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My Saviour

Chapter 26

Harry’s P.O.V
We got to the club and Kylie went to get drinks.
“How’d you convince her to come and stay sober?” Niall questioned.
“She wanted to come and she’s got work at 8 in the morning so that’s why she’s staying sober.” I told them and they nodded. Kylie came back with the drinks and we thanked her as she sat down and started to drink her water. The night flew by and I was drunk before I knew it. Niall was still kind of sober with his high tolerance for drink and the other two were drunk too.
Kylie’s P.O.V
This is not how I planned to spend my night off. It’s getting on 1am and they’re still refusing to leave.
“I think you’re forgetting that I’m the only one that can drive right now and I have the car keys so unless you drunk asses want to stay here all night, I suggest you get out of the club and into the car.” I decided to take control.
“Just leave Kylie; I’ll get another girl to take me home.” Harry slurred, not realising what he had said but it made me tear up.
“Get in the car, all of you.” I yelled this time and they did as I said. I drove them all back to Harry’s and picked up my stuff before taking one of his cars and driving myself home. I don’t want to have to spend my night looking after them, especially after what Harry said. I got back to the apartment block and decided to go up the stairs. I walked into my apartment and shut the door, sliding down it. The tears ran freely down my face and I wiped them away as quickly as I could.
I woke up against the door, my back aching and alarm blaring. I got up from the floor, turned off my alarm and stepped into the shower to get rid of the smell of alcohol from my body and hair. Once washed, I got out and dried myself off, pulling my hair up into a ponytail and shoving on my work uniform and some flats. I grabbed my bag, shoving a load of make-up into it, phone and keys and walked downstairs, trying to forget all about what Harry had said. I walked to the tube station and checked my phone while waiting.
From: Harry
I thought you were staying over?x
I ignored it and the tube arrived. I got on and sat down, ready for my ride to work. It took longer to get there this morning because there was congestion on the lines and when I finally got into work, it was 7.55.
“Hey, you okay?” Imi asked as I walked into the staffroom and shoved my things into my locker, taking my apron out.
“I’d be better if I wasn’t forced to go out last night and then when I try to get them home, my boyfriend tells me to leave and he’ll get another girl to take him home.” I slammed my locker shut.
“Please tell me you didn’t leave.”
“I didn’t. I took them home and then went back to my apartment. I wasn’t staying and looking after him and his drunk friends.” I told her and she nodded.
“Well I’m going home after working 2 shifts in a row.” She said, taking her things out of her locker and clocking out. “Be nice to the customers.”
I watched as she walked out of the staffroom and then I clocked in. I left the staffroom tying my apron up.
“Morning Kylie, can you clean the tables quickly please?” Sarah asked and I picked up the cleaning supplies and went round the tables one by one, setting out new cutlery and napkins. I heard the bell on the door and Sarah turned to it. “Sorry, we’re not open yet sir.” She said.
“I’m here to speak to Kylie.” I heard Harry’s voice and rolled my eyes.
“Make it quick.” Sarah pointed in my direction and I walked towards the staffroom, Harry following me.
“What do you want?” I questioned.
“Why’d you leave last night? I thought you were staying?” He quizzed me.
“You seriously came to my work to ask me that? I left because you’re a dick when you’re drunk.”
“Actually, I came to ask if you knew where my Porsche is but I guess that was your getaway vehicle.” He put the pieces together.
“I’ll get you the keys; it’s at my apartment though. I got the tube here.” I went over to my locker and found the keys in my bag.
“Thanks, have you been crying?” He rubbed his thumb over my bottom eyelid, which was obviously still red.
“Like I said, you’re a dick when you’re drunk. Can I get back to work now?” I started to get impatient, knowing that Sarah is probably timing me right now.
“I’m sorry for whatever I said or did, I’ll see you soon okay?” He leant down and kissed me. I nodded and we left the staffroom. I went back to cleaning tables and Harry left. I prefer sober Harry so much more than drunken Harry. Some people are giggly drunks, some are honest drunks and some are jerk drunks. He’s a jerk when he’s drunk. I finished cleaning all the tables and put the cleaning supplies away. Doors were opened at precisely 9am and it was quite busy up until 10 and then it died down again. We served the only people in there and then it was empty. I went and got my phone, seeing 3 texts.
From: Lauren
