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Traces of Your Touch (An AU Fanfiction)

Chapter 40

WARNING: Highly graphic smut scene. Read at own risk. If you find sexual scenes offensive or are under the age of 18, then please back out now. I don't want any sort of hate coming my way because of the explicit content in the chapter. So, please do not read if you have nothing nice to say.

The parking lot was empty by the time Harry reached the school and parked the car. He got out and was about to help Aria with the door, but she had gotten out before he could go to her side.

"Harry, we're really late! Do you think we should skip this class? Don't you think we'll end up getting in more trouble?"

"Hold up! You're the nerd. Not me. You know better than I do!"

"Who said I was a nerd?" Aria frowned, not sure where he got that idea.

"Your room is full of books! Plus, you have Star Wars DVDs under your bed! So, you're not just a nerd, you're a geek as well!" Harry joked as they crossed the pavement. Aria gasped and pretended to be offended as she said, "I am not!"

"That's what all nerds and geeks say!" Harry grinned even wider as Aria slapped him playfully. She hadn't thought Harry would notice such little things and somehow she felt glad that he had. She also liked the fact that he was trying to cheer her up as they made their way inside the building.

"So, what are you planning on doing, if we skip class?"

"Umm- I'm not sure. I'll probably give Louis a call and see what he's up to." As soon as the words left Aria's mouth, she regretted saying them. Harry's smile had vanished instantly and it was replaced by a hard look. Aria couldn't tell whether it was anger or annoyance.

"'Course. I'll leave you to it then." Harry was about to walk away but Aria's voice stopped him midway.

"Harry, wait!" Harry turned to face Aria once more, his forehead holding a frown.

"Harry, you know that I am dating Louis."

"And how does that concern me?" Harry's voice was one filled with controlled anger.

"I- I just...I just th-thought that maybe w-we could be f- friends?"

Harry raised an eyebrow, as though questioning Aria's sanity. She felt all the hope burning away as she waited for Harry's next words.

"Like I said before, babe. Friendship is something that doesn't define us."

Harry spun around and walked away, leaving Aria even more alone than she felt before.

Aria contemplated on whether she should leave Louis another voice mail. She didn't want to come off as clingy but she couldn't stop herself from worrying about him. He hadn't come to school today and was not picking up his phone either. She had asked around about him to his friends, but nobody knew where he was.

Niall and Liam had also tried calling him in front of Aria, but he hadn't picked up their calls either. So, it wasn't as though he had decided that she hadn't been a good enough date the night before and ditched her.

Aria let out a frustrated sigh as she heard her mother sob her heart out into the pillow from the room next to the kitchen. She had tried to console her mother after coming home from school by helping her cook dinner and watching television, but it looked like the moment Aria was not around, she would drown herself with self sympathy.

It wasn't as though Aria didn't pity her mother or the situation her father had left them with, but it just bothered her that her mother still held onto her ego instead of caving in. Aria had literally begged her mother to give her permission to call her dad and request him to come back or at least call Ryan and let him know what was going on. However, her mother had been stubborn and adamant that neither she nor Aria or she would do any such thing. And if the need rose, her father would call them on his own.

As for Ryan? Well, she didn't want Ryan to be distracted from his studies. Aria almost felt a pang of jealousy when she thought about how Ryan always got the pass and she was the one who had to deal with the family problems.

Letting out a resigned sigh, Aria decided to text Louis and let him know that she hoped he was alright and that she missed him. And she did. She wished she could talk to him and share all her problems, weep in his shoulder and hold hands as he stroked her hair.

Aria closed her eyes to picture the beautiful moment and opened her eyes immediately as she saw a completely different thing. She had just envisioned Harry holding her hand as they had watched the eclipse together in the camping trip. Her heart gave a small lurch when she recalled how Harry had dismissed her in front of the whole school and had denied their kiss.

She shook her head from the depressing thoughts and made her way to her room, turning off the lights downstairs on her way. Running up the stairs to her room, she turned on the lights and plopped onto her bed. Her tired mind kept rewinding the events of the day and she looked to her right, at the space in her bed that Harry had occupied, with longing.

Aria slowly got out of her bed, grabbed her towel and went to take a shower. As the water poured down her body, Aria finally let the tears loose. She sat on the corner of the shower stall, wrapping her hands around her legs and cried her heart out. Her body raked from the sobs and she wept at the thought of her parents separating. They worried about money every second of every day and it was driving them apart.

