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My Saviour

Chapter 10

-1 month later-
Finally I get to leave this place. I still have to come back to see if I can get back to walking and stuff again but until then I have a wheelchair. They found out that I’m not paralysed and should be able to walk again soon. I’ve been getting to know Harry a bit and he seems like a really nice guy. I’m really grateful that he’s letting me stay with him. My ribs are repaired now and it’s just my arm to heal. I noticed the stab wounds a few weeks ago. Lauren never told me about them but I think it was just to protect me really. I’ve been getting these nightmares, I’m not sure if they’re reality or just something that I have made up in my imagination but I hate them. They’re the worst. They’re all images of my father beating me and things like that, it’s horrible.
“Hey, are you feeling alright?” Harry asked.
“Yeah,” I tried to smile.
“I’m gonna pick you up okay?” He said. I nodded and he lifted me into the car.
“Thanks.” I smiled when he put me down. I put my seatbelt on and Harry sorted everything out and got into the driver’s seat.
“It might be a little while until you can drive again.” He sighed.
“Oh well.” I said and he started driving to his house. He turned the radio on and we listened to it pretty much all the way home. I noticed him trying to avoid going down my road. “Go down there. I don’t care.” I assured him. He looked at me studying my face and then pulled down it anyway. He drove by my house and it was all taped up and there were police coming in and out of it. I didn’t die, why are they doing this?
“It’s an attempted murder case.” Harry answered my thoughts. “You were in hospital for weeks Kylie. They started this the day you came in and they’re still collecting evidence. It was bad. It’s not going to be ready to go back to for ages yet. They’re collecting every piece of evidence that they can find so that when they find your dad they can charge him. He assaulted his own daughter, that’s just low.” Harry said quietly. His hands were gripping onto the steering wheel so much that his knuckles were going white. Why does he care so much? He knew me for a day and from what I know I ignored him the whole day. The nurses told me that when I flat lined a few minutes after waking up that I lost all of my memory of the last few days before the incident and that it was probably better for me that way because I wouldn’t remember how all of this happened. No one knows anymore apart from my dad.
He killed me inside. I literally have no feelings anymore. People keep saying that it will get better but it makes me want to scream. I hate it. I hate all of this. I hate that I stayed out late and got drunk when I knew that Dad would get mad. I hate that I ran and put Ben in danger. I hate that I couldn’t protect myself against my dad. I hate that Ben is getting bullied for this. I hate that my dad got away. I hate that Harry feels like I’m his responsibility and that he can’t do anything else anymore. But most of all, I hate myself. The way I look. My red hair is a mess; the bags under my eyes probably give away about my nightmares, the scars on my arms make me look inhuman. I hate all of this. I almost wish that I would have died in that hospital or that no one would have saved me and that I bled to death. The only thing that stops me from thinking that is Ben and Lauren. They’re all I’ve got left, oh and Imi. They’ve all been there all the way. And Harry too, I wish he didn’t take this on. I wish he didn’t blame himself.
I heard the sound of Harry’s seatbelt undo and his door open and close again just as fast. I opened my door and undid my seatbelt and Harry lifted me out of the car again and up the path. I want to be able to walk. I hate this. I hate not being independent. It’s all I’ve ever been. Lauren says I’ve changed now. She says I used to be happy and carefree but now I worry too much and never have a smile on my face. Harry unlocked the door and walked in placing me on the couch gently. I looked around. Wow his house is big. How does he afford this? He’s what? 20?
“Kylie!!” Ben ran to me engulfing me in a hug.
“Hey,” I said, meaning to sound happy but it came out as more of a sigh. He pulled away and frowned.
“What’s the matter?” He questioned.
“I’m fine Ben. Stop worrying about me.”
“I’m gonna go and see some of my mates, Lauren’s here so I’ll see you later okay?” Harry picked up his keys again. I nodded and he left the house and Ben turned on the TV and started to watch. I got my phone out of my pocket and started going through Tumblr. I’ve missed so much.
Harry’s P.O.V
I walked out of the house and down the path. I got into my car and drove to the bar where I was meeting Niall. I turned the radio off as a song that I hate came on. I got to the bar just as Niall was pulling up.
“Aye aye, haven’t seen you in a while.” He came over to my car.
“Yeah, well you know why and I don’t want to talk about it.” I said getting out and shutting the door.
“How is she?”
“Shit. She can’t walk and she’s blaming herself for all of this. She was saying some of her thoughts out loud earlier and one of them was that she wishes she just died in hospital.” I said running a hand through my hair. We went into the bar and ordered two beers and sat down in a booth. We were talking about god knows what when Niall stopped talking and stared at the door. “What?” I said turning around to see what he was looking at. “Shit.” I cursed as I saw the person I really didn’t want to see right now. Olivia. “I’m really not in the mood to face her right now.” I turned back to Niall.
“You might have to. She’s coming over.” He looked down at his beer. I cursed under my breath and she walked over with Shannon.
“Long time no see.” She said.
“I’ve been busy okay?” I spat. She sat down next to me and Shannon next to Niall.
“Doing what?” She questioned playing with my hands.
“Nothing that concerns you,” I told her looking away.
“Well Harry, if you hadn’t left me for one night stands, maybe you would actually have something good to do.” She winked. Olivia is my ex-girlfriend. We were together for a few months before she dumped me because I cheated on her. I took another sip of my beer and looked over at Niall who was in conversation with Shannon. I sat and talked to Liv for a bit, what harm could it do? “Do you want to come back to my place?” She whispered in my ear, her hot breath hitting my neck. I might be a tiny bit drunk right now so I agreed. We stood up and Niall looked at me. We left the bar and got into her car, she’ll bring me back to get my car tomorrow. We drove to her apartment with nothing said between us. She got out of the car and I followed after her up to her place. We got there and she unlocked the door and walked in. I went in after and she shut the door. I couldn’t resist her anymore so I slammed her up against it, kissing her. Her lips felt so right against mine, like they belonged there. She wrapped her legs around my torso and we continued to make out. I don’t know why, but I feel like I’m forgetting something.


Kylie! You're forgetting Kylie you idiot!

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Loved this story! Good job. <3 :)

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Unfortunately yes, it will be up within the next half hour x

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I hope that bastard gets locked up forever!

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What?!?!?! Final already!

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Can't wait to see what you have in store for us next! :D

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