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Fragile And Broken

HI my name is Elena and im 18 years old living in New York city with my parents and sister. Im a broken girl whose heart has been ripped out. Since then i have never allowed myself to fall in love. Sure i've had boyfriends after my hearthrob but i would always break it off before i let anything serious happen. I was too afraid to let someone in and if i did what would happen woould he break me like what i thought he eould ..i just couldnt bring myself to risk it not after the last time not after a whole 3 months of living hell. I had to move on with my life forget my past forget my heartbreak my fallen tear and mostly i had to forget him. But i couldn;t no matter how much i tried i always let Brandon Demit find his way into my dreams and fears. He is the reason for my u all nights my sudden mood changes andall my shedded tears. Iwill always have this fear that he would come back and break me all over again..im afraid that i would fall fo him all over again..afraid that i would forgive him and let him back in ..im just so afraid that he would come back after 2 years and think everything would be alright. But then there is this other part of me that finds myself dreaming about his smile and soft hair the way he laughs holds me tight , the other part of me that wishinhes he would come back on a white horse and beg for forgiveness promise that he was a jerk, a fool promise that he would change and never stop loving me. My emotions are completely mixed up and messed with but NO i wont let it happen again i dont beleive in falling inlove or do i...? It doesnt matter because no matter what i wont let myself fall again. Im stronger now stronger than i have ever been in my entire life and im happy now to and no one i mean no one is gonna change this for me


Ok so this is my second story. I hope you like it dont worry she meets harry very soon please comment i reallly need feedback!!! Is it any goood?? Should i continue writing or does it make no sense. I really need some advice !! What should i do ?? Givee me some ideas??


It's great! (: Maybe ... She goes out for her Birthday? I dunno. But I like it!
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