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My Saviour

Chapter 4

Kylie’s P.O.V
“Who was that?” Ben asked.
“A guy, the guy who’s house I was at last night.” I told him sitting down next to him.
“Dad is going to get mad if he finds out he was here.”
“Well he’s not going to find out okay. Not now and not ever. I don’t even like that guy.” I said.
“Lauren.” Ben said. I shut my eyes. Lauren’s room is above mine and she hears everything going on outside. She’ll have seen him and she’ll go and tell Dad. I heard footsteps coming down the stairs and I ran out of my room.
“You’re dead this time Kylie. Not only do you sleep at his house, you bring him here.” Lauren smirked. I dragged her into my room and told Ben to leave.
“Look Lauren, you tell Dad that he was here and I’ll tell him where you were last Saturday. I covered for you so I guess it’s time for you to do the same for me.” I told her.
“Dad already knows where I was last Saturday, who is he going to believe, me or you?” Lauren said.
“You weren’t at Caitlyn’s, I saw a guy drop you off, you kissed him before getting out of his car. Don’t lie. I’ll tell Dad and I swear to God if you say anything about Harry being here you’re gonna regret it.”
“Harry is it? Come on then, tell me the details.”
“Don’t act friendly Lauren. I know you’ll tell Dad. I slept with him, that’s it.”
“Is he the one that left these on your neck?” Lauren wiped her fingers over my neck making the harsh pain come back.
“Yes. Look, Harry isn’t going to come back. If he does, then you can tell Dad, until then. Keep your mouth shut. Please Lauren.”
“Just this once Kylie, because I think he was quite fit so I admire you for getting him, you keep your mouth shut, I’ll keep mine shut, okay?”
“Sorted. Thank you.”
“You are my little sister.” She said walking out. I’m not sure if I can trust her or not but I really hope I can. Mum leaving was the worst thing to ever happen to this family. Lauren and I used to be so close but when Mum left, Dad adapted her into his little minion to spy on me. He knows he can’t trust me and it’s really annoying. I wish he would trust me but I know he’s never going to. I’ve tried getting in touch with Mum and telling her that our family is falling apart but she pushes me away. Normally it’s “There’s nothing I can do about it Kylie, I’m not coming back, you’ll just have to stick it out.” I hate it. I have no friends to go to around here and maybe it isn’t so bad that I met Harry, maybe he could be my friend. But what’s the point when I’m not allowed out the house in a month. I have one friend at work but that’s it. I have work in about an hour. I stood up and walked over to my closet. I pulled out my uniform and got changed quickly. I grabbed my bag and phone and walked downstairs.
“Sit down Kylie. You don’t start work for another 40 minutes and it only takes 15 minutes to get there. Go and cover up them bruises.” Dad said. I walked back upstairs and started applying makeup to my neck. It just about covered them up. I went back downstairs and Dad had his keys in his hand. He opened the front door and I walked to his car. We got in and he drove me to work. I work as a waitress in a restaurant near Leicester Square. Dad dropped me off. “What time do you finish?” He asked.
“11,” I replied.
“I’ll be back at 11, don’t even think about leaving.” Dad said. I nodded and he drove off.
“Grounded again?” My friend Imogen asked when I walked in.
“How did you guess?” I said going into the staffroom.
“What did you do this time?”
“Didn’t come home, ended up at some random guys house, slept with the random guy, pick one.” I said putting my bag down and my apron on.
“1-10?” She questioned. Every time I end up with a random guy she makes me rate him.
“Umm, 9.” I said.
“Wow, where’d the other one go?”
“He stalks me. His friends said that he normally kicks a girl out after sex but he didn’t kick me out and then he found my house. It’s weird.” I said. She laughed.
“Right, let’s get to work.” She said. I walked out of the staffroom and went over to the customers standing in line.
“Hi, how many?” I said. Imogen did the same to the customers behind. I led the customers to the table and then went back to the line. The people behind Imogen were people I did not want to see right now. Harry and his friends. I tried to avoid them and went back to the people I had just seated. “What would you like to drink?” I asked them. They ordered and I speed walked to the bar. I got their drinks and took them back to the table. They weren’t ready to order yet so I turned around to see if Harry was still in the line. He was right at the front.


What's Kylie going to do? Talk to me people! I feel like I'm not doing well because none of you are interacting so pleasee comment.

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Loved this story! Good job. <3 :)

Mimi_ Mimi_

Unfortunately yes, it will be up within the next half hour x

Hazza'sGirlxx Hazza'sGirlxx

I hope that bastard gets locked up forever!

Mimi_ Mimi_

What?!?!?! Final already!

msjagger msjagger

Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next! :D

Mimi_ Mimi_