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How I Met Harry Styles.

Chapter 12

**1 Month Later: Holly's POV**

I had a small bump, but I promised Harry we would tell everyone. Oh yeah. I went back to London with Harry a week after he came to Florida. Daddy and James wouldn't be back till July and it's April 3rd. I got pregnant in march and I can't believe I'm already a month along. "You ready babe?" Harry asked from the doorway. I smiled slightly and nodded, turning my attention back to the mirror. I turned side ways and rubbed my stomach. The fact that I was going to be a mom in 8 months was scary and exciting. Harry came up behind me and and wrapped his arms around me. "You're going to be the best mom ever." Harry whispered in my ear. I laughed and rested my head back against his shoulder. "You're going to be the best dad. But you know what this means right?" I asked. "No.." Harry said cautiously. "It means we have to put the baby first. Before we do things we want to do, the baby's things get done before ours. It means you have to put up with my moodiness, cravings and morning sickness." I said, turning around and wrapping my arms around his neck. "I think I can deal with that." He said giving me a quick kiss before we walked downstairs to the living room.

Harry's POV

I wrapped my arm around Holly's shoulders, while hers wrapped around my waist. "So, all of you probably want to know why I'm getting sick a lot and why my diet's changed." Holly said. She looked at me to continue, so I did. "Well, to make a long story short ... WE'RE HAVING A BABY!" I yelled happily. Holly laughed. "Well, I'm having the baby, but yes! I am pregnant and Harry is the father!" Holly said. "OH MY GOD!" Dani, El, and Ari squealed at the same time, as they ran up to Holly and hugged her. Holly turned sideways and lifted her shirt up enough for them to see the small bump that was our child. "Congrats mate!" Louis said with a sincere smile. "Thanks!" I said beaming with pride. "What's managment gonna say?" Liam asked concerned. "I don't care what managment says. Nothing is going to keep me from being with my girl and my child." I said. "We'll back you up mate." Niall said smiling. "All of us." Zayn added. "Thanks guys!" I said group hugging them.

I could hear the girls squealing from upstairs and I knew right away that they were coming up with a list of baby names. Life was perfect. I had the most amazing girlfriend who had a baby on the way, I was going to be a dad, I was gonna propose. What could be better than this? "Harry, how are you gonna propose?" Zayn asked. I was about to answer, but Dani interupted me. "YOU'RE GONNA PROPOSE!?" She squealed in excitement. "SH! I want it to be a surprise! And yes I am!" I said grinning. "OMG! I have to tell El and Ari!" She squealed before running upstairs. "Well I never would've guessed the youngest in the band would be the first to tie the knot." Louis said with pride. We all laughed. "So when are one of you guys gonna pop the question?" I asked, directing it toward Louis and Liam. "Not for a couple years." Louis said. "I'm still debating." Liam replied. We continued talking for a couple minutes about how this was going to play out. "When are you getting the ring?" Niall asked. "I was gonna ask Louis, now Dani and El as well, if they wanted to come with me and help pick one out." I said. "We would love to! We have to go see what rings she has her eye on!" El said as she bolted upstairs. "Damn! Tell your girlfriends to stop sneaking up on me!" I said and everyone laughed.

Eleanor's POV

"Oh that one's so gorgeous!" Holly said pointing to a ring, totally oblivious to what we were doing. Holly printed a picture of the ring she wanted and Dani brought it down to Harry. "I'm so tired." Holly yawned before crawling into bed and falling asleep as I left, shutting the door behind me. "Where's Holly?" Harry asked. In bed, she's tired." I replied. "Holly is totally oblivious to what's going on and she's gonna be so surprised!" I added as Harry walked upstairs to Holly's room.

Holly's POV

I heard my bedroom door open then close and smiled, knowing who it was. I felt someone crawl under the sheets with me and wrap their arms around my waist. I turned around and burried my face in Harry's chest. "We won't be able to sleep or cuddle like this when my stomach gets in the way." I mumbled. I felt Harry's chest vibrate as he laughed softly. "There are other ways we can cuddle, Kitten." He said kissing the top of my head. I rolled us over so I was on top. I leaned down and kissed below his right ear, on his soft spot. "How so?" I purred which caused him to moan lightly. I chuckled and rolled off him with my back facing him. He rolled over and wrapped his arms around my waist so we were spooning. "Tease." He mumbled into the back of my neck. "You love it." I said before falling asleep.



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Please update soon. I want to know what happens next :)

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LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...UPDATE
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