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Traces of Your Touch (An AU Fanfiction)

Chapter 8

Aria groaned as her feet ached from having stood for so long. She had thought that she would enjoy a lazy Saturday morning with her friends, but fate had to come along and ruin it. Aria's mother had received a phone call from one of the neighbors, asking if Aria could fill in for her daughter at the neighborhood cafe since the latter had come down with a fever. Beatrice Morgan being the polite, kind-hearted neighbor that she was, quickly agreed, without even asking Aria once.

So here she was now. Standing near the counter of the cafe, waiting tables. She thought about all her friends enjoying themselves at the beach and groaned even louder.

"Aria, get table 5 for me. Would you?"

"Yeah, sure." Aria smiled at her fellow colleague for the day and headed towards the table.
She grabbed the notepad from her hip, put on a fake smile and spoke before looking up.
"Good morning! I'll be serving you to-"

Her smile slipped as she looked up to see who her customer was. Sitting there, with the most gorgeous green eyes Aria had ever laid eyes on and a face that was surely made in heaven, was the reason of Aria's distress, Harry Styles.

He was as baffled at meeting her here as she was, as they gaped at each other with their mouths hanging open. Aria couldn't take her eyes off of him. He was just so perfect. To hell with not thinking about this boy, Aria thought to herself.

She was a loser in his eyes anyway. So there was no real harm gaping at him like a love-struck fool. She'd just be a creepy loser now. That suited Aria just fine.

"Um- Hi, Ally." Harry spoke slowly, his face turning a bit red. That jolted Aria back to reality. What in the world was she thinking staring at him like that? She put on her most professional smile and straightened her spine before speaking.

"Hello, Mr. Styles. I'll be serving you for the day. What would you like to order?"



"Look Ally, about last night. I-"

"What about it, Mr. Styles?"

"Uh- I just. I was really drunk and-" Harry tried to explain but kept stuttering. Aria saw how much of a struggle it was for him to explain what had happened last night. He probably wanted to assure her that the kiss had really been a dare and that Aria shouldn't take it any other way. So, she decided to put him out of his misery.

"I know, Mr. Styles. I completely understand." She even added a fake smile so that he couldn't see how much it had hurt her to say it.

"You do? Oh. Thank God!" Harry smiled in relief and let out a breath which Aria could tell he had been holding. As beautiful as his dimpled smile was, that hurt. He must've been really worried that the maid-girl would think that he fancied her.

"Of course, Mr. Styles. Now, may I take your order?"

"Oh." The smile slipped right off of his face as he looked down at his menu. Aria mentally patted herself in the back for being so professional.

"Um- I'll have number 14. Oh and here's your cell phone." He added smiling, taking out a small phone from his pocket.

Aria frowned, wondering why he had been carrying it around. Had he gone through her cell phone and laughed about it with his friends?

She forced her lips to move and form a shadow of a smile. She could tell that she probably looked ridiculous but still managed to speak.

"Thank you, sir. Your order will be out in 20." She turned around to walk away but Harry halted her.

"Oh. Umm- I was wondering. Do you work here?"

She turned around again before replying back to him.

"No, Sir. I'm filling in for a friend. I normally sweep the floors of Richmond High School and clean up after parties." Aria finished in frustration, plastering a sugary smile on her face. She turned away from Harry's shell-shocked face and only felt sadness.

If he really was going to run off to his friends and tell them all about the maid-girl getting promoted as the waitress girl, she might as well make her resume look good.

As she was walking away, she suddenly bumped into something hard. Aria would've fallen right on her backside if a hand had not grasped her upper arm in time to steady her.

"Easy there, love. You don't wanna break that pretty little neck. Do ya?"

Aria felt like she had heard that voice somewhere before. She looked up and found herself looking at a familiar pair of blue eyes. It was the boy from the balcony. She remembered him instantly and it looked like he did too.

"Hey! You're the girl with no name! From last night!"

Aria laughed at his description of her and nodded her head. Louis flashed a smile at her before continuing.

"You work here? My friends and I eat here all the time!" He looked towards Harry who, Aria turned to see, was frowning.

"Umm- Actually, I'm just filling in for a friend." Aria said and took a step back, just then noticing how close they had been standing.

"Oh. Sucks." Louis genuinely looked disappointed as he scratched his head, putting his hands back in his pocket. He then went on, "So, anyway, are you going to the beach today? I hear that everyone's heading out there right now."

"Oh-Umm. I have to work."

"Drop by afterwards then?"

"Oh. Umm- Let's see." Aria spoke non-committedly.

"Great! Then I'll be seeing you there...?" Louis trailed off on purpose so that Aria had to give him her name. Gosh! He was a clever one, wasn't he?

"Aria. My name's Aria." She finally said with a smile. He smiled back and started heading towards the table occupied by Harry but turned back once more and finished.

"Guess I'll be seeing you there, Aria"

Aria smiled one last time at Louis and turned around. The last thing she saw before turning was Harry sitting dumbstruck, his mouth hanging open. Her smile became bigger as she replayed his look over and over again in her head. That felt good.


Aria's Outfit

Harry's Outfit

Louis' Outfit

A/N: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, my beauties! :) We got pretty much a non-existent response for the last chapter!:/ So, we decided to make this one much bigger!! :) Hope you like it!!! Also, my friend and I have decided to do a s/o for the readers who leave a feedback regularly!! This is our way of saying thank you!! :D -A.D

S/N: So, beautiful people, I hope you like the new chapter!! I would like to thank all of you for such wonderful feed backs! I love you guys. <3 :) You guys are absolutely the best Directioners ever. And I hope each and every one of you get to meet the boys one day! :D Also, special thanks to all those who are voting for us. :D Love you all to the moon and back. :-*

I'd like to inform you once again that we do ship Larry! So please don't hate on us for the characters that we portray for Harry and Louis? :( It's for the benefit of the story.

Also, let us know what you think will happen in Chapter 9? :D And why do you think Louis is so nice to Aria? :)

Keep voting, subscribing and commenting for the next chapter!!:) x <3

S/O: Shout out to the wonderful ChloewuvsHarry, Louis'sGyrl2013 and Ciao Niccie! They have been nothing but encouraging towards us since the beginning of the story!! :) So, please go check out their stories and vote/subscribe/comment on those stories!! Cause we know we are! :D Thank you girls for being so amazing! <3


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