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How I Met Harry Styles.

Chapter 7

Holly's POV

My dad didn't mind me being wet and willingly let me jump into his arms. "I missed you so much!" I sobbed. "I missed you, too, my little blue eyed monster!" My dad said hugging me tighter. My dad and I had a relationship that every girl would want with her father. Even though he was away most of the time, we were still super close. "Dad!" James yelled when he saw Dad standing beside me. I backed away and let them have their moment. "Dadda!" Bruno said running out. "Hey you!" My dad bent down and picked him up with one arm still wrapped around James. I walked over to my Mom and stood beside her. Daddy had tears in his eyes as he looked toward Mom and I. He was crying happily as he opened his arm he had around James and we went running toward him. Arabelle joined in since she was basically part of the family. For once, I was finally whole.

**4 Days Later: Holly's POV**

"Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Holly and Louis! Happy Birthday to you!" Louis and I looked at each other before blowing out the candles. Later we opened presents and I was so thankful for everything I got. I saw James and Bruno out back, so I walked toward them. I told James to be quiet as I was quietly walking toward Bruno. "GOTCHA!" I yelled picking him up and swinging him around. "EEEKKK!" He squealed, then started laughing when he realized it was me. I put him down and smiled at James. This is the first time we've hung out like this, as a family, in months. "RAH!" Bruno yelled grabbing onto my leg. I winked at James before playing along with Bruno's game. "Oh no! Monster! Help me!" I yelled laughing. I got my leg away from Bruno and started jogging slowly away from him. "RAWR, RAWR, RAWR!" Bruno yelled laughing. "James help me!" I laughed. "Never fear! James is here!" He said chasing after Bruno. He picked him up and spun him around while I walked over. He stopped and I tickled Bruno's stomach. "Sissy no!" He squealed laughing. James and I laughed also. This was the best moment in my life.

**2 Days Later: Harry's POV**

Holly and her mom had gone out early this morning to get some stuff for their annual New Years Eve party. Holly was beyond excited that her dad was here for her 19th birthday and spent every waking moment with him. Niall and I were watching the news in the living room, while everyone else was spread around the living room doing whatever. My head snapped up the minute the TV reporter said Holly's name and everyone was suddenly around the TV.

TV Reporter: I'm here on the scene where Mrs. Clarke and her daughter Holly's car is wrapped around a tree. Witnesses say that a deer flew out in front of Mrs. Clarke when she lost control and went through the guardrail. Holly has just been flown to Central London Hospital in critical condition while Firemen are working on getting Mrs. Clarke out of the car. I'm Eva Roman for London News.

We all stood there stunned before Holly's brother, James, picked up Bruno and ran out of the room. All of us followed, taking our own cars.

When I pulled up, Holly's dad and James were running into the hospital. James still had Bruno, of course. I pulled into the spot next to him, tore my keys out of the ignition, slammed the door and followed them. Everyone was right behind me. "WHERE IS SHE!? WHERE'S MY WIFE!?" Her father yelled with his voice cracking. "We're so sorry. We did everything we could." The nurse said with sincere saddness in her voice. Her dad started crying and everyone had their heads down, silent tears running down their faces. Holly's mom didn't make it. "And my daughter? What happened to Holly?" Her dad asked. "She's in a coma sir. But she'll be out of it in a couple days. "She's in a WHAT!?" James, Holly's dad and myself shouted at the same time.



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Please update soon. I want to know what happens next :)

I'm writing ideas down to update it tonight when I get home from school as we speak!!(:
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LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...UPDATE
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