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Stupid Bieber

Louis Pov
I get in the car crying so hard that even people can hear through the car windows. I refused to drive, so Harry's driving right now. All of us are crying our butts off. How could this happen? WHY?! Just why....

kaylas Pov
the strange man is still driving after like 30 minutes! Like hurry up old guy, and take me home! My face is tear-stained, and I feel my eyes grow heavy with water. I start crying and the guy hears me. "P-please don-t-t hurt me" I cry ou through my tears. "I wouldn't dream of it" he said. My eyes fills with anger.
"Then why the fuck did you take me?!" I scream at him jumping at him,in the frot seat, causing him to pull over quickly. I start throwing pinches at him, though he is stronger,than me. He grands my wrist, and now that his mask is off, I can see his face. Oh.My.Fucking.God. Justin Bieber?
my eyes grew wide. "Justin Bieber?" He chuckles at what I said to him. "Now, now. No autographs!" He said wih chuckles between his words. "I don't want a fucking autograph you dick head!!" I scream and charge towards him again, but he gets out the car. I get out too, because he didn't lock my doors...heehee ;) Escape time! So since I was looking through the windows the whole time, I remember which way we were coming from, so I take a quick glance at him, and run like there's no tommorow! I start losing my breath after running a whole block and then feel hands around my waist pulling me close to him. "Fuck You bieber!" I shout. He smirks at me when I look at him with angry eyes. "Now, she told me if ou try and escape that you would have to be punished." He had lust in his eyes, as he looked me up and down. "I have a boyfriend dickhead!" I snap. "Do I look like I care?" He shoves me back in the car; and we are both in the back seat. "Don't be scared" he whispered on my neck. His hot breath sent shivers down my spine. "Please no". I say with sadness filling inside of me.
he ignores me and starts to kiss my neck roughly and nipping at it, causing me to moan. He chuckled. "Stop it! I said i have a framing boyfriend!!!" I shout. I can't let him take advantage of me. He ignores again and makes me straddle his lap. I look away in disgust. "I'm not doin this" I tell him. "Yes you are, you have to listen to me now" he shouts at me. I hate Justin bieber and always did. Before I could say anything I feel my shirt lifted off my body. Justin looks at my red laced bra, but doesn't take it off. He gives me kisses starting from my lips to my stomach. "S-stop" I whisper causing to squeeze my bum, making my whince. Justin shakes his head and orders me to stand up. "Stand up and take off your jeans. Now" he demands. Seriously? He thinks I'm going to obey him? Wait! You know what? I'll be the one in charge and just play along, and maybe he will set me free! Woop! I smile to myself and nod as I strip my jeans and straddle his lap. He looks shocked but then he chuckles to himself, but then squeezes my bum once more. I strip off his shirt, you know for the plan. And I look at his chest. Woah. He's got a 6 pack! I moan at the sight of his body, and pull him so he's straddling me. "Woah" he says, "like what your seeing?" I nod eagerly (not) and pull him close and kiss him roughly as he did to me. He puts a hand on my boob (A/N I laughed while writing this part!) and squeezes it. I moan loudly and he does the same.He starts bouncing up and down on me causing me to snap out of it. "No stop!" He chuckles at me. "Remember do as I say?" I roll my eyes as he continues. This feels right, but is so wrong! I miss Louis so badly! Justin Beiver..(haha) starts taking off his pants leaving him in his boxers. I gasp and try to push away but he's too strong. What a punishment huh? Stupid. Just play along Kayla! Anywho, he straddles me again and the feeling off him on me makes me moan. He starts bouncing up an down, again making me moan louder. "Juusstinn," I moan. Good thing his boxers are not off!!!!! PHEW. This isn't right but it could be worse if I disobey or whatever. He rolls his head back as my nails dog into his back. "Ooh Kayla! I'm so close" he moans. This. Is . Freaky. But I'm lucky he's almost done; but he goes faster and harder. I scream his name so many fucking times, and I'm now annoyed, and want this to be over with. Finally, he's done with me. "Some kind of punishment," I mumble. He shoots a glare at me and I realize its now night time. God damn, how long have we been doin this?! Justin puts his clothes on as I do the same and sit back in my seat. If I try and escape, god knows what he will do to me. I had sex with Justin fucking bieber!! Ugh!!!!


STEA-MEH! Oh my gosh! What happened with Her? That was awkward.


@Saige lindahl
I'm trying

I will try and thanks :)

Carissa Carissa

Hey Carissa! Remember tommo Tomlinson? I'm the one who made this story at first. Um this is my new account. Love the story improvements you did! Sorry I couldn't help out with the story... Update soon!

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