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How I Met Harry Styles.

Chapter 3

James POV

“AYE SIS!” I yelled when Holly walked through the door. “AYE BRO!” Holly yelled back laughing. “Where ya been?” I asked her. “Mom didn't tell you?” She asked. “Uh no? Was she supposed to?” I asked turning back to the TV. “Well then it's' not of your business.” She said walking upstairs. “What crawled up your ass and died!?” I shouted after her. “Your best friends dick!” She called back. I started laughing hysterically and I could hear her laughing, too. We weren't your average brother and sister. We got along so well and always smart assed each other. She was the best little and older sister anyone could ask for.

Holly's POV

“Sissy, sissy, sissy!” I heard my little brother Bruno yell. “Bruno!” I said happily. I heard his little feet come pounding out of his bedroom and down the hall way towards me. He was only 3 so he was just now learning to talk and run. I grabbed him and picked him up when he reached me, carrying him to my bedroom. “I miss you, sissy!” He giggled. “I missed you, too!” I said kissing his forehead. “How bout this. If Mommy or James helps you get ready, I'll take you out on the town and we can meet up with Ari!” I said. “Yay! Ari!” He cheered. I put him down and went to my bedroom to change. I just realized that I was wearing Harry's clothes. “Awkward...” I said to myself. I put on a blue long sleeved shirt, black tights, a black waist belt, black scarf, and blue Uggs. I did the smokey eye look, with light blue eye shadow which made my eyes pop. I walked out of the bedroom and heard my mom helping Bruno get ready. I smiled and walked out to the garage. Ari was going to meet us at the London Eye with Niall. It was like the were inseparable. “I hope Harry and I become like that one day.” I thought. My eyes widened. I just lost my boyfriend and I was already thinking about getting with another guy!? “Wait a while Holly!” I thought. I unlocked my Range Rover and put Bruno's car seat in the back. My mom brought Bruno out and I hooked him in. “Be back for dinner. Arabelle is always welcome.” My mom said. “I will. Bye mom.” I said. “You have your phone and credit card, right? I know how you and this little one are.” She said smiling as I shut the door. “Yes mom. I do.” I laughed. “Alright. See you later.” She said as she walking inside. I opened the garage and Bruno and I headed out to meet Ari and Niall.

When we got there, Bruno was bouncing up and down in his car seat cause he saw Ari and Niall waiting for us. “Calm down little man!” I laughed. I got out and waved to them before getting Bruno out. I set him on the ground and he took off running toward Ari. “Aunt Ari! Aunt Ari!” He laughed. “Hey you!” She replied, picking him up and hugging him. “Hey Ari! Hey Niall!” I said hugging them. “Hey, who's this little lad?” Niall asked smiling. He poked Bruno in the stomach, causing him to giggle like crazy. “That's Bruno. My brother.” I said smiling. “He's a cutie! Well let's go to Starbucks!” He said leading the way. Ari put Bruno down to walk next to Niall, so he ran back to me and held my hand as we walked to Starbucks.

Harry's POV

I saw Ari, Niall and Holly walking toward the Starbucks I was in. What I didn't see, was the little boy Holly had with her. Niall smiled at me through the window and I smiled back. When they walked in, I stood up to meet them and noticed a little boy with Holly as she walked to the counter. She crouched down to his level and he pointed at something. Holly stood up and ordered two things before pulling out a credit card and paying. When Holly was handing the boy his food, he bolted over to Ari and sat on her lap. When Holly saw me, her eyes widened, but she kept her cool. “Hey Holly.” I said smiling at her. “Hi Harry.” She said sitting down next to Ari. The little boy then scooted over and sat on Holly's lap. She wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek. “Is that your son?” I blurted out. Holly, Ari and Niall started laughing. “Oh God no! He's my brother.” Holly said. “Oh.” I said embarrassed. “Can we go to the park?” The little boy asked. “Of course!” Holly said smiling. “Yay!” He cheered. He got up and ran to the door. “We'll be back in like 20 minutes.” Holly said following the boy. “GO WITH HER!” Ari practically shouted at me. “Alright, alright! I'm going! Sheesh!” I said. Ari started laughing as I walked out of the Starbucks. I saw Holly and the little boy walking down the street. “Hey Holly! Wait up!” I called as I started running toward her. She and the little boy stopped and turned around. “Hey.” She said. “Hi.” I replied. “Sissy, this your boyfriend?” The little boy asked. “No. This is my friend Harry.” She said smiling. The little boy stretched his arms out toward me and I took him from Holly. “And what's your name?” I asked, smiling at the little boy. “My name Bruno.” He said proudly. “Wow! Cool name! And how old are you?” I asked. Bruno held up 3 fingers. “Three!? Wow! That's exciting!” I said smiling. He was about to say something, but he noticed the park and started kicking to get down. I set him down and he went running toward the park. “You have a way with kids.” Holly said as she sat down on the grass. “You think?” I asked. “You do. Bruno's normally so shy, so when he wanted you to hold him right away it was weird … But in a good way.” She said smiling. I smiled as I watched her watch Bruno play. The way the sun glinted off her hair made her eyes pop even more. Thanks to all the blue she was wearing. “So … I wanna apologize.” I said. “For what?” She asked, looking at me confused. “For you waking up and seeing me in bed with you. Nothing happened … I just got tired, too.” I said looking at the ground. I noticed her face fall from the corner of my eye when I said nothing happened. “It's fine, Harry.” She said. We sat in silence for a few minutes more. “Did anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?” I asked. She smiled and blushed. “Only my family. Richie never even called me beautiful. Most guys would only date me to try and get in my pants but it never happened.” She said. “You're still a virgin?” I asked, shocked that someone so beautiful would still have her virginity. “Yeah. I'm waiting for the right guy.” She said. She laid back on the grass and looked at the sky. “Everything is so perfect.” Holly said. I was about to say something, but something covered my eyes. “What are you doing!? Let me go!” Holly said, her voice farther away. “Holly!” I yelled. “Harry!” I heard her shout back. I heard a door shut and a car drive off. I got the thing off my face. Holly was gone, but Bruno came running up to me. “HARRY!” I heard Arabelle shout. I turned around. “What happened!? Where's Holly!?” She asked. “She's gone. Someone took her.”I said shocked.


So guys, I added a bit of action and I think I'm kind of rushing it a bit, but it slows down in the next couple chapters.(:

Also, I want to thank you for how many views this has gotten! I honestly couldn't thank you guys enough! It means a lot!!



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Please update soon. I want to know what happens next :)

I'm writing ideas down to update it tonight when I get home from school as we speak!!(:
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LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...UPDATE
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