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Traces of Your Touch (An AU Fanfiction)

Chapter 47

Chapter Playlist: Fall by Ed Sheeran

Harry had a hard time concentrating on his driving; he kept remembering how Aria had embraced the man, completely forsaking him. His blood boiled and the constant ringing of his phone only fueled his anger. He didn't check the caller ID to know who it was as he swiped the screen to receive the call.

"I'm here, Singh. Give me a bloody break, will you? I told you I'd be there." Harry heard Nikhil's shaky voice apologize and felt a tinge of guilt for taking Aria's anger out on him. "Never mind, I'm getting out now. I'll see you."

Harry parked his car near the lamppost closest to the park and got out wearily. He entered slowly and began strolling towards the direction Nikhil had mumbled out in the phone call.

If Harry hadn't gotten used to taking a walk in the park every night since he was twelve, he would've been as intimidated by the pitch-dark and eerie air to the place as he could see Nikhil feeling. He considered letting the Indian suffer a little more for bugging him to death all day but his conscious gave him a disapproving shake of the head.

"Singh!" Harry called out and came into Nikhil's view so that he didn't scare the guy.

"Oh, thank God you're here!" Nikhil was on the verge of weeping. "Harry, thank you so much for agreeing to meet me. I've actually got some news for you in return for your help with Amy."

"News?" Harry frowned, feeling a little grateful and impressed by the kid's ability to get straight to business.

"About Aria! I'm assuming you're still going out with her?" Harry noticed Nikhil's wary look and he could tell that Aria's friends actually worried about her, despite the recent events. He felt a bit envious by their loyalty towards her and drummed his fingers on the tree he was leaning against as an idea popped in his head.

"We haven't made anything official, and chances are it'll stay that way. It looks like she might have someone else in her heart."

Nikhil gave Harry a look of surprise as he hurried into speech. "Wait! Does she still have feelings for Louis? Cause I heard they broke up. I guess, that's understandable considering Louis is always concerned about her. Just yesterday I met him in the streets near Aria's place and he looked completely hammered."

Harry heard his own breath hitch at the mention of his once best friend. He didn't need to be told how Louis had been concerned about what was now Harry's. He decided to put things straight.

"No, she doesn't even talk about Louis anymore, actually. I'm talking about this guy who came to see Aria at work. He didn't look like anyone from school. She rushed to him as soon as she heard his name."

"Well, that's strange. Considering Aria never rushes to anyone like you just described. Were you able to find out his name?" Nikhil was all knowledge about Aria, making Harry feel a little out of place.

Harry frowned and realized that Nikhil was actually right. He had never seen Aria rush to anyone before. "I can't remember properly. But it definitely started with an R. Rick or Ron...something like that."

"Ryan? Was it Ryan?" Nikhil almost laughed at the look of recognition on Harry's face. "Ryan isn't Ari's lover! He's her older brother! I didn't know Ryan was back. The one who was away for college."

Harry couldn't stop the sigh of relief that escaped him. He felt the heaviness in his chest ease. Of course she had ran to the guy. It was her brother. After everything that had happened to her recently, it was only understandable that she had wanted the reassurance of her brother's presence. Hadn't Gemma been his only support when his parents had split?

He felt a bit warmer toward the Indian now that his troubles had become lighter. Harry gave Nikhil a warm smile and swung a hand over Nikhil's shoulder. "Now Singh, about Amy..."

Aria entered her room with a huge smile on her face. Her mother had been ecstatic to see Ryan back and had doted on her favorite child, leaving Aria to feel a little neglected and lonely. Her father was the one who had always favored her over her brother and now with him gone...Still, at least her mother would stay busy with Ryan and not think about her marriage.

Aria pulled her hair up into a bun and began taking out her clothes. It was getting difficult for her family to pay the bills so they had to cut down on the showers to once a day. It really was a blessing that it was winter. Aria couldn't begin to imagine how they'd survive on just one shower a day during summer.

She finished her shower and as she sat drying her hair, there was a ring of her phone, indicating that someone had texted her. Her heart almost fell out of her chest once she realized that she had completely forgotten about Harry in the café when Ryan had arrived. She quickly rushed to her handbag and took out her phone to see multiple missed calls from Harry.

She opened her phone inbox to read the only message he had left there. It read, 'I'm outside.'
"Shit! Shit! Shi-" Just as she was about to rush to the window, she heard Ryan and her mother's voices and footsteps heading out of the kitchen downstairs. She held her breath, hoping that none of them would come up to bid her goodnight.

When the noise faded away, she switched off the lights of her room, so that they didn't suspect her of staying awake. She padded her way to her window and opened it, ensuring she made no sound. Aria smiled when she saw Harry's silhouette leaning against his car and looking up at her window. She dialed his number and he picked up on the first ring.

"Hello, love. Glad you could take some time out for me." Harry joked, and felt guilty when he heard her rush into an extensive apology, followed by an explanation of why she had abandoned him.

"It's alright, babe. I was just-"

"No it isn't. I'm so sorry, Harry. Is there any way I could make up for it?"

Harry was about to tell her that she had nothing to make up for when an idea crossed his head. "Well, there is this one thing...."

"Anything at all, please just tell me." Aria begged, checking back to see if she could hear anyone come up.