The depressing thoughts didn't end their though. Aria remembered all the times she had been tortured and her chest hurt from the howling sobs she finally let out at having to hear everyone make fun of her for being dirt poor and looking down upon her. It hurt. All of it. Even today at school, when Harry had left and she had decided to go to class anyway, the people in her class bullied her in front of the teacher.

They claimed that her rickety car had probably broken down or that she had had cleaning duty early in the morning. And the teacher had enjoyed it all, as he despised Aria for failing his subjects.

Half way through her shower she heard her phone ring, and loosely wrapping the towel, she rushed to check who had called. She was earnestly hoping that it would be her father and she would be able to beg him to come back home.

Aria frowned when she saw Harry's name flashing as the ID. Why was Harry calling Aria at this time of the night? More importantly, hadn't they had a small spat this morning?


"Aria, open your windows! Hurry!"

"What? Why?" Aria cautiously made her way to the window and checked if he was there. She just saw his car and screamed when his face popped up from the other side of the window. He was grinning as he waved his hand and indicated Aria to open up. How in the world had he managed to climb up to her window and wait there? The ladder! Of course! Aria almost slapped her forehead for being so slow.

"Harry, I can't open it now!" Aria's voice was filled with annoyance and confusion at his sudden appearance.

"Why not?" Harry frowned at her as he spoke on the phone.

"Because....I'm in the middle of my shower. He- Hey! Don't look!" Aria pulled the curtains closed as Harry grinned and tried to take a peek at her towel clad body.

"Oh come on, babe! Just let me in and finish the shower?"

"I don't see why I should after your behavior at school this morning, Harry."

She heard him groan into the phone and almost smiled.

"Look, I can get a little moody sometimes."

"Moody is not the right word for you, Harry. You're like that guy from the Katy Perry song. Sweet and caring once, an insensitive jerk the next minute. Can you say bi-polar?"

"Alright, fine! I was horrible and I realize it. Isn't that what's important here?" Harry frowned at how easily he felt guilty when he dealt with this girl. Nobody ever managed to make him apologize in any shape or form. But this girl, she was a work.

"I guess..."

"You gue- Aria, I am freezing out here. Besides, weren't you all about your neighbors seeing me the other day? What happened now?"

Aria realized that he was right and her eyes widened in panic. She rushed to the window, stopped when she realized that she was completely naked under the towel and spoke into the phone, "Give me a minute. Okay? I just need to put something on."

As she rushed to her closet to look for something to wear for the time being, she heard Harry go quiet and his breathing become heavier as he seductively whispered into the phone, "Wait! Are you naked?"

His voice had a deep throaty touch to it and the way Harry rolled the word 'naked' off his tongue, it sounded like a lover's caress. Aria felt as though she would orgasm just from the way he said it. However, she put on an angry voice as she sobered him up, "Harry Styles, I'm not opening up this window if your intentions are anything but platonic!"

"No! Aria, look...I won't do anything wrong. I won't bite, I promise. Can you just open the window? I'm freezing out here."

Harry's voice sounded reassuring enough for Aria to be convinced. She grabbed clothes off the closet and put them on before opening the window. Harry took the hand that Aria offered and jumped in through the sill. He quickly pulled in the ladder and Aria closed the window and curtains.

"So, what's going on?"

Harry's eyes took in her outfit as she grabbed a towel and started drying her hair. He tried his best not to stare but his eyes kept going to her long toned legs. He leaned against the window and licked his dry lips before speaking.

"We're going out for a bit."

"We are?" Aria asked, raising an eye brow and making Harry want to pin her down against the bed. However, the dark smudges under her eyes and puffiness of her eye lids held him back. Had she been crying? It only made Harry's resolve even stronger.

"Let me rephrase that. I'm taking you somewhere."


"It's a surprise."

"O-kay. Umm- but I don't think I'll be free tomorrow."

"We're not going there tomorrow. We're going now!"

"Now?" Aria was about to sit down on her bed but she quickly stood back up hearing his announcement. "It's 11 pm, Harry! Have you lost your head?"

"Nope!" Harry gave her one of his million dollar grins, dimples on full display. Aria felt her heart melt at that smile but she knew better than to let him have his way.

