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How I Met Harry Styles.

Chapter 14

**December 25: Harry's POV**

I woke up to a glare reflecting off of something and hitting me right in the eye. I groaned and put a pillow over my face to block it out. "Oops. Sorry babe." I heard Holly say. I removed the pillow and met my dazzling fiancee's gorgeous blue eyes. I sighed happily and smiled. My life was perfect. I was getting married in two months and I have a baby that's due any day now. "Good morning, babe." I said, rolling over and kissing Holly's forehead. "Morning, darling." She said smiling. I got out of bed and walked over to help Holly. "Thanks." She said giving me a kiss on the cheek. I threw on some sweatpants and my Ramones shirt before walking downstairs. The lads and their girlfriends were just arriving. Liam with Dani, Louis with Eleanor, Zayn with Perrie, and Niall with Ari. Yeah, the two started dating a month ago and were still in the "honeymoon" phase of their relationship. Holly's dad invited us all over for Christmas Day. "Where's Holly?" Niall asked. "She'll be down soon. She's changing." I replied. Everyone started their own conversations and I thought about the past two years. Yep. It's been two years since Holly and I met. "Stop trying to catch flies boys. It's not attractive." She said to us as she walked by. I smiled at the memory. Just then Bruno, the now 5 year old hyperactive toddler, came bounding down the stairs with James hot on his heels, carrying Holly. "Thanks James!" Holly said as she came over and sat down beside me. I smiled and kissed her. "All right! Birthday girl and boy get to open one present at the same time. Then we draw numbers for the order the people open presents on at a time." Holly's dad said. He was referring to Louis and Holly since Louis turned 22 and Holly turned 20 yesterday. "Here's your present Holly." Her dad said as he handed her the gift. "And here's yours Louis." He added as he handed Louis a present as well. Louis and Holly looked at each other then grinned. "One..." Holly said, her eyes not leaving Louis. "Two..." He said, still staring intently at Holly. "THREE!" They shouted and tore through the paper. "I WIN!" Holly yelled. "No fair! You cheated!" Louis shouted back as he started laughing. All of us were laughing at how crazy they're being. "What did you get, babe?" Eleanor asked Louis. "Two tickets to Hawaii..." Louis said. All of us turned to Holly's dad. "You're always saying how much you miss Eleanor when you're not with her, so I figured you'd want to spend some alone time with her." He said. "Thank you so much sir!" Louis said standing up to shake his hand. "What did you get, Kitten?" I asked looking at the box in Holly's hand. I watched as she opened the box and gasped. Inside, was one of those cremation diamond necklaces it was Emerald. "Daddy..." Holly said as she teared up. "Your mother always called you her precious jewel when you were a baby. This is what she wanted." He said as he came and tied the heart shaped Emerald around her neck. "Daddy I love it!" Holly says smiling. He grins and gives her a kiss on the cheek. "Come here Bubba!" Holly says opening her arms. Bruno immediatley gets up from his place next to Dani and walks over to her.

The next couple hours are spent laughing, talking and snuggling. "OW!" Holly yelps in pain suddenly and grabs her side. "Babe are you all right?" I asked concerned. "Fine." She says. "I just need a drink." She adds as she get's up and walk to the kitchen. I watch as Dani and El follow her. "I may be wrong, but I think it's almost time." James says. "Time for what?" Niall asks confused. "The baby." Liam said. My eyes widen. "Oh my God!" I heard El scream, I get up and bolt into the kitchen. Eleanor and Danielle are running around trying to get stuff put together. I stand there and look at Holly, who's standing in a puddle of water. "DON'T JUST STARE YOU ASSHOLE GET THE CAR!!" She screamed as she grabbed her stomach and breathed heavily. I just stood there stunned as the realization that Holly was in labor hit me. "DUDE GET THE CAR!" Louis shouted. I grabbed the keys and ran out to start the car. Liam and Zayn walk out a few seconds later carrying Holly. Niall and Ari are already in the car and backed out of the driveway. The gently set Holly in the car and shut it behind her. Since I'm already in the car, I back out of the driveway and drive to the hospital as fast as I could.

Holly's POV

"DRIVE FASTER!" I shouted for probably the 50th time. Harry chuckled slightly and squeezed my hand reassuringly. "OH MY GOD!" I screamed in pain and grabbed my stomach. Whatever gender this baby is, it wanted out and it wanted out now. I heard the engine rev up as Harry sped faster toward the hospital. I noticed all the boys and my dad's car right on our bumper.

"My fiancee is having a baby!" Harry shouted as soon as we walked through the hospital. "GET IT OUT!" I screamed and squeezed Harry's hand as they put me on a stretcher and ran me to a room. Harry was waiting outside while the nurses got everything set up. Harry was allowed in a few minutes later. He walked right over to me and grabbed m hand. "We are never having sex again!" I growled. Harry laughed. "All right, we're ready to get this little one out!" The doctor said as she got ready. "Are you ready?" She asked. "I'VE BEEN READY SINCE MY WATER BROKE JUST GET THIS KID THE HELL OUT OF ME!" I shouted. Harry and the doctor both laughed.

20 minutes later, my babies first cry was heard throughout the room. I smiled and threw my head back against the pillow while the nurses did what they needed to the baby. "You did it babe." Harry said kissing my forehead. "It's not over yet!" The doctor said. "THERE'S TWO!?" I shouted. "Just push a couple more times and we're done." She said. I did as she said and another baby cry filled the room. "Congratulations. You have two girls." The doctor said as she handed me one and Harry the other. I smiled and looked down at my daughter who was now asleep. "What are we going to name them?" Harry asked, not taking his eyes off the baby in his arms. I looked at the baby in my arms who was now awake. I noticed she had piercing green eyes, brown hair and dimples. Just like her daddy. I then remembered that Harry wanted to name his first daughter Darcy. I smiled. "Darcy." I said. "Darcy Elizabeth Styles." I said as I turned to Harry. He looked over at me and his eyes lit up. "Really!?" He asked grinning. "Of course." I replied. His grin got bigger as he put his full attention on the baby in his arms. "Lorelai." Harry whispered. "Pardon?" I asked looking up at him. "I want to name her Lorelai Rose Styles." Harry said. "It's beautiful!" I whispered. Harry handed me Lorelai and walked out of the room. Minutes later, he returned with his mom, Gemma, Robin, Bruno, James, my dad, the lads, their girlfriends and Ari. "Oh my God!" Dani whispered with tears in her eyes. Anne and my father walked over and gently took one of each baby. "The one with green eyes is Darcy and the one with blue is Lorelai." Harry said proudly. I watched as everyone crowded around my dad and Anne. I smiled and closed my eyes, leaning my head back against the pillow. "I'm so proud of you baby." Harry said as he kissed my nose. I opened my eyes and smiled tiredly. "I love you so much." I said. "I love you, too. Now get some rest." He said smiling. I closed my eyes and quickly fell asleep.


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