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Traces of Your Touch (An AU Fanfiction)

Chapter 37

Chapter Playlist: Bubbly by Colbie Caillat

Aria's Outfit

"Babe, umm- there's a slight problem." Louis began making Aria break her gaze from the view through the window to look at him.

"Oh. Is everything alright?" They had been driving for about 30 minutes through a route which was slightly outside town and Aria hadn't noticed any problems. She wondered if they had a flat tire or anything of that sort.

"Uh- yeah. It's just...I need to take a wee." Louis replied abashedly, making Aria burst out in laughter.

"Louis, how in the world do you plan on taking a wee out here without being seen?" Aria tried containing her laughter but to no avail.

"Don't laugh! Okay? A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do." Louis chided with humor. "Besides, I think there's a park somewhere out here."

"Wow! Louis Tomlinson peeing in a park! Wait till I tell the entire school! It'll be all over the notice boards!" Aria poked fun, making Louis give her a cheeky grin as he spoke.

"Well, love, if you do plan on destroying my reputation, you're gonna have to pay back for it later. The penalty will be to repay me with kisses equalling to the number of people that find out about it." Louis wiggled his eye brows and slowly parked near the entrance of the park that he had mentioned.

"You wish, Tomlinson!" Aria rolled her eyes and blushed as Louis turned towards her.

"I do." Louis held a hand across his heart to emphasis the depth of his wish before continuing. "I'll be back in 2, babe. Don't run away. Okay?"

"You're not planning on pulling a Halloween prank or some sort of Magician prank on me. Are you?"

"What..like how Damon attacked the innocent couple at the beginning of VD?"

Aria's eyes grew wide as she recalled that episode and Louis burst out laughing at her expression. Aria hit his arm before huffing and crossing her arms against her chest.

"I'm just messing, love. I'll be back soon."

Louis walked through the entrance and went out of sight. Aria looked around, checking to see if there was any vampire or any supernatural creature in sight. She knew it was silly but she had heard that Louis held a reputation for being the biggest prankster in Richmond and so, she couldn't help but wonder if he would pull one on her in the Halloween spirit.

Almost 10 minutes had passed since Louis had left and Aria was beginning to worry that he would not return. She started fidgeting with her bangles for the hundredth time, as she watched the sky growing dark indicating dusk.

Aria's phone buzzed all of a sudden and she checked to see that Louis had sent her a message telling her to wait for him inside the park. So, Aria grabbed her purse and made her way through the entrance. She stood there and looked around the park for Louis but saw no trace of him. Aria started getting worried and hoped someone hadn't kidnapped Louis and texted from his phone to kidnap her as well.

Her phone buzzed once again and she read out Louis' second text, "Babe, look at the tile you are standing on and follow the instructions."

Aria frowned before looking down to see that there was an arrow drawn with chalk on the concrete tile of the pathway she was standing on. Her eyes followed the arrows that continued to be drawn on each tile of the path and Aria slowly followed the instructions.

At one tile, there were words saying 'Stop! Walk to the tree to your right and look what's behind it'. So, Aria walked to her right and went behind the tree, only to find a beautiful peach rose stuck on the trunk of the tree with a tape. Aria couldn't help but smile at his thoughtful gift and went back on the path to continue following his instructions.

Aria detached the 6th rose from the back of another tree and went back to the path. Her cheeks were hurting from smiling so much and she couldn't keep her excitement as she saw Louis walking towards her from the opposite side, holding a bouquet of peach roses.

He had a cute smile on his face as he handed her the bouquet and Aria counted to see that the bouquet had 6 roses; meaning he had gotten her a dozen peach roses. He offered his hand to her in the old fashioned way and asked, "Shall we?"

Aria gave him a smile and nodded her head as she locked her hand onto his. Louis led her near a spot and Aria's jaw dropped when she saw what he had planned out.

There was a lake within the park and it had a small platform, resembling a dock, leading to an open and beautiful view of the setting sun and its rays glittering like gold on the steady ripples of the water.

If that wasn't enough, Louis had arranged a picnic basket, a mat and a wine bottle with champagne glasses for them to enjoy. It was so perfect that the thought of someone putting so much effort to make her feel special brought tears to Aria's eyes.

"Do you like it?" She heard Louis ask and noted the nervous edge to his voice. Aria turned to look at him and couldn't stop herself from wrapping her arms around him.

"It's perfect, Louis!"

