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My Saviour

Chapter 39

Louis’ P.O.V
We were all sitting around chatting, when we heard something that sounded like a gunshot, followed by a piercing scream. All of us sat up at the scream, recognising it immediately. Kylie.
“Everyone stay down here with Ed and Jon, can the rest of the security team accompany me to Harry and Kylie’s room please?” Paul stood up, fear all over his face. I grabbed onto El’s hand, holding it for dear life. Please don’t let something have happened to them. Please no. Paul and the majority of our security team made their way up the stairs, towards Harry and Kylie’s room. We all sat there, looking at each other, in complete silence. None of us want something to have happened to either of them. I looked over at Lou, to see that she was trying to comfort Lux. She has no idea what’s going on right now, just knows that it’s something bad. After about 5 minutes, I got a call from Paul.
“Hello? Please tell me they’re okay and were just watching a horror movie?” I begged and heard Paul sigh.
“I’m afraid not Louis. The police and ambulance should be arriving shortly. I called you to make sure that you are all out of the hotel. Go to the arena please, there are plenty more security there to protect you. You all can’t be here.” He said with his voice dull and monotone.
“What’s happened? Tell me what happened.” I begged again.
“Louis, just get yourselves out of this hotel, everyone. I will not tell you again.” He said, hanging up.
“He’s telling us to leave the hotel and go to the arena. El, stay close to Niall and Zayn please, they can protect you. I’m going to find out what happened. I love you baby,” I kissed her, before running off in the direction of their room. I got there to see the door open, Paul standing over someone lying in a pool of blood. My best friend. I began to sob, and Paul turned at me.
“I told you not to come up here Louis. This isn’t something you need to see, please, go to the arena.”
“No, where’s Kylie? She needs someone right now.” I refused, looking around for the redhead. I watched as Paul looked down and shook his head.
“She’s not here, Louis. They took her.” He sighed, and even a burly man like Paul’s eye began to fill with tears.
“Her dad?” I asked, already knowing the answer.
“He found her.” He shook his head and I sat down on the ground, holding Harry’s hand.
“You’re going to be okay Harry, I promise you. You’ll be okay. We’re going to find that son of a bitch and he’ll never see daylight again after what he’s done. We’ll get Kylie back, I promise you.” I sobbed, knowing fully well that he couldn’t hear me. The next few minutes were a blur; all I knew was that I was being pushed away from my best mate’s lifeless body by all sorts of people, police, paramedics, even Paul. They rushed Harry out of the hotel, the back way so the fans wouldn’t see, and sped off in the direction of the hospital. Paul went with Harry, and told me again to go to the arena. I listened to him this time, walking out of the hotel and the fans screams quietened when they saw the state I was in.
“Louis? Is everything okay? Who was hurt?” I heard some fans call, but just shook my head as Alberto escorted me to a van. I got in and broke down again. This is everything Harry tried so hard to prevent, and now he’s been shot and she’s gone. We got to the arena and I went inside to see everyone huddled together, worried.
“What happened?” Eleanor came running over, hugging me. I walked back over to the rest of the group to break the news to them.
“Her dad found her. He shot Harry and took Kylie.” I said, tears rolling down my face at a ridiculous speed. I didn’t think it was possible for me to cry this much. “Harry’s on his way to hospital, but god knows where Kylie is. This is everything Harry tried so hard to prevent, and now it’s happening.” I repeated my thoughts to everyone.
“Who is with Harry?”
“Paul, he went to the hospital with him. The rest of the team are at the hotel, probably collecting all of our stuff and shoving it on buses. There’s no way we’re going to be allowed back there, it’s a crime scene now.” I said and they all nodded. We all sat around in silence again, and were like it for about half an hour before we heard the sound of a bus driving into the car park. Preston walked inside seconds later.
“Bus 1, including Eleanor and Sophia, all of your stuff is on the bus and you’re welcome to go and lie down if you want. I trust Louis has told you all what has happened. The rest of the crews’ things are being packed up as we speak and put onto their designated buses. The only people’s stuff that isn’t being touched is Kylie and Harry’s, as their entire room is a crime scene. The hotel is being closed but they have told us that if we’ve missed anything in any of your rooms they will come and give it to us here. All concerts are being cancelled until further notice; we know none of you want to perform without Harry. We need someone to take to Twitter and reassure the fans that everything is going to be okay. Considering Kylie is your publicist and for obvious reasons she can’t, we’re going to need all of you to keep the fans calm. Don’t let them know what has happened, just assure them that everything will be okay but they all need to leave the hotel and get to a safe place.” Preston said and another bus came into the car park. “That will be bus 2. The arena has said that we can stay here for as long as we need to, considering your concerts were the only things booked here for the next two months anyway.” Preston added before walking outside again.
“I’ll do the tweet,” Liam said, getting his phone out. He spent ages typing away, presumably on a twitlonger and then pressed send, before reading it out to all of us. “To all directioners, we’re all very sorry but we are going to have to cancel the rest of the Take Me Home Tour for the foreseeable future. We also need to ask all of the fans that have been gathering outside of the hotel to leave, and go to a safe place. We can’t tell you much at the moment, all we can tell you is not to worry. You all need to stay calm. Things have happened this afternoon which none of us saw coming, and we need you all to stay calm to help us through this. I’m sure there will be more news on this as it develops, but this is all we can tell you right now. Sorry to anyone who was coming to a concert this tour, we love you all.
1D x”
We all nodded, agreeing with what he said and went to our buses.


Well well well, he's back, and he's got Kylie. Is Harry going to be okay? What will happen to Kylie?

This is where I leave you and don't update for a month, hahah no that's cruel I'll update in a few days if I get some comments :)

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