Just thought I’d let you know that Mum has been in contact with me and is taking Ben back x
From: Harry
I’m really sorry. I hate knowing that I made you cry xx
From: Harry
Let me make it up to you tonight baby?x
I replied to Lauren immediately.
To: Lauren
What? You’re letting that bitch take him back?
To: Harry
I’m working until 10.
After that, I put my phone away and went back out. I sat at the bar and talked to John for a while before 2 girls and 2 boys entered the restaurant. I saw one of them pointing at me and I sighed, some more fans of Harry’s that hate me? I got up, being the only waitress who was actually around right now and walked over to them.
“Table for 4?” I picked up 4 menus.
“Yes please,” The girl in front smiled and I was shocked that she didn’t refuse to be served by me. I led them over to a table and gave them their menus.
“Can I take your drinks order?” I got my notepad out.
“I’ll have a coke please,”
“Yeah, I’ll have lemonade too.”
“Can I have just water please?” They all told me which drinks they wanted.
“Coming right up,” I smiled at them and went over to the bar telling John.
“They know who you are kiddo.” John tilted his head in their direction and I looked over to see them all looking at me and talking.
“The joys of having a famous boyfriend for you John,” I smirked and picked up a tray to put their drinks on. He put them onto it and I took them over to the customers. They all looked around 16.
“Thank you.” They said as I placed their drinks in front of them.
“Are you ready to order?” I asked and they nodded. I took their orders and just as I was about to walk off, one of them called me back.
“You’re Harry Styles’ girlfriend right?” One of the guys checked.
“Yeah,” I nodded and they nodded too.
“I’m sorry for all the hate you get being his girlfriend. I bet it’s horrible.” One of the girls joined in.
“It’s not amazing but I try not to let it affect me.” I smiled and walked off. The rest of my day went smoothly and as I walked out of the restaurant at 10, Harry was standing against his Range Rover.
“Ready to go princess?” He twisted his keys around his finger.
“Go where?” I asked walking over to him and pecking his lips quickly.
“Tower Bridge,” He grinned, wrapping an arm around my waist.
“I’m not exactly dressed to go anywhere.” I looked down at my uniform.
“You look gorgeous, get in.” He kissed my cheek and opened the car door for me. I got in and took my hair down, shaking it out. He got into the car and started driving to Tower Bridge. We got there and he parked in a random car park and got out of the car, coming to open the door for me. I got out and he went to the boot of his car and took out a hoodie, one of his hoodies to be precise. “Put this on, it’s going to be cold up there.” He pulled it over my head and shut his boot. He locked the car and took my hand, walking out of the car park. “What did I say or do?” He asked as we walked towards the amazing lit up bridge hand in hand.
“It doesn’t matter.” I shook my head and he stopped, turning to me and taking hold of my other hand as well.
“It does if it upset you. I’ve been beating myself up about it all day, but I don’t even know what it is.” He kissed my forehead.
“Honestly Harry, it doesn’t matter. You were drunk; you didn’t know what you were saying.” I looked into his eyes.
“I’m sorry anyway. I promise that I won’t make you go out again.” He said and let go of one of my hands, continuing to walk towards the bridge. We got onto it and walked to an office thing on the side. Harry walked straight through, nodding his head at the man at the desk and walked towards an elevator. It went up and we got out in some strange dark room. A video was running but Harry walked through there and into a tunnel, the top of Tower Bridge, where you could see all the way down the Thames which looked beautiful at this time of night.
“The London Eye was too cliché so I decided to do this instead. Do you like it?” He stood behind me, arms wrapped around my waist and his head on my shoulder.
“It’s amazing Harry, thank you.” I turned to him and kissed him before turning back and looking at the incredible view.


I know I know, it's been almost a month but it's been such a busy month for me and has flown by so quickly. Also, I wanted to see how long I could go without updating and having no one bug me but someone has started to bug me on kik so here's your update. I apologise if I don't update again in a while but I have so much going on and I'm preparing for my GCSE's at the moment so I'm really trying to focus on my school work and not really thinking about this story but I think I've got a plot coming up that I think you'll really love.

I decided to give this chapter a cute ending, I hope you liked it. Please comment your opinions because at the moment the comments look like I only have 1 reader!

Twitter: onedirectiontjk
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