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Crossing Paths (Niall Horan and Harry Styles fan fiction)

Disney Land part two

Tiffany's POV

We walked around the parks going to souvenir shops and from ride to ride. Being famous really has its perks like no waiting in line at rides. I did feel bad for the people that where waiting but the security said that we needed to get them in and out of the ride to cause the least amount of attention. We had drown quite a crowd and people where following us. I was glad security was here to keep them a safe distance away. We rode a few more rides while Harry tried to stall us best as possible because he didn't like the roller coaster rides and just waited out in front for us.

"Come on Harry." The boys all said in unison as we stood outside Tower of Terror.

"Nope, I'm not going on it." Harry said stubbornly.

"But its not even a roller coaster." Liam said

"I just feel like I ate to much." We all stared at him he had made up an excuse for every ride he didn't want to go on. It was true when we went on a ride he stayed behind on he would just eat while waiting he must have been stuffed.

"Just this one and you we won't have you do any that you don't want to." Miranda said trying to reason with Harry.

"Yea you'll love this ride it's one of my favorites and I used to hate amusement park rides." I said trying to comfort Harry.

"Fine." Is all he said while we walked into the ride.

"So... what did you think?" Niki asked as we left the ride. We waited impatiently for Harry to answer.

"It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be." He said slowly. I let out a smile happy that he enjoyed the ride.

"I knew you would like it. Does that mean you'll go on the next ride with us?" Mel asked Harry. They hadn't left each others sides this whole time.

"We'll see." Harry said smirking at Mel. We all sighed at the constant flirting that was staring to get annoying. They laughed a little at us before walking on.

We spent the rest of the day just having a good time and enjoying the day. I had to admit today was a good day Jacob and the guys didn't really talk much but I think it was fun for Jacob. I got to spend a lot of time with Jacob and Niall. It was better then I had expected it to be with Jacob and Niall there. I didn't know why I was so nerves I was just to Disney Land with two of my friends there was nothing going on between us so why would I have worried. I turned to Niall who was already staring at me. "What?" I asked him.

"Oh nothing" He said turning away blushing. I saw Jacob watching us and I blushed at the fact that he saw Niall staring at me.

We drove back home after dropping the boys off at there place. I sat on my bed and turned the TV on while Jacob sat next to me. "Niall, he likes you." he said quickly interrupting our show.

I turned to face him not understanding what he had just said. "What?" I asked completely lost.

"I saw him the entire time we where there he couldn't take his eyes off of you. His eyes light up when you come around him. And he's just happy when your around." Jacob explained taking his eyes of mine and to the ground.

"That's crazy I've known him for like three days trust me he could have any girl in the world he doesn't like me." I said focusing back on the TV there was no way Niall actually had feeling for me. I couldn't deny that I felt something when he was around but that was me not him.

"But your different then other girls Tiff." He began to say our eyes meeting each others. "You have a way of making anyone feel as if they are important needed. You just make people happy and I've never seen anything like it the way you light up a room your presence alone. And your are so passionate about acting I've noticed it since I first meet you back when you where a freshman. You brought so much emotion in to every word you spoke. You could bring people to tears and make them crack up all in on line. It's so amazing to watch, I have tried everyday of my career to act with that much emotion but I will never be able to do it like you can Tiff. Niall maybe able to have any girl he wants, but he knew when he meet you that you where different." Jacob finished. I stared at him shocked. I was at a loss for words. I didn't know what this was a about, was it about my acting, or Niall and me, or was it about Jacobs feelings towards me?

"Jacob." was all I was able to get out before he stopped me.

"Niall is a good guy he's smart for realizing how good you are. I have to go its getting late." He said standing up and leaning in to kiss me on the cheek. "Night Tiff." He said while closing my door leaving me in my room all alone.

"Night Jacob." I muttered under my breath even though he had probably already left at this point. No one had ever said anything that nice to me before Was it bad that all I wanted to do right know was run after Jacob and kiss him?


Update 2/2 last one for the night. Hope you liked this chapter its my favorite so far night guys I'll post soon. Thank you everyone you has read, comment, and sunscribed to my story I love hearing from you. :)


Hey sorry its been so long I cant access my original account because i signed in through tumblr and I deleted that tumblr so now i don't know how to get back in my old account I'm really sad but i wont give up on getting myold account back thank you so much for reading. check out my temporary account I'll be posting on there for the time beeing.
xxfreedreamsxx xxfreedreamsxx
Please update!!!! This is such a great story :)
Please update soon! I love it!
niauhlur niauhlur
Thank you, your comment made my day. And don't worry I'll keep updating. :)
freedreams freedreams
Update soon this is amazing!
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