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How I Met Harry Styles.

Chapter 1

Holly's POV.

Today I was going Ice Skating with my best friend Arabelle. We've been best friends since 8th grade. I dressed in a white sweater dress, black tights, and cheetah print boots. I walked to my bathroom and checked my makeup in the mirror before grabbing the keys to my Porsche, phone, and skates. I walked downstairs and saw my mum watching the news in the living room. My dad was away on business, so Bruno and James must be asleep still. “Bye momma.” I said from the doorway. “Bye sweetie. Have fun!” She called smiling. “I will. Love you!” I called walking toward the garage. “Love you, too!” I heard her call before I closed the door. I walked down to my solid black Porsche and threw my stuff in the back. I started the car and revved the engine while I waited for the garage to open. I pulled down the driveway as the gates onto and off of our estate opened. I smiled and waved to the gate keeper as I drove off to pick up Arabelle.

“HEY GIRL!” She shouted over the music. “HEY!” I shouted back and turned the music up just as 'In The Ayer' by Flo-Rida came on. We were skating at some private lake in the country so I turned the music up so loud the car was vibrating and people could probably hear it for miles. We pulled up to the park and sat in the car dancing and finished the song. I noticed 5 teenage boys waiting to get in and staring at my car. The music was still pretty loud, so they were most likely not staring at my Porsche. Thank god for tinted windows. I turned around and grabbed my skates and phone out of the back seat before putting them in my lap and dancing along to the song with Arabelle. The song ended and Arabelle stepped out of the car. The guys eyes widened and I wasn't surprised. Arabelle looked like me except she had jet black hair and piercing Emerald green eyes. I took the keys out of the ignition and stepped out. When the guys saw me, their eyes widened and jaws dropped. “Stop trying to catch flies boys. It's not attractive.” I smirked at them as Arabelle and I used our VIP passes to get in ahead of them. The Zamboni was still on the ice, so the rink wouldn't open for another 10 minutes. I took off my boots and put my skates on. Arabelle, or Ari as I called her, did the same. The Zamboni got off the ice and the boys were let in. Ari and I got on the ice just as the boys sat down to put their skates on. I noticed a patch of ice the Zamboni didn't get and realized it was thin ice. I loved anything that gave me a rush and always did anything dangerous. I skated over and motioned Ari over. “Should I?” I asked smiling. “Do it!” She grinned I took off and started skating. It was fine and I started laughing. “Yeah Holly!” Ari said. I heard a crack and stopped laughing and moving all together. Ari's smile was gone and her eyes were wide. “Holly don't move!” She said. I looked down and my eyes widened at the sight of the crack between my legs. I started to walk slowly toward Ari, but I heard a cracking sound and froze. “Ari … Help.” I said barely above a whisper. Eventually, the ice couldn't hold me anymore and I fell through. “ARI! AAAHHH!!!” I yelled as I fell into the freezing cold water. “HOLLY!” Ari yelled horrified.

Harry's POV

“Did we really have to come Ice Skating?” I groaned while we waited in line. “Yes.” Liam said. “We all agreed we would do something together out of the way of the spotlight and this is the only thing.” He said. I groaned again and rolled my eyes. A few minutes later, a black Porsche pulled up with music blaring from it. I recognized the song as 'In The Ayer' by Flo-Rida. The song ended and the girl in the passengers seat stepped out. My eyes, and the boys, widened at her beauty. She had jet black hair and piercing Emerald eyes. She wasn't fat, but she wasn't skinny either. Then the driver stepped out. My mouth, and the boys, jaws dropped. “That's...” Liam said. “Holly Clarke...” Louis added. “The Holly Clarke...” Zayn gasped. “The daughter of the most powerful man in England.” Niall croaked. “Oh hot damn.” I breathed as she and her friend walked passed us. “Stop trying to catch flies boys. It's not attractive.” She smirked at us before using some sort of pass to get in. “Wow...” I said. She was so gorgeous. Sun blond hair, piercing blue eyes, amazing body, and her voice was like a song I could listen to over and over again. “Stop drooling mate. It's not cool!”Zayn laughed. I snapped back to reality and closed my mouth. “Oooo! Someone's been bit by the bug!” Louis laughed. I rolled my eyes. “Have not!” I said. Liam was about to say something, but the guy working today let us in. Just as we walked in, the girls were getting on the ice. It was taking longer than expected to get my skates on. I had to tie them and untie them so many times. “ARI! AAAHHH!!!” I heard a girl scream. I snapped my head up just in time to see Holly go under the ice. “HOLLY!” Her friend screamed horrified. I pushed whoever was helping me with my skates away and bolted over to where Holly and her friend were. “Go get the guys!” I said to Holly's friend. “A-A-Ari!” Holly stuttered. Her lips were already purple and her skin was white. She would be unconscious, or possibly die, in a matter of minutes, I got on my stomach and scooted closer to Holly. She was grabbing at the ice trying harder than ever to get up. I made eye contact with her, as I finally reached her and grabbed her arms. She looked scared as ever and thankful. “Calm down. I've got you.” I said soothingly. She was shaking madly and I noticed her kicking coming less forceful. “Stay with me!” I said. She slowly forced open her eyes and did the best she could to keep them open. I felt something hit my foot and looked back to see that Louis had made a noose and it was around my skate. I nodded to him and he told the boys and Holly's friend to start pulling.

5 minutes later, Holly was fully out of the ice. She was shaking violently now and her eyes were drooping. I picked her up and rushed her to the car as fast as I could. Turning it on, I made sure the heat was on full blast. I sat in the drivers seat of my Range Rover and adjusted the seat so it was all the back and she was lying down. 20 minutes later, her shaking stopped and her breathing was even, telling me she was asleep. The color was coming back to her skin and her lips weren't purple anymore. I smiled slightly and got out of the car, but I left it running for Holly. “She's fine.” I said to everyone. “Oh my God! Thank you so much!” Holly's friend said hugging me. “You're welcome. It's not a problem. I would like to take her back to my place though and make sure she's OK.” I said. “Not a problem. I'll call her mom.” Her friend said walking off to Holly's Porsche. “Her name's Arabelle, but everyone calls her Ari.” Niall said. “We also told her your name.” Zayn added. “OK. I'll see you later.” I said. I walked back to my car and drove off, taking Holly to my house.


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Please update soon. I want to know what happens next :)

I'm writing ideas down to update it tonight when I get home from school as we speak!!(:
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LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...UPDATE
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