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My Saviour

Chapter 50

Kylie’s P.O.V
After Savannah left, I worked on what she had told me and got a bit of sleep before Sarah arrived for my physio session. She got Harry to carry me to the gym so I could walk on the treadmill. I walked on it for a few minutes, before she upped the incline.
“This will help you when we attempt stairs tomorrow, okay? Normally all of this would be spread out over weeks but obviously you don’t have weeks to get better. You want to get back on tour as soon as possible, and I’m sure the boys want you to too.” Sarah explained to me. The pain wasn’t as bad today as yesterday, because I’m getting used to it more now. Sarah pressed the speed button a few times, speeding up the treadmill but making sure it was still at a walking pace. It’s way too soon to run now. I’m going to try and walk on my own after this, as Sarah has told me, but she will be there to catch me if I fall. “Right, I’m going to increase the incline a bit more, okay?” Sarah warned me and I nodded. She pressed the button a couple more times and the treadmill slowly went up. This is harder, and hurts a bit more. “You need to tell me if it starts to hurt too much okay Kylie? Too much pain may indicate a problem with your pelvis, so you need to let me know.” She said.
“Okay, it hurts a little bit at the moment but not much.” I replied.
“Take a break,” she stopped the treadmill and helped me walk off of it. The small step down from the treadmill hurt, and was a really strange feeling. I yelped as a shooting pain went through my ankle, but Sarah assured me that it is normal for recovering ankles to hurt when you put more weight on them.
“How’re you doing love?” Harry stood in the doorway to the gym.
“She’s doing really well, you’ve got a strong girl here Harry.” Sarah responded to him and he smiled proudly.
“I know I have.” He said. “The boys are coming round to help me downstairs but if you need anything just yell okay?”
“Yeah, thank you Harry,” I answered, sitting down. After a few minutes, Sarah stood up.
“Okay, you need to work on standing from chairs and things yourself, so let’s try it. Push yourself up using your arms, but put more pressure on the one that wasn’t injured. Once you’ve pushed your bum off of the seat, move your weight to your legs and push again with your arms.” Sarah talked me through it and I tried to stand up. It was working until I moved one of my legs too soon and flopped back down. “That needs some work,” Sarah laughed, taking hold of my hands and helping me to get up.
“Sorry, I just haven’t done it in so long,” I apologised.
“There is no need for you to apologise Kylie, none of this is your fault. You keep working on that with Harry alright? You’ll be doing it in no time.” She responded.
“Hey, I hate to interrupt but can I just ask Kylie something?” Zayn stood in the doorway.
“Sure, what’s up?” I replied.
“Perrie has the day off today and wants to know if you’re up for visitors. I said that you had therapy and physio this morning so you might not want to see her but it’s up to you.”
“She can come round, that’s fine. I’ll be done in about an hour. It will be nice to see her.”
“I’ll text her, see you soon,” he smiled and walked off. I continued my physio session with Sarah and when we were finished she went and got Harry.
“Do you want to stay down here for a while?” He asked, helping me walk into the kitchen that I haven’t seen in so long.
“Yeah, Perrie is coming round in a minute.” I said and he nodded. He got me a bottle of water and some food and put it in the living room before coming to get me and helping me to walk there.
Harry went back down to the panic room when I was sat in front of the TV. I found some random American shows that I like and ate the food that he had given me. About half an hour later, the doorbell rang. I know I can’t go and get it, even though the door is only a few feet away.
“Harry!” I yelled for him and he came and answered the door. He let Perrie in and went back downstairs as she came over to me, hugging me.
“How are you doing?” She sat down next to me.
“I’m better than I was six weeks ago,” I smiled at her.
“You’re so strong; I couldn’t have gone through that and come out smiling.” She shook her head.
“Therapy is helping,” I replied.
“How often are you having it now?”
“Twice a week now, which is definitely better than five times a week. It gets worse every time I relive it, but with Savannah’s help, I’m learning how to block it out and move on, without it haunting me all the time.”
“Well that’s good right? How about Harry? Is he helping?”
“Yeah, I wouldn’t have been able to get through all of this without him. I would have given up a long time ago. He’s coping really well with it, I’m really gonna miss him when he goes on Friday.”
“I’ll come and see you about once a week when they’re gone okay? Who’s looking after you? Anne?”
“Yeah, Harry said she doesn’t mind doing it but I can’t help but feel like a hassle to Anne you know?”
“I get it, but if Anne says she doesn’t mind, she doesn’t. She’s not the kind of person to say something and mean another, she really cares about you, everyone could see that when Harry had to go away again when you were still in hospital. She took really good care of you, you’re her son’s pride and joy, she loves you almost as much as he does.” Perrie assured me and I nodded, thanking her. She really makes me feel better with her visits.


Hope you like it!
Next up, Kylie battling stairs, predictions?

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