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Serving Liam

It Is What It Is

Later that night...

Cheese, crackers, humus and olives, a healthy snack but not very filling; yet food was the least of their worries. In the midst of making the finger food last throughout their three hours of conversation, they hadn’t realized they were the last few people left. Piper’s friend walked outside to let them know they were closing, putting a damper to the end of their night.

Liam caved and opened up about his personal life, including his fun career. Unlike other times when he’d talk about it to girls, Piper allowed for a different approach. He was able to talk to her about his likes and dislikes on fame, the lack of privacy and the gratefulness of it all. Feeling as though he were talking to a friend rather than being interviewed; she now knew who Liam Payne was.

Piper sympathized with her English friend. For a moment she wondered what it would be like to be in the spotlight like he claimed to be all the time. It didn’t scare her but it wasn’t a life she desired either, especially for being so young. That was the time to be reckless and ignorant, not idolized.

Enjoying the moment of silence between them, they walked out into the cool night; both smiling and slightly shy. Liam tucked his hands in his pocket, how could he tell her that he didn’t want the night to end? He had already asked to see her the next night, not wanting to push it. Barely 11:30, convinced she had to be tired.

Piper, in the same situation, knew that such a demanding lifestyle had to be exhausting. And surely it would be too much too soon. But she couldn’t deny how much she enjoyed his company, and for them to part now would leave her unsatisfied. After all, he had guaranteed her another evening; there was no reason to be selfish.

“You’re staying close to the restaurant right?”

“I am.”

“Great. Let’s share a cab back then, my treat this time.” She nodded agreeing for him.
The cab ride was quiet. If they only knew the monologues that went in each other’s mind, they would stay up all night if it were suggested. Just a few blocks away from the restaurant, the tension grew restless.

“I’d like to know your story.” Liam hinted while facing her.

“What, now?” She smiled and looked out the window before her eyes fell on him again. “That could take all night.”

“I don’t mind.”

“I thought you said you had to go to some radio station in the morning or something?”

“They won’t see the bag’s under my eyes. Besides I’m used to late nights.”

“I’d invite you over for some tea but…”

“I’ll be a gentleman.” He said with honest eyes.

“I know, but...” Piper was hesitant.

It was one thing to hangout spontaneously, but to create an attachment from their evident attraction only promised complications. Certain she could control her feelings and fight against any slipups, she welcomed the risk. Leaning forward, she told the driver the new route. Not knowing how to discern the twirling in her stomach, if they were nerves or a warning.

Liam promised he’d be a gentleman, but the thought that they would be alone in her apartment brought possibilities; thank goodness she couldn’t read his thoughts. Even though his mind wandered to shameful things, he still knew not to act upon it. She was too good for that and he wouldn’t disrespect her like that.

Arriving to her apartment, Liam couldn’t help notice how embarrassed she seemed. She led him up the building to her door and hesitated once again before opening it. It was a nice studio apartment, and judging by the location it wasn’t cheap. That made him wonder even more about her secretive life.

“This is a nice flat. You must work a lot?”

“Let’s just say it came in a package deal.” Piper stated placing her hands on her hips as she looked around.

“You say I’m intriguing but I don’t know anything about you.”

“Well what do you want to know…I’m a waitress in her early twenties; that’s pretty average and boring.”

“No there’s something more you’re not telling me.”

“So my dad was a little famous…nothing like you though.”

“Really? Do tell…” Liam made himself comfortable on the sofa.

“Do you know who Bruce Springsteen is?”

“Name sounds familiar, is that your dad?”

“No no, my father played in his band. He was the bassist…anyway this was his apartment.”

“Well that worked out well didn’t it.”

“I guess, except we don’t have the best relationship. It is what it is.”

“I see. I take it the fame got to you?” Liam asked fearful.

“I honestly don’t care for it. I mean I enjoy my simple life as a waitress. I’m saving up money to travel away somewhere. Go to France and Italy. Jump on a train and live without an agenda.”

“A free spirit.”

“Exactly. But with that dream comes sacrifice. So I’m working to earn the money and when I have enough…I’ll take off.”

“Is that it? Are you going to school? College?” Liam’s curiosity skyrocketing.

“Nope. I wouldn’t know what to study anyway. Besides I spent almost eighteen years in school. I don’t want to waste my life in a classroom for eight more.”

“Can’t your dad help you?”

“He does, he helps me pay rent but that’s all I agreed to. I wanted to work and earn my trip around the world…why do you look so puzzled?”

“I guess I never met someone like you before. I mean my life is pretty much planned out for me right now. But to hear you want to earn that freedom…it’s impressive.”

“At least your job requires traveling. That’s got to be pretty nice.”

“Yeah but I don’t necessarily get to walk around and do things normal tourists do…”

“Comes with the package deal.” She smiled. “Unfortunately, I lied. My life-story barely took five minutes.”

“And I still don’t mind...honestly, I just wanted to spend more time with you. But if you’re tired I’ll sod off.”

“Are you still up for that tea?”

“I’m always up for some tea.” Liam gave a cheeky grin.

Piper excused herself to put the kettle on the stove and got some clothes out of her dresser. Looking momentarily over at Liam who was bashfully watching her, she then disappeared into the bathroom to change. Slipping out of her dress and into a pair of cotton shorts and a graphic lilac shirt; tempted to tie her hair she ignored the impulse.

