Ben is a mess. I’ve probably broken my arm and Kylie is on her death bed. Now you want to come back? I get that you had to protect yourself but you should have thought about us too. Did you just forget that you had three kids?”
“Of course I didn’t! I’m your Mum Lauren, of course I didn’t forget about you. I wanted to come back but I’m scared okay. I thought you three were strong enough.”
“Kylie didn’t deserve this… Do you know what she did?”
“She slept with someone, that’s why Dad tried to kill her. I told her to run; I basically killed my little sister because I thought I was protecting her. I hate that I did that. The guy she slept with is at the hospital with us, blaming himself. Ben is blaming himself, because Kylie came back to save him. We’re all to blame, even you. You knew Dad was abusive; Kylie has been through this before but never as bad, just a broken rib or two, not on the verge of dying. All because you fucking left, Mum. If you hadn’t have left, Kylie wouldn’t be here right now. It’s all your fault.”
“I’m so sorry Lauren, can I talk to Ben?” She asked.
“Fuck off. No, you aren’t talking to Ben. Kylie is a better mum to him than you ever will be, she is his protector. She loves him and will do anything for him, as she demonstrated.”
“What have you done then Lauren? It seems like Kylie’s been running the family.”
“I have been too scared to do anything. Dad is evil. You know that. I had to be perfect. I turned my back on my family just like you did when you left. But I’m here now, something you’re not. You never came back, never listened to our pleas.” I shouted quietly down the phone.
“I did once actually; I came back, saw Kylie sitting in her window and broke down. She was crying and I knew that it was me that had made her like that. I couldn’t do it. I sat outside for ages but couldn’t bring myself to get out of the car. I know I should have come back before all this happened but I just couldn’t. No one is perfect.”
“Come to the hospital if you care. Bye, Mum.” I told her before hanging up and walking back to Ben and Harry.
“Who was that?” Ben asked.
“Urm, no one you need to worry about.” I avoided telling him.
“Kylie is out of surgery now but unconscious. You can go and see her.” A nurse told us. Ben stood up first and I took his hand before we followed the nurse. Kylie was lying in her bed, paler than ever with her bright red hair splayed out on the pillow. She was bruised all over. “She has multiple breaks, and many bruises. There is a possibility she might not walk again and that she’s infertile, she was punched in the stomach numerous times.” The nurse said. I broke down in tears. My little sister, my baby sister, will never be the same again. “You might want to get that looked at.” The nurse looked at my arm which was swollen and bruised.
“Oh right yeah, can you two stay with Kylie?” I looked at Ben and Harry. Harry nodded and I could tell Ben was crying.


I'm sorry that it took me ages to update and that I left you guys on a cliffhanger but writing 3 stories is really hard! Also, my teachers have decided that it would be fun to give me 4 lots of homework in two days so I'm up to my ears in it! I'll try and update again tomorrow!

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Loved this story! Good job. <3 :)

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