"Harry, I can't! Look, if my mom finds out then I'm dead meat!"

"She won't!" Harry assured her confidently and held a small sad smile.

"You don't know that!"

"I do! Trust me. It'll help you."

"How in the world will going out help me?"

"Look, just trust me. Please? I wanna make it up for this morning, Aria."

Aria looked directly at his mesmerizing green eyes and was surprised to see the regret in them. He actually was feeling bad about being an ass to her!

"Okay." Aria wondered why on earth she was putting her faith on the guy who had hurt her over and over again.

"Really?" Harry's eyes widened in disbelief. He hadn't thought that she would agree to it so easily.

Aria put on a jacket as she warned with a smile, "But if I get in trouble for this, you're dead."

"Harry, where in the world are we?" Aria watched him pay the boy who was letting them in into the old building from the back. She couldn't tell where they were and neither could she recognize the building in the dark.

"Sshhh!" Harry put his finger over his lips, nodded off the boy and grabbed Aria's hand before saying, "Follow me. Keep close cause it's dark inside."

Aria's heart beat rapidly against her rib cage as fear overtook confusion. Where in the world were they? And why in the world was Harry taking her into an old, abandoned and somewhat eerie building?

Aria observed building and saw that the paint looked weathered and was peeling off in places, and the glass windows were mostly broken. A slight breeze passed, making the life-less trees nearby rustle sinisterly and the hinges of the door squeak. Cob webs hung around the corners of the door, making Aria hold onto Harry's hand for dear life.

"Hey, don't worry. You'll like it, I promise." Harry reassured, wrapping his arms around Aria's shaking form. Harry led her through the dark with the help of the light from his phone. He had his hand wrapped around her waist the entire time.

"You should've worn a thick jacket instead of the pull-over." Harry commented, misunderstanding the shiver that passed through her as cold.

Aria didn't comment and followed Harry through what looked like a door almost hanging off its hinges.

Aria's jaw dropped as soon as she entered the room. She let go of Harry's hand and stared in awe at the most beautiful room she had ever laid eyes on. It was massive, like a ballroom, with varnished wooden floors and ivory painted walls. The tall walls reached up to an open glass ceiling, encasing a velvety black sky dotted with stars.

The moon glowed bright and illuminated the entire room like a white disc suspended in the pitch dark sky. The light from the moon cast a silver satin cloak over the length of the room, shimmering, dancing. It looked as though the heavens were opening up for them.

Aria was so mesmerized and engrossed by its beauty that she didn't at first notice the lone, black piano that stood majestically on the centre of the room. The semi glossy surface of the dark piano shone as the moon shed light upon it, as if solely accentuating the magnificence of it.

"Harry, I- I...it's gorgeous." Aria couldn't drag her eyes off it all as she addressed Harry. She didn't notice the sad smile he gave as he approached her.

"I know. This place was where the aristocrats used to throw parties. This room used to be the ball room. People danced and sang under the shimmering night sky as the pianist played his tune into the night...It was...It was the first time that I ever saw a piano."

Aria turned to see a dazed look in Harry's eyes and she knew that he wasn't seeing what she was, that he was taken back to a time which was beyond her comprehension.

"Do you play?" Aria asked, slowly walking towards the piano, unsure if she was allowed to touch something so priceless.

"Sometimes." Harry followed her, his chain of thoughts broken by the sight of her near the piano. "I mean, mom made us practice when we were kids. Said it was sophisticated. Not mainstream like a guitar."

Harry rolled his eyes at his mother's assumptions, making Aria chuckle. She slowly lowered her hand on the cool surface and let out a sigh feeling the smooth texture of the wood.

"Can you- Will you play something for me?"

Harry's face hardened at her request and Aria knew what his answer would be even before he said it. "Not today. Maybe some other time."

Aria nodded in understanding and watched as he lowered himself onto the wooden floor next to the piano and looked at her with a smile.

"Come here." He patted on the spot next to him and without hesitation Aria walked to the spot and lied down.

They lay abreast, looking up at the twinkling lights of the stars being overshadowed by the vibrant silver of the moon. It was calming and Aria felt herself relax as they lay there in companionable silence.

After what felt like forever, Harry spoke without really looking at Aria. "How are you?"

Aria turned to look at him and couldn't shake off the feeling that he knew about her father. "I'll live. You?"