"I wanna take you somewhere. Let's go out for a drive."

"What, now?" Aria shivered from the cold wind that passed. "Harry, it's really cold outside. Why don't you just come up to my room?"

"I don't wanna come up. I just want to take you somewhere. Now, are you coming out or not?" Harry held his breath, hoping that she would say yes instead of shutting the window on his face.

"Harry, I- my brother's here as well. I don't think that's a very bright idea, to be honest." She bit down on her lips and checked the light that was coming from the bottom of her door to see if anyone was standing behind it and listening in on her conversation.

She heard him sigh and reply, "I guess you're right. I'm gonna head home then. I'll see you tomorrow, Aria."

She didn't know what it was that triggered her next response: the resigned sigh or the way he called her by her first name instead of an endearment. "No, wait! I'm coming! Just give me five minutes. Okay?"

Before Harry could protest, tell her that there was no need and that he understood her problem, Aria hung up the phone and closed the window.

Aria grabbed the purse that was sitting on her study table, threw her phone inside and gently opened the door. An idea popped in her head and she retraced her steps, grabbing a couple of her pillows on her way. She placed them on the bed side by side, so that it looked like a body was lying there and covered it up by tucking them underneath her blanket.

Checking to see if it looked real enough to fool her mother in case she decided to come up, Aria noiselessly closed her door and made her way downstairs. She peeked into the kitchen and the living room, almost expecting her mother to be sitting there, waiting to catch her. When she found both rooms empty, Aria grabbed her jacket and pulled it on. Followed it up with a beanie over her head and cautiously opened the door.

She was out of the house in no time and saw Harry give her a thumbs up from inside his car. She let out a shaky laugh and began walking towards his car. Halfway down the path her heart stopped as she heard the all too familiar voice of her nosy and snooty neighbor, Mrs. Rosalie calling out from behind her.

"Who's there? Show yourself right now!"

Aria's heart stopped and she would've actually turned around from the shock of getting caught, if Harry hadn't started the engine of his car at that moment. She began walking fast and heard her irritating neighbor's footsteps follow her.

"Halt! Now! Or I'll call the police on you, you filthy robber!" She heard Mrs. Rosalie quack out. Aria broke into a run at the mention of the police.

She was dead! Her mother would definitely kick her out if Mrs. Rosalie caught up to her. Despite the chill of winter, Aria felt her hands and forehead go clammy. She could hear Mrs. Rosalie's footsteps drawing closer.

Just when she thought Mrs. Rosalie would grab her by the shoulder, Harry swerved close to the sidewalk with the car and opened the door for Aria. The sudden appearance of the car and the opening of the door threw Mrs. Rosalie off guard and she fell on her butt trying to avoid a collision. Mrs. Rosalie let out a cry as if the car had driven over her.

Aria quickly got into the car and closed the door as Harry sped up. She sat there heaving in deep breaths, waiting for the shock to subside. Harry noticed her state and grabbed her hand quickly, leaving a kiss at the back of her palm.

"Babe, it's alright. She didn't see you. Everything is fine."

Harry tried to squeeze her shaking hands to reassure her. When she gave no response, Harry slowed down and parked the car near a tree.

"Aria?" He grasped both her hands in his and gently turned her face towards him. "It's okay. She didn't see you. It's okay."

Harry expected her to either burst into tears any moment or pull him into a hug, but what Aria did next made him question her sanity. She stared at him with her big blue eyes for almost a minute and then she burst into a fit of giggles.

Harry frowned as she continued laughing her head off. His surprise began to subside and he found himself unable to resist her contagious laugh. Harry's face split into a huge grin and he too joined her in her mirth.

"That has to be...one of..the most...craziest things...I've ever done!" Aria let out between giggles, trying to stop by holding her palm over her mouth but to no avail.

"Well, if you think this is crazy, wait till you see what I have planned out for us." Harry gave her a kiss on the nose and started the car once more.

"Why? What have you planned out?" Aria asked, beginning to sober up. When Harry continued to smirk at her, dimples on full display, Aria began to panic. "Harry? You're scaring me!"

Harry let out a chuckle and asked, "Have you ever gone snow sliding, love?"

"No, I hav- wait! Harry it's 11 am at night! Are we going snow sliding?"

Harry gave her one of his signature smiles as he informed, "This isn't just any kind of snow sliding. The place where I'm taking you, you have to snow slide only in your underwear."
Aria gave him a nervous giggle, sure that he was joking. "Really funny, Harry! Haha! Way to scare me!"

"Oh, I'm not kidding at all, love." Harry informed her with a serious face.

"Harry!" Aria squeaked, unable to accept the fact that he was actually asking her to go snow sliding in this cold butt naked. "It's like 5° outside. I'm not even wearing any underwear! I mean...I don't usually wear- when I go to bed."

Aria turned crimson; she had never shared such personal details of her wardrobe with any guy and felt a bit silly. Girls like Amy probably went to bed in satin lingeries, and here she was in shorts and a warm shirt.

But at the mention of her underwear, Aria noticed the change in the atmosphere inside the car instantly. She watched Harry swallow and bite down on his lips before replying, "Well, in that case, I guess I'm in luck."


Aria's Outfit

Harry's Outfit

This one's for Anwyn. :) Thank you for bringing me back to this.

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