Louis let out a laugh which sounded almost like a sigh of relief as he hugged Aria back, his heart racing as her warmth engulfed him. She let go of him and almost ran to the spot, sitting on the mat and taking off her heels to dip her leg into the cool water. Aria closed her eyes and moaned at the way the water soothed her aching feet.

Louis slowly made his way to the spot and sat, watching the way the rays of the setting sun fell on Aria's face. He felt his heart miss a beat as she smiled peacefully, as she dipped her leg further into the water.

Aria opened her eyes and looked at Louis, and spoke, "Thank you, Louis."

"Oh but you haven't seen the best part yet, babe!"

"There's more?" Aria chuckled at Louis' excitement.

"Yes! Check this out!" He opened the picnic basket to reveal an assortment of cheese and its by-products.

"Oh my God! Louis, I love cheese!"

"Really? What a coincidence!" Aria could tell from his expression that it wasn't a coincidence at all and that he had done his research before taking her out on this date. It only made Aria smile even more.

Louis took out a small chunk of what looked like mozzarella cheese and offered Aria to eat it from his hand. Aria bit on it and closed her eyes to properly concentrate on the delicious taste.
However, her eyes flew open when she felt Louis' hot breath fanning against her cheeks.

Noticing her open eyes, Louis drew back and apologized to Aria for losing his self control.
He looked down at his lap and Aria took his hand into her palms, as she watched the sun set. Louis smiled at the small gesture. He tightened his grip and looked out over the lake at the sun, a warm, fuzzy feeling settling on his stomach.

Chapter Playlist:
Better Man by James Morrison

Aria finally managed to answer all her mother's queries and got into her room. She threw her purse on the sofa and plopped into her bed, smiling with glee at how perfect the day had been.
She remembered Louis' words after he had driven her back home from the party and had walked her to her door. He had said, "You know how people say that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger? Well, I only seem to be growing weak about you, Aria. I don't know why but I am."

Aria remembered smiling and blushing as he had hesitated to follow those words up with a goodnight kiss. She had decided to be the bold one and kiss him herself and Aria almost had a 'Princess Diaries' moment where she wanted to lift her leg up at how perfect the kiss was.

Aria let out a sigh of happiness and decided to day dream after she got out of the tight clothes. Aria started taking off the bangles and accessories while looking for her phone in her purse. She checked to see if anyone had texted her and to her dismay saw that she had 21 missed calls.

Aria quickly checked the numbers to find that Carol and Liana had called once each and the rest of the 19 missed calls were from Harry. Aria frowned at this, wondering if there was an emergency and was about to call him back when the phone rang, showing Harry's name on the ID.

Aria pressed the answer button and held the phone against her ear before speaking, "Hello?"

"Aria? Oh thank God, you picked up!" Harry's accent was thick and Aria could tell that he was drunk.

"Umm- hey, Harry! Is everything okay? I just saw your missed calls."

"Where are you right now?" Harry asked, completely ignoring Aria's question.

"Oh umm- in my room. Why?"

"Open your windows. I'm coming up!"

"What?" Aria ran to her window to see Harry getting out of his car. Why hadn't she seen his car when Louis had dropped her off?

"Harry, you can't do that. My bedroom's in the top floor...in the attic!"

"I have a huge ladder!" Harry showed from the street as he made his way towards Aria's house. Aria looked through the window, checking to see if any neighbors were watching.

"Harry, you can't do that! I'm not opening my window!"

"Fine! Then I'll come through your back door!"

"What? No, wait! Alright, fine! Come through the window!" Aria opened the window and watched Harry lay the ladder against the wall and climb up. Aria kept a look out for any passing cars or any neighbors watching as Harry slowly made his way up. She assisted him to come in through the window as the pane was small and couldn't fit all of Harry at once.

Harry grabbed the ladder and pulled it up into her small room and Aria closed the window and drew the curtains. Harry stood there, his face pale from having drunk so much. He noticed Aria and looked her up and down as a smirk pulled on his lips.

"Nice outfit, babe!"

Aria crossed her arms, feeling a bit self-conscious and tapped her feet on the ground in irritation as Harry looked around her room as if he saw it for the first time.

"Your room...it's small." Harry commented dryly and Aria could feel her anger rising.

"Harry, you-”

"I like it!" Harry looked at her dead pan and Aria felt her heart jolt at the look in his eyes. She couldn't say what it was exactly but it was something between sorrow and a sense of need.

