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Crossing Paths (Niall Horan and Harry Styles fan fiction)

Normal day at the studio?

Tiffany's POV
My alarm goes off at 4:00 AM I smile in bed dispite how early it is.I have been so happy ever sence I ditched cold rainy Portland, Oregon for sunny Los Angeles,California. I came here for college at AMDA it had been my dream ever sence I was little to become an actress, I was having some sucsess im Portland people knew my name but i wasnt a superstar.I went through my morning routine I took a shower and put my long dark brown hair up in a messy bun. I put on pulled on light blue jeans with a few ripes in them on then put on an old ac/dc shirt and a blue superman sweatshirt on top of that. I added a cross ring and black ray-bans to top it off.http://www.polyvore.com/going_to_studio/set?id=69366066. It was 5:30 by the time I was done I grabbed my brown Uggs and comic book backpack and head to the studio to film. I got in my car and kiss you started playing by my favorite band One Direction. I don't have a favorite member but I always had a bit of a soft spot for Niall I mean those eyes who could resist. I got so excited when ever I hear One Direction on the radio I don't know why I listened to them all the time it was just so exciting when they where on the radio.

I pulled up to the studio at 6:00 we did some takes and then took a lunch break. I sat down with some of my co-star Niki and we talked for awhile. "Tiff will you get me some soda pleeaassee" She batted her eyelashes at me and I laughed at her and got up to go to the kitchen.I grabbed the soda and turned around and saw five guys standing a few feet away from me. I stood there frozen starring at the guys who stood only a few feet away. One of them with curly hair noticed me and smiled. I don't know what happened but I'm pretty sure everything in side me melted. He winked at me and turned back around, I'm not sure how im even standing right now. I stood just starring mouth open unable to move or speak. Then the curly haired boy walked up to me with a blond one following him. "Hi I'm Harry" he laughed slightly probably at the dumb look on my face. "And I'm Niall" the other one said smiling. Oh their smiles were so perfect they where so perfect. I opened my mouth as if to say hold on but no words came out of my mouth, so instead I held up my finger to say one minute. I started to back up slowly smiling goofy at them then turned around and ran into the room were I left Niki. "THE BRITISH ARE COMING THE BRITISH ARE COMING!" Everyone in the room was no staring at me and I blushed slightly. Niki come over to me looking at me as if I was insane. "What are you on?" she asked me I probably did look like I was on drugs and tried to calm down. "Brit- I saw- they- winked-" I couldn't get any word out of my mouth. "OH MY GOD ONE DIRECTION" "YES YES THAT'S IT" I said she was pointed at something passed me I turned around and saw One Direction standing their staring at us then all at once they burst out laughing.

I pretty sure I turned every shade of red. "Oh its okay love" Harry put his arm around my shoulder which of course only made me turn more red if it was possible. Niki was very shocked but was doing better than I did. We eventually sat back down and continued to eat and the boys sat down with us. I sat down with Niall to my right and Harry to the left, Niki was next to Harry, Louis was next to Niki, then Liam and Zayn (it was a circular table). We all laughed and joked around eventually everyone broke into separate conversations. I continued to eat when I looked up at Niall and caught him starring at me he blushed and looked away. "So how come your here, that is in the studio." I asked Niall awkwardly, he my smiled at my nervesness earning a blush from me. "Oh we just came to LA and we just getting a tour of the studio we all wanted to see movie stars in action" Niall explained. "Oh getting the full Hollywood experience" I said he laughed a little at my comment. "Yea so do you live down here" he asked "Yea I go to college at AMDA" "Oh yea, I love it here its always so sunny" "I know it is its great I moved from Oregon and its so cold and rainy I mean I love it there but its a nice change."

We talked a little while longer and just had a good time eventually I had to go back filming and they had to go we started walking back out of the cafeteria when Niall stopped me. "Hey Tiffany we should hangout soon or something I don't want to just leave and never see each other again you know."

"Yea we should" I blushed and looked down. Stop it Tiff it's nothing he probably just wants to be friends yea friends that it. I gave him my number and he hugged me bye, I watched as his figure untill I couldn't see him any longer.


Ok so this is my first fan fiction I also posted this to my wattpad. Please leave helpfull comment thanks guys I'll post soon :).


Hey sorry its been so long I cant access my original account because i signed in through tumblr and I deleted that tumblr so now i don't know how to get back in my old account I'm really sad but i wont give up on getting myold account back thank you so much for reading. check out my temporary account I'll be posting on there for the time beeing.
xxfreedreamsxx xxfreedreamsxx
Please update!!!! This is such a great story :)
Please update soon! I love it!
niauhlur niauhlur
Thank you, your comment made my day. And don't worry I'll keep updating. :)
freedreams freedreams
Update soon this is amazing!
Mrs. Payne Mrs. Payne