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Could This Be Love?

Chapter Eighteen

He spun me around and hugged me. Right as he let go, a massive group of girls flooded the beach. They were screaming, crying, and flashing photos of us. I was actually kind of scared! I had never seen anything like this in person. They all wanted pictures with Harry. Luckily, Audrey and Niall were further down the beach. A few girls asked for me to be in a picture, and I thought that was really sweet. When the crowd died down, there was one small group of girls. They all were really pretty and looked about sixteen or seventeen years old. They flirted with Harry and crowded so close to him that I got pushed away. "Well I guess that's what we Directioners do..." I thought. I walked towards the ocean and sat down in the sand. I noticed a little girl who looked about eight or nine. She sat down beside me and said,"Hi. I'm Alicia," with a big grin. "Hello!" I answered with a smile. "I think that you and Harry are the CUTEST couple in the world!" she said. I answered,"Aww thank you Alicia! That's so sweet! I'm guessing you like One Direction a lot?" "Oh mygoodness YES! And I reeeeally like Niall! Him and Audrey are really cute together! I wish I could meet him soo bad," she said. I said,"He's right over there with Audrey," as I pointed towards them. "Oh.my.gosh. I HAVE to meet him! Bye! Thank you SO much," she said. She hopped up quickly and ran towards Niall and Audrey.


Sorry I haven't updated lately.. I had surgery last week, but I promise I'll write more now that I'm back on. Thanks everybody :)
update soon!!!!!!!
@N.J.H.1292 Thanks so much! I'll update really soon. That's really cool! What city?
This is very good plz update and in from alabama too
Thanks and ur welcome
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