"I had a room like yours when I was a child!" Harry continued as he leisurely strolled within the room, his big form making the room look even tinier. Aria felt a bit uncomfortable by his presence and decided to ask him directly.

"Harry, what are you doing here at this time of the night? I mean...surely you didn't make a night call just to discuss bedrooms." Harry turned to look at Aria and he walked towards her. Aria took a step back but Harry stopped a feet away from her as he gave her a small smile.

"You had a date today. I just...just wanted to know how it went for you." Aria frowned at his words. They were softly spoken and with a smile, but his eyes held an emotion that Aria couldn't define.

"Harry, why in the world do you want to know? And what makes you think I would even tell you?" Harry was taken aback by her rudeness and a frown appeared on his face.

"Oh so you can't even tell me what happened? What exactly did you guys do today?" Harry's voice was harsh and his eyes held uncontrolled anger.

"That's none of your business, Harry!" Aria poked a finger on Harry's chest and she knew she wouldn't have been able to say these things so boldly if she was completely sober. "I only answer to my friends and family! And you? You're neither!"

Harry's expression changed and a look of hurt appeared on his face as he asked, "Why can't we be friends?"

Aria let out a humorless chuckle as she replied, "Are you seriously asking me that? Aren't you the one who said we weren't friends? And aren't you the one who is too embarrassed to speak to me in school?"

"Yeah, but-" Harry scratched his head drunkenly in embarrassment, managing to somehow look cute and regretful at the same time. "I can be a dick sometimes. That doesn't mean you'll take everything I say word for word. You know me better than that."

Aria wasn't sure if he was sober enough to know who she was and wasn't mistaking her for someone else as she replied, "No, Harry. I really don't know what you really want or who you are. All I know is that you should go home now."

Harry's face hardened at the last comment and he angrily sat down on her bed. He looked absolutely adorable with his lower lip sticking out a bit as though he was stubbornly choosing not to leave. Suddenly, his face lit up with a cheeky smile as he asked her, plopping down on her bed completely. "So did Louis take you to the French Restaurant as per usual?"

Aria frowned at his last two words and sat beside him on the edge of her bed before answering, "No, actually! He took me to a lakeside picnic in a park. And what do you mean per usual?"

It was Harry's time to frown as he sat up from his position and asked as he completely ignored her question, "Lakeside? Is it the park just outside town?"

"Yeah. Why?" Harry's jaws hardened as he plopped back down on the mattress and closed his eyes without answering. Aria thought he had fallen asleep from watching his breath become heavy.

"Harry, you can't sleep here. My mum and dad'll kill me. Go home."

"I can't!" Harry replied without opening his eyes.

"Why the fuck not?" Aria's voice was harsh and she couldn't control her anger any more. Harry opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling as though in deep thought as he replied, "Because there's nobody there."

His voice sounded hollow and Aria's frown deepened as he tried to look at him better but her eyes were becoming heavy as tiredness overwhelmed her body.

"Harry, I'm sorry but you can't-"

"Just for tonight, Aria." Harry cut her off and looked her straight in the eye. The look he gave her made her chest hurt; he looked like a lost puppy. "I promise not to do anything stupid. I won't touch you. Or say anything dumb. Please."

Aria thought about it for a minute and let out a sigh as she got up to close her door. She really hoped she wasn't making a stupid decision. As she turned, she realized that Harry had fallen asleep. She plopped down on the other side, as far away from Harry as she could and felt her lids close as she whispered, "Goodnight, Harry!"

Louis lay awake on his bed, a smile adorning his face as he went through the pictures him and Aria had taken that day. He couldn't seem to shake off the fluttering feeling in his stomach. The day had gone smoothly and Aria had looked happy. Satisfaction made his smile grow wider.

As he continued to browse through the pictures on his phone, it buzzed indicating a text message. Louis smiled thinking that it would probably be Aria bidding him goodnight. However, his entire body stilled when he saw the name of the sender. He felt his heart almost stop as he was brought back to reality with a bang while he read the text.

'So, how'd the date go?'

'Fine.' He typed back and hoped there wouldn't be a further reply. But he was wrong as his phone buzzed once more.

'Any progress?'

'I'm getting there.' Louis replied, gritting his teeth as frustration and irritation took over him.

'I hope so. I don't want Styles to win this thing, Lou. You're not thinking of sissying out of this. Are you?'

Louis gulped and felt his throat clog up and his nostrils burn as he replied, 'Nope. The bet's still on!'


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