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Listening to Niall

Chapter 25: Hot topic

"Nothing to see here" I say to the watching people, as Liam and Louis tried to get hold of Harry.
"He's pissed" Louis said trying to hold Harry up. I turn to him and see Harry's eye roll back
"No he isn't" I leave Niall's arm and run over to them as they lay Harry down.
"What did they give him??" I mumbled to myself
"This party is dull let's leave" I hear a girl say. I know that voice! I get to my feet, run and push her to the wall.
"What did you give him?" I shout in her face.
"She's off her trolley get her off me" the girl yelled
"Jay- let her go" Niall tried pulling me back. But I didn't let go of the girl's coat.
"Tell me what you gave him!" I screamed again
"Jamie! What are you on about?" Eleanor came to my side looking gobsmacked.
"She slipped Harry something I know it" I say not letting go.
"Are you sure?" She asked
"Absolutely positive!" I say
"What did you give him?" Niall joined me
"So is it true? Are you shagging both boys then?" The girl mocked me. The crowd went quiet. I looked at Niall and then at the girl.
"Jamie- don't" Niall started to say, but it was too late. I slapped her across the face. Then without looking at her I walked back to where Harry was and helped the boys get him up.
We got him to his flat, his roommates nowhere to be seen.
Liam got him out of his clothes and into sweat pants that were thrown on his bed.
I came in with a cup of water, and sat by his side.
"Drink this" I tell him. I watched him drink and took the cup once he was done.
Liam left us alone.
"Where am I?" Harry slurred his words
"In your bed. Go to sleep, I'll talk to you in the morning" But he was already out cold before I finished. I got him some more water and put it by his bed. As I closed the door to the room Dani walked in.
"Hiya Jamie" He smiled
"Hi. Umm Harry's out. Some girl slipped him something so keep an eye out" I say
"Yeah Liam just gave me a short version."
"Well.. Night" I say and walk out. I can hear the rain falling as I walk down the stairs. Just now I notice my hair is wet. What did I do with El's hat?
As I get to the bottom floor I find Niall sitting there with Eleanor's umbrella and hat in his hands. I sit down on the stairs beside him.
"Narked?" I glance at him
"Old Niall would be… But Niall 2.0 listens first" He said quietly
I kept silent for a moment thinking it threw
"Ni I didn't cheat on you" I say finally
"I know, I know you wouldn't.. It was just.. you were gone for a while and then I came looking for you and find Harry standing over you like that.. I was gutted but then some sense came back to me"
"I'm sorry" I rest my head on his shoulder.
"Don't it's not your fault" He shifted his head resting it on mine.
"How did you know that girl gave him something?"
"Long story? Or short?" I ask
"Full on version of it"
"Well I left to the loo to clear my head from all the commotion round the project and as I was sitting there trying to think things through these girls walk in and are being really loud. So I come to leave but then I hear my name, so I stopped in my place. And they started slagging Harry you and me." I stop there realizing I gave out information I don't want to explain
"Go on" Niall nudged me to continue
"I couldn't leave without facing them. So I stayed in the stall waiting them out. Then suddenly Harry walked in and the girls got all flirty with him.. I could hear he wasn't aware of what was really going on. Anyway that girl pulled him out. I waited a moment or two before leaving to give them time to get far away and as I leave I find Harry standing there and he was acting all weird"
"I still don't understand how you knew"
"Because only when he got up close to me I could smell the alcohol on his breath and when Louie said he was pissed that didn't sound right since if he was I would have smelled it before he got that close… I just had a feeling it was her"
"Well she did admit it. Said she was just winding things up for fun"
"Harry would never-"
"I know" Niall cuts me off
I looped my arm with Niall's entwining our finger together. I'm grateful that he's back to himself and not tensing to my touch like before.
"He does fancy you though.. you know that right?" Niall said after a long silence.
"But it doesn't matter" I say shifting my head so I can look into his eyes "I love you! It will always be you" I touch the crease between his eyes lightly.
"Good" he looked back at me his eyes sparkling. I smile watching as the crease fades and disappeared. He leaned in for a kiss. His lips are soft as always. His familiar sent is a mixture of his aftershave, softener and smoke that stuck to him from the club. He moves his lips to my forehead and leaves them there.
"Ni" my eyes are closed
"Mmm" he gives my forehead one last kiss and moves back to look at me.
"If you know Harry fancies me why do you keep pushing me to hang out with him?"
"He's a nice lad and a good guy. You need friends like that. And I'm secure in our relationship to trust you"
I couldn't believe my ears. I kissed him again since I couldn't come up with anything better to answer with to his last remark.
"Let's go its cold here" I say a shiver runs down my spine. We get up, Niall opened the umbrella and handed me the hat. I put it on and smile at him. He pulls the hat further down my scalp so it will cover my head better. Then he took my hand in his and made room for me under the umbrella.
"Let's go out tomorrow" Niall said as we neared my dorm.
"Out as?"
"As a date you and I. only us.. Spend some time out of campus" he smiles down at me
"Yes! I'd love that!" I lean into him, my hands resting on his chest, one of his hands hugging my waist as the other still holds the umbrella. We said our goodbyes and parted ways, me climbing up the stairs and him turning and walking back to his flat. As I near the door I stop and take a deep breath knowing what awaits me behind the door.
I push it open and walk in. Eleanor is sitting on a chair while Louis is standing beside her.
"You're good?" He asked. I just nodded knowing the many questions flooding their brains.
"I'm gonna go.. let you two talk things though" he leaned to kiss Eleanor goodnight.
"Goodnight love" he kissed my cheek as he passed me to the door.
"Ok.. Jay, let it all out. Tell me everything" Eleanor said when Louis closed the door.
"I will, but first let's get washed and under the warm covers" I take off the hat.
"I'm ready for bed so I'll wait for you" She said getting up.
As I took my second shower of the day to wash of my skin the marks from the night out I do a quick assessment in my head. I'm ok. Niall is ok, it seems like once I tell El everything I kept from her she'll be ok too. So the only damage done is me slapping that girl and what happen with Harry.
I have a feeling that things with Harry can be fixed, and I couldn't care less about that girl so as long as my friends are by my side I am good.