"I'll live."

Aria smiled as she saw the dents forming in his cheeks, indicating that he was laughing at her in his head. She shifted her eyes back to the ceiling and watched the translucent moon as a single gray cloud passed over it.

"It gets easier with time, you know. The hurt." The feeling that he knew everything returned, but Aria decided to suppress it instead of addressing it. At least she was talking about it to someone.

"Does it really?"

"Yes. To some extent." Aria wondered how he knew or what had happened for him to be so confident with his answers.

"I can't shake off the feeling that he'll return."

"If he does, then you should know how lucky you are."

"I will and I'll cherish it. But good things don't often happen to people like me. So, the chances are pretty slim." A single tear streaked down the corners of Aria's eyes, making her throat clog up.

"That's not true! Your chances are the same as any other person's, Aria. Don't beat yourself over something that you had no hand in to begin with." Harry had finally torn his eyes away from the roof to look at her. Aria gave a laugh which was filled with more hurt than humor. Harry looked away and bit down on his lips.

"Have you ever played the piano?"

"The piano?"

Harry nodded his head and looked at her eagerly.

"Umm- No."

"Would you like to learn?"

"I would but I can't afford piano lessons." Aria gave him a sad smile, making him feel horrible about his own financial status.

"I'll teach you." Harry's declaration surprised Aria and she started laughing like crazy. Harry frowned, wondering if she had gone insane from all the problems in her life.

"Harry....what's the catch?" She said in between her laughter.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean what is it that you want from me, Harry? Why are you being so nice to me? I already told you that I wasn't interested in your offer." Aria had sat up now, looking away at a corner of the room, not meeting his eyes.

Harry felt the anger rise at her words. So, even though he wanted to help her, he was still assumed to be the bad guy? He got off from the floor and made his way to the piano. He sat down on the seat and opened it. His hand hovered over the keys, trying to remember the notes.


"What?" Harry snapped and looked up, having his concentration broken. Aria sighed and got off the floor as well as she spoke in a low voice.

"I am sorry about that. I know you're just helping...It's just hard...you know? Trusting everyone? And with our history-"

"Aria, I get it. Okay? I am not exactly the most trust worthy person in the world. Look, just forget about the whole thing. Alright?"

Before she could open her mouth to say a word, Harry started playing the piano, making her stop and listen in awe. The piece he was playing was beautiful and Aria couldn't stop herself from moving closer to him.

Harry had his eyes closed as his beautiful, long fingers pressed subsequently on to the black and white keys. He looked even more handsome as the moonlight fell on his pale face, with his jaw clenched and forehead in a frown as he concentrated on a difficult note.

Aria felt her skin break out in goose bumps at the depth of the tune. It was beautiful. Almost melancholic. Aria fell at a loss on how to feel about it; for some reason this piece made her sad and defiantly ecstatic at the same time. As though the ups and downs in her life were being played in a single tune.

"What is it called? The piece?" Aria almost whispered, trying not to break his concentration.

"Moonlight Sonata. The first movement."

She found herself walking towards Harry and at her approach; Harry slightly scooted over in his seat, making space for her. She sat next to him and watched his fingers play away. His hands were huge and it looked as though this piano had been specifically made for him.

Aria closed her eyes and let the music overwhelm and brush away all her sorrows. A single tear trickled down her cheek as though the pent up emotion inside her was escaping.

After a few minutes, Harry finished the piece and they both sat there in a peaceful silence. It seemed as though both of them were left raw from the beautiful sonata.

Chapter Playlist: Romance You by Nathan Walters

Harry couldn't control himself anymore as he grabbed Aria's face and locked his lips with hers. She pressed her lips gently, gasping slightly as he increased the pressure. He pulled her closer against him as he sucked gently on her lower lip, and she moaned quietly, lifting her face to look into his intoxicating green eyes.

She slid into his lap, straddling his legs. "Harry, I- I need you." She whispered, leaning in to kiss him.

"So do I." His hands ran up and down her back as he took her earlobe in his mouth.

He pulled her close, stroking her face as he kissed her gently, holding her to him as he deepened the kiss. She moaned as Harry slid his tongue against hers, teased it and tempted it to follow it back into his own mouth, where he sucked on it gently.

