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My Saviour

Chapter 6

Kylie’s P.O.V
Lauren walked in with her best friend Caitlyn. “Visits you at work now does he?” She said.
“Shut up, I didn’t know he was going to be here.” I said picking up some menus.
“You know little sis, I wouldn’t normally approve but he’s fit.” She continued.
“Aren’t you meant to be the virgin? The perfect child?” I said.
“You and I both know I’m not, come on. We both know dad is violent; I only pretend to be like that around the house so I don’t get hurt. Don’t you remember when you stayed at your friend’s house for a few days and didn’t tell him where you were so he beat you when you came home? I hate seeing my little sister go through that. I still love you as much as I did when mum was around Kylie.” She said. I was shocked, then I realised that I’ve never really seen her outside our house since mum left. “I remember watching him beat you and I really wanted to help you but I was frozen in my spot. That’s when I realised that I had to be the perfect child or dad would do the same to me. I’m sorry that you’ve thought that I hated you for the past two years but I haven’t. I’ve tried to get mum to come home but she just won’t listen. Turns out dad hurt her too. She’s scared of him that’s why she won’t come back. She wants to be there for you and Ben but she’s scared.” Lauren said. I felt a tear roll down my face.
“Don’t talk about mum.” I said before walking towards the staffroom.
“Kylie wait.” I turned to see Lauren walking towards me. “You’re still my little sister and I love you okay. Leave now and run. I’ll tell Dad that you’re still here. Just run as fast as you can to wherever. Go to Harry’s or whatever just please go. He’s going to beat you when you get home, he told me. I’ll pack up some of your stuff and bring it to you and I promise I’ll look after Ben. Just please go.” She said.
“He can beat me all he wants. I’m not leaving Ben behind. I told him I’d look after him and I’m not going to go back on that. He’s all I’ve got Lauren!” I told her.
“Please go. You have a couple of hours. Text me where you are and I’ll bring Ben to you with your stuff. I promise, just please go.” She took her purse out of her bag and got £50 out of it. “Take this. Text me in the morning. I’ll say that you must have left after I left and I don’t know where you are. Dad will believe me. I’ll pack up some of your stuff and Ben’s and say I’m taking Ben with me to sell the stuff. I’m running after. We can’t keep living in fear of dad.” She said. I took the money from her.
“I better be able to trust you, please keep Ben safe and make sure you get the box under my bed. I’ll text you in the morning.” I looked down at my feet. Lauren nodded and I went over to Imogen. “Look, I’ve got to go, cover for me. I probably won’t be back. Lauren told me Dad is going to beat me when I get home and that I should run so that’s what I’m doing. I’m sorry; I’m going to miss you.” I hugged her and walked into the staffroom.
“Where are you going to go?” She asked.
“I don’t know. Anywhere but I can’t stay here.” I told her. She gave me her car keys.
“Take my car. I don’t care if I don’t get it back just as long as you are safe. I love you Kylie, don’t forget that.” She said.
“I can’t.”
“Take it. You won’t get far by running. I’ll text you when your dad has left and what Lauren says. If she snitches come back and I’ll say you had to get something for me because it was your break and I couldn’t leave. I hope to see you soon.” She hugged me. I took her car keys and grabbed my bag before running out. Lauren waved and she looked as if she was upset. I got into Imogen’s car and drove off. I have no idea where I’m going to go. Once I was far enough from the restaurant I pulled over and took my phone out of my pocket. 3 new messages. –Lauren: Look after yourself tonight and I’ll see you tomorrow. I promise on mum’s life that I will do everything I can to protect you and Ben.- -Imogen: Good luck.- -Harry: I’m sorry.- That’s it. I’ll go to Harry’s, just for tonight. I can’t have Ben there but I can stay at Harry’s tonight hopefully. I texted him. –To: Harry, can I come to yours?- I waited for a reply. –Harry: Of course but why?- -To: Harry, I need to get away from my dad. Are you sure?- I waited for a reply again. –Harry: OK, yeah I’m sure, see you soon.- I put my phone away and drove in the direction of Harry’s house. I know I can’t stay there long because it’s not that far from my house but it will do for now. I pulled up outside Harry’s and jumped out of the car. I ran to the door and knocked on it. He opened it and pulled me inside.
