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Listening to Niall

Chapter 27: Crazy man

"Excuse me?" I put my hands on the front desk to get the nurses attention.
"Yes?" She looked up
"Can you please tell me where I can find Mr. Hart? He's not in his room"
"Who are you?" She asked me
"I'm his granddaughter" I say
"I'm sorry, he's been taken to the X-ray room, to have some more tests done" She looked at his file.
"How is he today?" I ask
"Well, he had a hard morning" She gave me a sympathetic look.
"What does that mean?" I ask confusion entered my voice.
"I think it's best you ask your mum" She answered..
"My mum? What does she have to do with this?" Now i'm extremely confused.
"She's with him now isn't she?" The nurse looked at me suspiciously
"OH Lucie? She's my auntie, umm.. Yeah I'll find out from her, thanks"
"So?" Niall asked me
"I think something's wrong" I say, a crease forming in between my eyes
"Call your dad up see what he knows" Niall suggested. I fished out my phone from my back pocket
"Dad? Hi, what happen this morning? Grandpa's not at his bed" I say when he answers his phone
"Hello pumpkin, yeah well grandpa had a little deterioration in his medical condition this morning"
"Is he good now?" I ask full of alarm
"I don't know love, I'm waiting to hear form Luce"
"Ok, I'm going to look for her now"
"Keep me in the loop" My dad said before hanging up.
A few moments later Lucie and grandpa come back.
He has more tubes added to him, and he looked much worse than when we left him this morning.
"Grandpa?" I call him gently
"He can't hear you love, he's heavily sedated" Lucie said rubbing my back
"What happen?" I ask her
"What we knew will happen all along. He's very ill and very old, and this is a terrible illness"
"What are you saying?" My voice is cracking
"Oh sweetie.. It should be a matter of days now" Lucie's eye filled up with tears.
"I don't understand he was fine this morning" Tears were falling down my cheeks. I use my sleeve to wipe the away.
"He is in a lot of pain, they gave him morphine to ease it, we need to see what happens sweetie.. Don't cry" She shifted closer to me. She is telling me not to cry, but tears mixed with black mascara are dripping down her cheeks mirroring my own.
A cry of pain escaped my granddads mouth just then, causing us to run to his side. Niall is keeping to his place at the entrance not knowing what to do.
"Call the nurse" I tell him when more cries of pain come.
"Grandpa! It's ok.. We're here" I say
Niall comes back with the nurse. She takes a look and writes something down in her chart
"There is nothing I can do, it's the cancer.. It's making every move extremely painful" She tell us
"Give him more morphine then" I tell her. What kind of nurse is she? Telling us that she has nothing for his suffering?
"I can't give more" she says
"Well then call the doctor" I say in frustration when my granddad cries out once more.
The nurse ran out to get the doctor.
"Dad.. it's alright... shhh" Lucie tries to sooth him.
When the doctor finally comes, we are all worked up.
"I'll try giving him something more for the pain but I can't guarantee you it will help" The doctor stuck a needle into my granddads Infusion.
That helped a little with his pain but he still called out now and then.