Aria's hands rubbed his clothed chest and arms, exploring his muscles as her hips pressed harder against his. She could feel him begin to harden by the way his jeans made a tent. Aria moved her hips back and forth against him, and he moaned as he realized what she was doing.

He had to see her naked skin, and began tugging her tank top over her head. Aria bit down on her lip and helped her blonde hair cascading free as Harry pulled off the elastic that had been holding her braid.

Her bra was white and plain, and Harry ran his thumbs over her already-hard nipples before moving to undo the clasp. As he pulled the bra open, Harry was knocked out of his breath at the sight of the two perfect globes, with hard, rosy buds that were standing in attention. Harry tossed the bra to the floor and hungrily sucked one nipple into his mouth, his hand kneading the other firm mound.

Aria moaned passionately as he suckled her. She pulled his hair and tugged him closer, rubbing her crotch harder against his as he teased her nipple with his tongue. He switched to her other breast, sucking and licking the dry one and pinching her wet nipple between his fingers.

She pulled back slightly, moving her hands to remove Harry's shirt. The slight movement made her hand brush against the keys of the piano, and she jumped at the noise that disturbed the passion filled silence. Aria covered her mouth at her carelessness and despite the heated atmosphere; a giggle escaped her as she looked at him.

"I'm sorry." Aria whispered, and let out another embarrassed giggle.

"You won't be when I push you against it and make you writhe under my body. We'll be making our own music then."

Aria blushed and got turned on by his dirty talk. Harry took off his t-shirt and tossed it, pulling her against him as he kissed her lips and neck. Their heated skin came in contact, her breasts against his chest, making her even wet.

Aria's nipples grazed against his chest as she began riding him through their clothes, and his hands firmly gripped her clothed butt, his thumbs sliding under the waistband of her short. He began thrusting up against her, pushing his throbbing dick against her clothed cunt at the same time.

Harry tried pulling her shorts off in frustration. She moaned into his ear, "Harry, don't. I like it this way."

Harry wanted to protest and pull off her shorts anyway but knew she would run like a frightened rat if he went too fast. He had a better idea. Sliding a finger in her shorts, he rubbed her labia through the fabric of her panties.

Harry found and rubbed his thumb gently over her clit, feeling her juices drip out of her and make a wet patch against her panties. He kept rubbing in gentle circles around her core until the whimpering that Aria was trying to hold back was no longer stifled. The whimpering slowly turned into a low, helpless moan. Harry's finger rubbed slightly faster. Aria's body writhed against the finger involuntarily.

Aria opened her eyes suddenly and was frantically looking around the room as though someone would pop out of the dark and catch her doing such a dirty deed. She looked guilty all of a sudden and Harry realized that she was probably having second thoughts about what they were doing.

"Don't think. Just relax, babe. I'm here for you. It's just you and I. Nothing else matters."

Aria made a little noise and Harry leaned forward and kissed her full lips as she grasped Harry's bicep and pulled his upper body into the kiss. He broke the kiss and holding her up by her butt, he sat her down on the keys of the piano and leaned his body against hers.

The noises of the piano didn't break through Aria's passion filled mind as Harry thrust against her clothed pussy, making her moan as his tip brushed lightly against her throbbing clit. It was driving her crazy when he pulled away to open his jeans.

Aria's mouth was left hanging open when she saw the big tent his boxers had made, and a slight wet patch had formed at the top because of his pre cum. Before Aria could utter another word, Harry was back in his position and she tightly wrapped her legs around his waist so that he couldn't break free anymore.

Harry chuckled at her possessiveness and started grinding against her crotch once more. After the first few thrusts, her movements fell into rhythm with his and they moved faster, making the noises from the piano become more frequent.

Aria was close to the edge and felt Harry thrust even faster against her shorts. Her legs convulsively widened a fraction, then clamped together hard around his hips. Her left hand yanked Harry's neck closer to her body, pulling him into a vice-like grip as she was tipped over the edge.

Aria's mind went blank as her body spasmed with the effects of her climax, drawing a small scream of passion from her beautiful lips. It was enough to make Harry lose control as his back arched and he climaxed in his boxers, cum dripping out from the sides down his thighs.

Their breathing slowed down and they relaxed, holding onto each other tightly. Harry was the first to break free and her blue lust laden ones met his green ones. Harry bit down his lip gave Aria a soft peck and smirked sexily before he whispered between breaths.

"A screamer. I like it."


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