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Crossing Paths (Niall Horan and Harry Styles fan fiction)

So it's a date? Part one.

Tiffany's POV

I woke up 10:00 Friday morning I didn't have class or filming so it was a free day for me. Miranda had already left for class already and Melissa was on the couch watching TV. "You and Niall were getting cozy last night." She said to me with a wink.

"Way to make it sound way more inappropriate than it was, I fell asleep on him by accident." I said trying to clerify thing.

"He didnt look like he mind you falling asleep on him." She responded making me blush. My phone vibrated and I picked it up read a text from Niall.

Text from Niall: Hey Tiffany I got the day off I'm gonna pick you up in hour ok?

Text frim Tiffany:Where are we going

Text from Niall:Its a surprise ;).

"Text from Niall?" Mel asked me.

"Maybe, maybe not." I said smiling at Mel.

"Really cause I know you don't smile at my text like that." I realized I was smiling while reading it. I went up to my room to change for when Niall picks me up. I put on a long blue skirt and pulled it up to my white crop top. then some pink sandals and a blue purse. I left my make up simple with a light pinkish eye shadow and simple pink lips. http://www.polyvore.com/its_surpirse/set?id=69502643

I heard the doorbell ring and I filled with excitement that I was gonna see Niall again even though it wasn't that long since I saw him last. "Tiff you boyfriend is here." Mel yelled at me from down stairs. I laughed at here comment and ran down stairs smiling feeling a little nerves.

"Hi." Niall said to me he was wearing a blue polo and tan pants.

"Hi." I smiled at him.

"Okay well I'm gonna have to give you two a talk before you go on your date." Mel started to say i stopped before could say anything else. I blushed a little when she said date Niall never said it was a date so I didn't know what to expect.

"Okay thanks Mel but that's enough bye!" I said quickly before she embarrassed me anymore

"Okay bye guys have fun, but not to much! And use protection!" She yelled out to us. I kindly flipped her off while walking away. Niall laughed at us and placed his hand on my back.


Hey sorry its been so long I cant access my original account because i signed in through tumblr and I deleted that tumblr so now i don't know how to get back in my old account I'm really sad but i wont give up on getting myold account back thank you so much for reading. check out my temporary account I'll be posting on there for the time beeing.
xxfreedreamsxx xxfreedreamsxx
Please update!!!! This is such a great story :)
Please update soon! I love it!
niauhlur niauhlur
Thank you, your comment made my day. And don't worry I'll keep updating. :)
freedreams freedreams
Update soon this is amazing!
Mrs. Payne Mrs. Payne