My dad and Lisa came at 19:00 to relieve Lucie.
"Jamie, Lisa and I will take the night shift, so you and Niall should go get some sleep" My dad said.
"Back to the dorms?" I asked, not wanting to leave.
"Why don't you come to grandmas? she's not doing well herself and I'm sure she'll be happy to see you" Lucie smiled at us.
With all the commotion the last day I forgot about my grandmother. She hasn't been to the hospital since she faints just by the smell of the scent.
"Ok, let's go see grandma" I say.
Niall drives us the half hour drive to my grandparent's home. It is raining heavily out, just like the rain in my heart.
"Grandma?" I call when we walk in.
"In here" I hear her weak voice form the sitting area.
I take Niall's hand and lead him there.
"Hi Grandma" I give her a hug. I linger by her side a little longer touching cheek to cheek feeling her soft skin.
"Jamie? Is that you? I'm so happy you're here" She said smiling. My grandma is hard of sight so it is hard for her to make out faces.
"It is! I'm so sorry I haven't called to see how you were" I say. My heart squeezing with pain regretting the way I neglected her
"You're here now, that's all that matters" She said
"Hi mum! Did you eat anything?" Lucie leaned down to kiss her cheek
"No I wasn't hungry" She said
"You need to eat. Let me fix something up for all of us. What do you fancy?"
"Whatever you make I'll eat"
"Grandma, this is Niall my boyfriend" I Introduced him
"Oh you're famous in this home" she signals him to come closer which he did.
"They didn't lie did they? Saying you're a good looking lad" She smiles up at him
"Umm thanks" He said pink patches appeared on his cheeks
"Well don't give out secrets" I say taking hold of Niall's shoulders. I can tell he is out of his element here, not knowing what to do with himself.
"I'm going to help Lucie, Ni do you want me to show you where you can wash and get changed?" I asked knowing he as well hadn't had time to shower today.
"Yeah, that will be great" He said happy to have something to do.
We walk up the stairs and enter one of the three spare rooms, that didn't seem occupied by one of my relatives.
"You can put your things here. The bathroom is just down the hall" I walk him down and put on the light.
"Niall I love you! I'll understand if you want to head back to college and sleep there, you've done enough for me to last me a life time" I say suddenly.
"Well, I was thinking about going back and leaving you to spend some time alone with your family but I'm too tired to drive". He admitted
"Oh baby, take a shower and come down to eat something and I'll set up the bed for you" I tip toe to kiss his lips.
I put some clean sheets on the bed and then go down stairs to see if I can be of any help.
"Come sit with me Jamie" My grandma called
"How is grandpa? Tell me the truth" She says looking deep into my eyes.
"Not good" I sigh not wanting to lie to her. She should know the truth so when the time comes it will be less of a shock.
"He was in so much pain for such a long time, how come the doctor didn't send him for test sooner" She said
"I don't know" I take hold of her hands "Maybe we should look into it" I say.
"I made some pasta" Lucie walked into the room and took the seat beside me.
"Whenever you feel like eating" She told my grandma.
"Where is that good looking boy?" She asked me
"In the shower, he'll come back down when he's ready. Can I set the table then?" I get up
"Sit! I will" My grandma got up from her chair.
"No let me, please" I say holding my hands up to make her sit back down
"Since my children came here I'm not allowed to do a thing! I'm not a cripple! Now move out of my way" She yelled and stormed off to the kitchen.
"WOW" I say looking at Lucie.
"Don't ask" She whispers to me. We both follow the stubborn lady.
"So grandma.. What were you up to these past couple of days?" I asked her, watching as she takes out plates and sets them down on the table.
"Well I worked a little in the garden- when it wasn't raining, I cleaned and washed the windows, and vacuumed the carpets"
"Why would you do the windows when it's raining?" Lucie asked
"Nothing else to do!" She shrugged at her, putting some glass cups on the table too.
"Why are you standing in the entrance?" Niall asked joining us
"To scared to enter" I whisper
"I heard that you monkey! I might not see well, but I hear just fine" My grandma pointed her finger at me
"Oh no! not the finger" Lucie laughed
"She's feisty" Niall joined in on the laughter
"Tell me about it she's 84 and has more strength then me" I shake my head watching her work.
"What are you talking about? I'm 48" she turns to me.
"See?" I smile up at Niall.
"What are you waiting for? The food is getting cold! Sit down" She orders us.
Niall and I sit across from auntie Lucie and my grandma.
"So I've been thinking" My grandma started as we ate "I want to go see your father tomorrow". Lucie and I looked up at her.
"Are you sure that's a good idea?" Lucie put down her fork.
"If I won't go tomorrow I won't see him again" She looked us straight in the eye challenging us to tell her she's wrong.
"She's right Lucie, she should go" I say quietly.
"Mum.. dad isn't doing well" She gave my mum a pained look "You should know he lost a lot of weight and he isn't all that there anymore"
"So better I go tomorrow" My grandma made up her mind.
"I'll come with you" I say getting up to clear the plates.
"Don't you have school?" She asked me
"That can wait. Grandpa comes first" I say determined with my decision.
"I can drive you" Niall got up to collect the glass cups.
"You have school" I say
"So do you! I'll go after I drop you off" He says putting the cups in the sink.
"Did anyone see Josh or Emma?" My grandma asked about my cousins, Lisa's kids.
"No" I said
"They came in the beginning but they had to go back to school" Lucie said
"They did?" I asked knowing they are a long way from here
"That’s what Lisa said".
After washing the dishes I went to take a shower. Tomorrow is going to be one hard day with my grandma at the hospital.
I got out and went back downstairs to find Niall watching a football game with my grandma, explaining the game to her.
"I refuse to watch this" I sit down beside Niall
"Well you can leave then" My grandma said
"Why are you watching this?" I asked her "Like you know anything about football"
"Daniel used to teach me when you people used to visit me" She referred to my brother.
"Come on Ni let's find something else to watch" I grab his hand
"Jamie leave him bee, he did enough for you, let him watch the game" She told me off
"Fine" I say and lay my head on his shoulder.
It's like he didn't even notice the row we just had, his attention is all invested in the game.