“Why do you need to get away from your dad?” He asked. I walked over to the sofa and sat down and he followed.
“My dad is abusive, my mum left two years ago because of him but my sister came into the restaurant after you left and told me that he was planning to beat me tonight. She said I needed to run and that she’d bring my stuff to me tomorrow. I’m sorry I came here.” I explained.
“Don’t be sorry Kylie, don’t worry I won’t try anything. I’ll protect you.” He said. If only it was that simple.
“I have to find my own place. I need to look after my brother too. He’s 13 and can’t protect himself from my dad. Lauren said she’ll bring him to me tomorrow and I know you don’t want him here.”
“You can stay here and your sister can look after your brother. Look Kylie, you’re different to every other girl I’ve brought home. Normally I do just fuck and kick them out but with you I didn’t. I felt something when I was having sex with you. There’s something about you that I like and really really want.”
“I bet most girls don’t turn up at your door running from their dads.” I said.
“There’s been a few,” he laughed. “Text your sister. Ask her to look after your brother and I’ll look after you, I promise.” He continued. I texted Lauren and she replied soon after. –Dad’s going mental. I don’t think I can get him to you anyway. I’ll look after him just make sure you’re safe. I’ll run when Dad is asleep. I don’t know where to but it’s going to be far away. I’ve packed you some clothes and that box you asked me to. Where are you? I’m not going to let you down this time Kylie.-
“My dad has gone mental, she said make sure I’m safe.” I told Harry.
“You’re safe with me I promise.” He replied. –To: Lauren, I’m at Harry’s, he said I’m safe with him. Please look after Ben and tell him I love him. See you tomorrow.- I started to cry and Harry pulled me into a hug. “You’re going to be okay. I’ve got you.” He said. –Lauren: Dad has got Ben; he said that Ben can leave when you come back. It’s you or Ben Kylie. I’m so sorry. I tried but dad is too strong for me. I think he’s broken my arm. I love you so much and I’m so sorry.-
“H-he’s got Ben. I’ve got to go back Harry. I can’t let Ben get hurt. I need to protect him. I promised I would.” I stood up.
“I’m coming with you. I’m not going to let him hurt you Kylie. Or Ben or Lauren. I’ll make sure you’re all safe I promise.” He stood up.
“No. I’m not letting you come. I need to do this on my own.” I ran out. Harry ran after me until I turned around.
“No. Stay here.” I shouted before running off again. I turned to see Harry standing at his door. “Harry?” I said.
“Hmm,” He looked at me.
“Look after this.” I gave him my phone, I knew if Dad got hold of it he’d find out Lauren was behind this. No matter how much I hated her for the past two years I don’t want her to get hurt.
“I will, now go before I drag you back inside.” He said. I smiled and ran off towards my house. I got there and unlocked the door. I heard Ben crying from the kitchen. I walked to the door and listened.
“Look, if your sister really cared about you she’d have come back by now. Get over it. Everyone in this family hates you. Kylie doesn’t care; she’d rather save herself than you.” Dad told him. That’s not true. I looked at the stairs to see Lauren sitting at the top crying.
“I tried, I’m so sorry.” She whimpered.
“Don’t be. Harry’s house is down the road. Imogen’s car is outside. Go to his house and get him to take you to the hospital. I’ll be okay.” I told her.
“No Kylie. I’m not letting you down again.” She said.
“Go.” I touched the door handle of the kitchen. She ran down the stairs and out of the door. I waited for the door to close before opening the kitchen door.


What do you think is going to happen? Will Harry come to the rescue or will Kylie be left to battle this out by herself? Comment what you think.

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Loved this story! Good job. <3 :)

Mimi_ Mimi_

Unfortunately yes, it will be up within the next half hour x

Hazza'sGirlxx Hazza'sGirlxx

I hope that bastard gets locked up forever!

Mimi_ Mimi_

What?!?!?! Final already!

msjagger msjagger

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next! :D

Mimi_ Mimi_