Liam looked around her apartment. The living area connected with her bedroom, causing him to blush each time he saw her bed. Forcing his gaze elsewhere he walked towards the kitchen and began to think about his home and how much he missed it. Then his thought drifted to what it would be like to be settled down with his own family.

“Hey, is the water ready yet?” Piper asked creeping in.

“Oh hello, I wasn’t really paying attention. Sorry.”

“Could you get me a couple of mugs in that cupboard over there?”

Liam helped her and they moved back to the couch where they sat at a safe distance. Piper tucked her legs under and held on to her cup, not sure what to say. He asked her random questions here and there to keep the conversation rolling.

“Did you know…my favorite color is purple? And this is the second piece of clothing you’ve worn of that color.”

“Really? I did it on purpose.”

“You knew that was my favorite color?”

“No.” She laughed.

“That’s rubbish! You’re mocking me now.”

“I just happen to like the color. But now I’ll be sure to wear something purple tomorrow…How’s that?”

“I’d be honored, Thank You.”

“So what are we going to be doing tomorrow exactly?”

“Well, I was going to introduce you to the rest of the guys and join them at a party actually. Would that be alright?”

“Sure. I guess I can get a little fancy for your party.”

“That’s just the thing, you don’t need to. You’re already so beaut-“Liam caught himself before finishing his sentence.

Piper felt her face turn a little hot as she covered her smiling lips with her fingers.

“I should probably go right? I know it’s late and we both have a long day tomorrow. But that’s okay because we’ll still see each other.” He beamed.

“There is something about you…you’re just so cute.” Piper said taking her cup back to the kitchen.

Liam followed her, unsure whether her comment was a compliment or whether she still saw him as a kid.

“When you say cute, what exactly do you mean by that?” He leaned on the counter beside her.
Pressing her lips together, she rinsed off her cup and then wiped her hands on the back of her shirt.

“You are very sweet Liam. And I’m trying my best to simply enjoy your company and not dwell on any more thoughts…”

“What sort of thoughts?” He took a step closer.

Brushing her hair behind her ear she timidly looked up. “Eager thoughts knowing that I will get to see you again…I shouldn’t be harboring such thoughts.”

“Is it wrong to admit that you want to see me again? Is it an age thing?”

“No, no of course not! It just seems pointless to get so excited when you’ll be leaving in a few days.”

“I understand. Don’t suppose it would help if I confessed that I’ve been struggling with the same thoughts...I’m gutted.”

“Assuming I know what that means…there’s really no need to be talking about this. We’re just friends that hang out when you’re in town…right?”

“I guess so…”

Piper lost track of what was going on. One minute they were having a nice chat on the couch and in the next they were rambling about unsaid feelings. Yet how could she leave it at that and then see him the next day in good terms, it would be too awkward.

“Liam…I don’t know what we were just talking about but things are okay right?”

“Yes, unless you are having second thoughts about tomorrow night?” Piper nodded. “Alright then, I’m going to go, before I have to stick my foot in my mouth again.”

Pretending everything was alright, Liam patted his pant pockets to make sure he had his wallet and phone. Piper met him at the door and held a face of resentment for spoiling the evening. She opened the door to make the departure quick and painless, but Liam hesitated to leave. He wanted to say more but he shook his head instead and walked out.

Closing the door behind him, she leaned against it and let out a huge sigh. It wasn’t worth it, to like him so much in such little time. His career had nothing to do with it, but his charm and his likable character drew her in. Startled, she heard a quiet knock. Hiding a grin, she opened the door and acted natural.

“I just realized, when I get home I’m not going to be able to sleep. I’ll probably spend an hour or two trying to wrap my head around that conversation and feel like a wanker for not having cleared things up. So please, tell me.”

“Liam…” she knew that him coming back was a bad idea, though her heart said different as he stared at her with those sad eyes. “You have girls falling at you left and right. What does it matter one awkward moment with me?”

“It matters because it’s not them I want to see again.”

“I’m afraid if something happened, anything, that I wouldn’t see you again. And that would be worse than simply imagining… And we hardly even know each other…”

Liam slid his hand on her hip and the other on her cheek. Right before his very eyes, her cheeks turned a shade of rose. Her pupils dilated as they jumped from his warm eyes to his lips. His gentle touch cupping her face while squeezing her waist made her heart spin. Observing her reaction to his touch, he realized all he wanted to know was confirmed. Then she gradually stepped back letting him in.

The door closed behind him but not before his lips had touched hers. Liam held onto her face with both hands as he felt her body ease up against him, her fingertips barely entangled in his. He tapped her lips ever so delicately and playfully, inviting her to let go. Her hands slid down holding his wrists as her mouth pressed with equal pressure.

“I would ask you to stay but I won’t be that girl.” She whispered mid-kiss.

“It’s okay. I like you because you’re not that girl.”

“Then you should disregard the fact that I want you to.”

Liam smiled and gave her another tender kiss. “Then I promise to not hold it against you.”


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Just found this story and I love it. Update soon!!!

Oh no no!! Not a ending on a bad note!! Please dont make me wait another year for another update!! I loved this chapter even though it broke my heart in about a million different ways!

Sorry it took me so long, but I hope you enjoy the update :)

not working not working

Hi just dropping by checking if you are alive and if you plan on updating your awesome story. I dont know what it ia about it has an aura of maturity and reality to it that is very hard to find. You are a wonderful writer and i truly hope you havent forgotten this story. I havent! There us still someone out here waiting! Merry chritmas!

I will do my best to update this week :)