"You're ready?" I ask as I crawl into bed beside El.
"Tell me everything from the beginning"
"Ok here it goes"
I tell her about the looks I get from Harry and the small remarks. I tell her about what he said at the trail when the stalker got hold of me. I told her about Justin thinking I'm Harry's girlfriend and about what I heard the girls say in the bathrooms. I tell her about my talk with Niall and how he was fine with everything.
"Haaa… Jamie" Eleanor sighed when I was done "Why did you bottle this all up? You should have told me everything when it started.. What happened? We tell each other everything"
"I know… Don't hate me.. It's just I had a difficult couple of weeks and I feel like I'm struggling to keep my head up and it's just stupid"
"OH sweetie! But that's why you should have said something and not act as if all is ok, that's what friends are for to pull you through things like this" She hugged me
"I know, I know… So you're not mad at me?" I ask
"No love! Never, but next time talk to me"

The class room is dark as Mr. Lerner plays a film about the designer 'Ingo maurer'. Mia is sleeping beside me. Her head tucked between her arms on the table. Most of the class is fascinated with the movie so no one is paying much attention to what is going on in the back.
"Jamie I heard you were quite a catch last night" Ariel and her snarky comments.
I was trying my best to ignore her and keep my attention on what is shown on the screen.
"So did he brake up with you?" She asked a little louder. Some heads turned to look at us. I was struggling to keep calm and not show her that her words struck a nerve.
"Will Harry still want you as leftovers?" She asked.
My eyes are on the screen but I don't see a thing. It's as if they have a thin layer of rapper over them which is making it difficult to see. That's when I realize I'm tearing. I wipe at them before someone notices. My movement wakes Mia up. "What is it?" She asks
"Just Ariel" I say. She turns to have a look and Ariel gives her a little wave of her fingers.
"Bitch" Mia says.
"Maybe, but at least I don't go round slapping people". That remark got the attention of most of the class.
"What is going on back there?" Mr. Lerner asked
"Ariel is making it difficult for us to watch the film" Sam spoke up. I looked at him and he winked.
"Ariel why don't you come sit here" The teacher pointed to the chair next to him.
Sometimes it feels as if we are still in nursing school but I'm thankful of the fact that she won't be close enough to whisper mean comments.
Just as Mr. Lerner started up the film once more, the class door opened.
"Hi, I'm sorry to interrupt but Jamie Hart is wanted at the Dean's office" Harry smiled at the class.
"Well, off you go then" Mr. Lerner dismissed me. I collect my things while the class' eyes move from me to Harry and over again.
I walk out of class, Harry at my heel.
"You aren't really called to the dean" He said falling in step beside me.
"I had a feeling I wasn't" I say. I stop in front of an empty class and walk in. When Harry enters after me I shut the door and look at him.
"Jamie I'm sorry" He said
"Don't be it wasn't your fault"
"Yeah but still, I should have never taking a drink from that girl" He looked down at me.
"Don't be a twit, how would you know she'd put something in it? It happens to girls not boys" I said feeling bad for him
"Well I wanted to thank you for making sure I was safe and well last night and see that we're good" He smiled
"We are" I smiled back
"Well.. Class is almost over and the sun is out for now so everyone is going to be out on the grass" He looked at me
"So what are you waiting for? Let's go" I pull his hand and we walk outside
"Ignore the staring Jay" Harry said. As we walked people were pointing and whispering.
"It must be because of you Harry I barely know people, how does it feel being such a celebrity?" I ask him
"Put a sock in it" He shoved me playfully.
I texted Niall and El letting them know where we were. Soon after, the whole clique joined us on the grass.
"So everyone was talking today about Harry being drugged" Perrie said.
"I know! That is the only thing people are talking about, no matter where I go.. Class, hallway, bathroom" Eleanor said while trying to put her jumper on. Louis leaned over to help her.
"That's funny the only thing I heard about today was how Jamie slapped that girl" Liam chuckled
"Yeah! I walk into class and someone asked me if I know you and if I saw what happen" Zayn said mouth full of food.
"Don't eat with food in your mouth! It's not polite" Louis told him "But it is true you two are the hot topic today"
"Hunky- dory" I sigh. I like my low profile in school, I didn't need to get noticed.
"Someone asked Niall if you give him boxing lessons" Liam said making everyone laugh
"Are you winding me up?" I look at him amazed
"No it's true" Niall said "So I punched him and asked if you taught me well"
"No way" Eleanor, Perrie and I said at the same time.
The boys were going on about their funny morning making us giggle.
"Is that your phone vibrating?" Niall asked
"Oh yeah" I take the phone that was thrown on the grass by Niall's thigh and answer it.
"Hi mum" I smile
"Jamie sweetie" It sounded to me like she is crying
"Mum?" I ask despair in my voice. My mum usually sounds cheery when she calls me.
"Mum what's wrong?" I repeat myself. My friends stopped talking and looked at me with alarm.
"Pumpkin I'm afraid I have some bad news"


Hi guys! hope your enjoying the story!
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I LOVED THE ENDING.... but haz is still alone... oh well

Yassss they kissed! :) i cant stop smiling!

I an so happy

I think her and hazza should be together

They have to get back together :'(((

I just got my friend hooked and so she can tell me :D
But they really have to stay together if they don't I will cry and never stop