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My Saviour

Chapter 52

Harry’s P.O.V
Kylie is walking around as if she had never gotten injured, this morning. I think she wants to prove to me that she’s strong before I leave. I’ve got another 3 hours before I have to go, and Mum is due to arrive any minute. Kylie managed to go up and down the stairs 4 times yesterday, so I let her come down to the panic room to take a look. It’s safe to say she loved it. The boys and I did a good job, if I do say so myself.
“Do you need anything?” I called out to Kylie, just as the doorbell rang.
“I can walk now Harry,” She reminded me, for about the hundredth time since Wednesday. She walked over to the door and opened it for Mum, being greeted with a hug.
“You have no idea how good it is to see you standing up,” Mum said to her and she smiled and turned around, doing a twirl. “I’m so proud of you darling,” Mum smiled with pride.
“Thank you Anne, come in, I’m sure Harry will get your bags,” Kylie walked to the sofa and sat down. She needs to rest every ten minutes or she will hurt herself. I went over to Mum and greeted her before getting her bags in.
“What do I need to do then Harry?” Mum asked once I came back in and shut the door.
“Just make sure that this one doesn’t try and do too much. She needs to rest every ten minutes or she will start to hurt and cause damage to herself. Therapy is Wednesday and Saturday with Savannah and physio is Monday, Wednesday and Friday with Sarah from next week. And she needs to take her meds. Sarah prescribed them to her yesterday because of the pain she gets and they will help to take it away. Twice a day, morning and evening but Kylie needs to eat first. She may need a tiny bit of help getting up and down the stairs and into bed, but other than that she can do everything herself now.” I smiled at Kylie and she shook her head.
“I sound like a child with all of the things I need,” She laughed.
“You’ll be fine, Mum can look after you, and if there are any problems, call me,” I said, joining them on the sofa.
“Okay, got it,” Mum nodded, taking Kylie’s hand. “You’re such a strong girl, I’m so glad that my son found you,” she said to Kylie, making her grin.
“I’m kinda glad he found me too,” She responded.
“You weren’t when you woke up,” I laughed. “You hated me,”
“You were being all cocky, what was I supposed to do,” Oh yeah, her memory of meeting me on New Year’s Eve came back when she was hurt again this time, also the memory of what he did last time came back, making it much harder for her to cope but she’s safe now, and she knows that.
“As much as I’m enjoying this, I’ve got to go and unpack, I’ll leave you two alone,” Mum stood up and took her case upstairs. She always stays in the same room when she stays over so she knows where she’s sleeping and stuff.
I moved closer to Kylie, allowing her to rest her head on my chest. “I’m gonna miss you y’know,” she said and I took her hand in mine.
“I’m going to miss you too, but as soon as you are strong enough to stand for hours and be able to block out what anyone says to you, you can come back on tour. We’ll get you working with Mark Jarvis, he’s our fitness coach and he can help you build up even more strength. As for therapy, you can have online sessions with Savannah. But it will be me and management who are the judges of whether you’re strong enough, as well as Sarah and Savannah.” I told her and she nodded.
“I’ll be there by next week,” she smirked.
“Oh no you won’t missy; you’ve got to be able to stand for at least three hours without any pain.” I said.
“And I had to walk up and down stairs by today and I did it. I will succeed. I need to replace that bitch of a temporary publicist you have,” she laughed as I groaned.
“Don’t remind me,” I shook my head. “She called me a manwhore.” I pouted.
“Oh baby, you’re anything but that,” Kylie said, squeezing my hand. “I’m still not strong enough to do that though,” she admitted.
“I know, and I will wait as long as it takes, there’s no rush,” I kissed her cheek and she smiled.
“You’re so good to me Harry, I don’t want you to leave,” she pouted, trying to get even closer to me although it wasn’t physically possible.
“I don’t want to leave but I have to. You’ll be coming to join us in no time alright?” I tried comforting her. I can’t stand thinking about leaving her in a few hours.
“Are you all packed?” She asked.
“Just got my hand luggage to do, you gonna help me?” I responded and she nodded, getting up from the sofa. I took her hand and we went upstairs, slowly so that Kylie didn’t push herself too much. I got my bag out and she helped me to put my things into it before sitting on the bed. “You okay?” I checked.
“Yeah, yeah,” she said, quietly.
“Here,” I took my tshirt off, changing into a different one and handing the one I was wearing to Kylie. “I know they help you sleep, so have it. I don’t need it, and you do. If you get any nightmares, you call me, no matter what time it is, okay?”
“Yes Harry,” she said as my phone began to ring. Paul. I picked up.
“Hi Harry, I hate to do this to you but we need you to come down to the airport now. Amanda has booked you a radio interview for the minute you get there so we need to move your flight forward, I’m really sorry.” He explained.
“Okay, I’ll leave now, see you soon.” I sighed and he agreed, hanging up. “I have to go; Bitchy has booked us an interview for the minute we get there even though we’re going to be exhausted. Luckily it’s only radio or we’d look crap too. I’ll help you downstairs and then I’ve got to go.” I told Kylie and she nodded, a frown appearing on her face. She thought she had a couple more hours with me but she doesn’t.
“Come here you,” she stood up, opening her arms. I walked into them and hugged her, probably hurting her by how much I was squeezing her. “You’re gonna have a great time, and you’re gonna kill all of those concerts. I’ll call you every day, or text you at least. I will be there as soon as I can be.” She said.
“I’m going to miss you so much,” I muttered into her neck. I don’t want to leave her, especially not when I know she’s not completely fine. It’s hard, getting used to leaving family, but when I have an ill girlfriend too, it’s even harder.
“I’ll miss you too but you need to focus on your work not me okay? You better focus on work.” She warned, before kissing me for a few minutes. “I love you. Now, let’s go downstairs so you can say goodbye to your mum and get your ass to the airport.” She said. I picked up my bag and suitcase and we went downstairs as a car horn beeped. That’s my ride.
“Are you going? I thought you had a few more hours,” Mum asked.
“Yeah, they brought my flight forward. I’m sorry. I wanted to spend some time with you guys but work calls.” I replied to her. I said goodbye to Mum and put my things in the car before coming back and kissing Mum on the cheek and Kylie on the lips. “See you in a couple of weeks yeah?” I winked at her.
“I’ll try. Enjoy yourself,” She smiled.
“Thanks. I’ve got to go, but look after each other, I’ll see you soon, love you both.” I said my final goodbye. “Mum, I wrote down what you need to do, it’s on the side in the kitchen,” I remembered and she nodded as I walked out of the door reluctantly and got into the car. The driver drove off, sadness filling my body. I don’t want to leave her behind; she should be coming with me. It should be Kylie getting us interviews and having her phone ring constantly, but it’s not. She should be coming. I turned on the radio to put my mind off of it and the news came on.
“One Direction leave for another leg of their tour today. They’ll be having a temporary publicist as their permanent one is Harry’s girlfriend who was recently hospitalised. It’s understood she isn’t yet strong enough to go on tour with the boyband w…” I turned it over. So much for keeping my mind off of it. Fuck this is going to be harder than I thought it would be.


So Harry is off on tour again, how long do you think it will take Kylie to join him?

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