"Bye Ni thanks for everything" Lucie hugs him. Niall walked us into the hospital and was just about to drive back to school.
"Go up, I'll be right there" I tell Lucie and my grandma.
I link my hand with Niall's and we start walking back out to the car.
"Hey" I look at him when we stop at the driver's door "Thank you so much for everything you did these past days" I got up on tip toes to kiss his lips, putting my hands on his shoulders.
"I would do it a million times over again" He smiled at me.
"Call me when you get to campus so I'll know you got there safely"
"I will. Don't forget to eat Jamie, and drink" He says knowing how caught up I can get.
He leaned down to kiss me once more and then got into the car. I stood and watch him drive away. When I couldn't see his car anymore, I made my way back inside. It was a weird feeling walking the halls of the hospital without him. I've grown so used to him being beside me, I felt like part of me was missing. Vulnerability washed over me. I stopped at the threshold of my granddads room, knowing I need to pick myself up. I'm strong, I can be strong without Niall by my side too. I was just that when we weren’t together, so why change now?
I walk in to find my grandma sitting by grandpa's side, holding his hand and mumbling soothing words in his ear.
"Hi Jay" My dad got up to kiss my cheek.
"Hi, how are things today?" I ask
"I was really upset to see grandma walk in with auntie Luice! But I must say it was a good idea.. he's been quiet since she walked in"
"What do you mean?"
"Tonight was really hard. He kept crying out in pain.. It was heart breaking because there is nothing we can do about it. But the minute mum sat down and held his hand it's like he knew she was here and went quiet" Lisa said
"He looks peaceful" Lucie added
We stood there watching him and my grandma, little tears gliding down her cheeks as she kept talking to him.
I sat next to her sliding my hand under hers, listening to her stories.
"We're going, mum I'll come back later to take you home" My dad said
We said our goodbyes and were left alone.
My grandma was telling grandpa about the day they met, their first date, their first kiss, first fight. It was hard and fascinating at the same time, even though I've heard most of them before. It's the kind of stories you don't mind hearing over and over again.
After about an hour Lucie took my grandma down to get something to eat. I wanted to stay by grandpa's side so they said they'll bring something up for me.
"I miss you grandpa" I whisper to him "I wish you can stay longer. I wish I spent more time with you this past year and not choose my friends over the family gatherings most of the time. I'm sorry" I reach for his hand, when I close my fingers round his I feel a little squeeze. I look down at our linked hands amazed "I love you grandpa" I say kissing his forehead.
When I let go of his hand he starts yelling out in pain. I'm startled used to the silence in the room. "Grandpa it's ok.. calm down" I say. But that seems to get him to yell out more. I look at his face. HE looks like he's hallucinating, and I run out to call the nurse. When she comes back in she looks at the chart.
"I can give him some morphine if you want" She glances at me.
"If I want? What is this place you're running? Whatever I ask for he'll get? You're supposed to be the nurse you're the expert! You see he's uncomfortable, he's in pain! Do something! Don't ask me what I want" I say my voice getting high pitch in the end. Everything I bottled up these last few days came gushing out at this poor nurse.
"Well maybe morphine then" She said again looking at my granddad.
"Didn't you just look at his chart? Did you see they gave him that yesterday? Does it say in there it didn't help and they gave him something else?" Now I'm shouting with frustration at this person standing in front of me "Don't give him a thing! I want you to go call the doctor" I say, pointing at the door ordering her out.
My grandpa is still yelling out in pain tensing, drops of sweat on his forehead.
"I take his hand again. With my other hand I dub at his face with a towel.
As people pass they stick their heads into the room looking for the source to all the noise.
My memory flashes back to the last time I was sitting by my grandpa's side at the hospital. He was in because they found something wrong with his heart. The bed next to his was occupied by this man. The man was crying out in his sleep yelling crazy things making everyone in the room complain. We nicknamed him crazy man. We didn't show much brilliancy with this name, however, watching people looking in on grandpa, it downs on me- Grandpa became the crazy man this time.


Hi guys! So how is the weekend treating you? Hope you're all having a good time!


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