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Traces of Your Touch (An AU Fanfiction)

Chapter 35

Nikhil stood there with his mouth hanging open, looking from Harry to Aria. She sat paralyzed on the table, unable to form a syllable of a word.

"Can I help you?" Harry's haughty voice broke Aria out of her reverie as her gaze fell on the boy who was still holding her against the table; one hand tightly wrapped around her waist and the other against the length of her neck.

Harry slowly pulled down her skirt enough to hide the exposed skin, without looking away from Nikhil; reminding Aria of her wanton appearance. She pulled her blouse up and fixed her skirt as much as she could with Harry standing between her legs.

"Oh- Umm. A- Aria....carving c- competition....L- Liana sent me..." Nikhil stuttered out; intimidated now that he had Harry's full attention.

"Alright. Tell them she'll be there." Harry informed coolly, before turning back to look at Aria.
But Aria's eyes were glued to Nick's as she tried to come up with something to say. When Harry saw Aria gazing the other way and heard no noise of the door closing, he turned back again to look at Nikhil.

"Anything else?" Harry snapped impatiently, with one of his eye brows raised. Nikhil shook his head, abashed and scurried out of the room, leaving Aria and Harry alone once more.

Harry turned his attention back to Aria, who was still staring at the closed doors in shock. Harry felt his mood swiftly swing for the worse as a thought passed his head.

"Don't look so scared. Louis won't find out." Harry informed her stiffly, loosening the hand around her waist. Aria frowned at him as he started backing away from her and headed towards his desk.

"I'll handle nerd boy." Harry continued without looking back.

"You know what, Harry?" Aria started slowly. "You're the most bi-polar guy I've ever met!"
Aria jumped down from the desk and made her way to her own desk. Harry watched her in confusion, unable to comprehend why she was pissed. Hell! She was the one who had sat frozen when her friend had found them in each others arms.

"I'm leaving. If Ms. Caleb stops by then let her know." Aria walked out of the class room without giving Harry a second glance.

'One thing was for sure. Aria was feisty.' Harry thought to himself as a smirk appeared on his face. He just hoped she was the same in bed.

"So, this is how you carve a pumpkin!" Louis announced, showing his masterpiece to his friends. Aria stifled her laughter but Zayn and Niall doubled over, chortling in mirth at Louis' pumpkin.

"Shut up! It's beautiful!" Louis exclaimed, in mock hurt. "None of these idiots know how to appreciate true art!"

Aria watched Louis turn towards her and her smile fell when she was met by his pair of light blue eyes. She quickly averted her gaze and stared at the ground, as guilt assailed her.

"Are you sure you're okay?" Louis inquired for the fiftieth time that day, his voice filled with concern. Aria merely nodded her head and was saved from being further investigated by Liam joining them.

"So, have you guys planned on what you're wearing for the Halloween party?"

"I'm planning on dressing up as an avenger!" Niall chimed in.

"Cool! Can I tag along with you?" Alan asked, raising his head from carving his pumpkin.

"Sure! I'm gonna be Thor! So it's taken." They discussed within themselves.

"Zayn? How about you, mate?" Louis asked, turning towards him.

"Probably just Joker, you know." Zayn shrugged it off, showing minimal interest to such petty matters.

"In that case, I'm dressing up as Harlequin!" Carol announced, joining them with Liana in tow.

"Planning to cure my black heart, doc?" Zayn smirked, wiggling his eyebrows at Carol, to which she blushed red. To be honest, Aria and her friends hadn't quite grown used to hanging out with the 'In-crowd', even though this was only one-third of them.

"You wish, Malik!" Carol managed to tease back and took a seat beside Aria on the field.

"Are you still planning on being a magician, mate?" Zayn nudged with his elbow, since Louis was too busy giving his pumpkin a makeover.

"Yup!" He answered proudly, slightly sticking out his chest, without looking up. Despite her efforts not to, Liana couldn't help but let a chuckle escape. However when she realized Louis was serious about it, she sobered up.

"You don't think I can pull it off. Do you?" Louis feigned hurt by placing his hand on his chest.

"No. I'm sure you'd be wonderful as a magician, Lou." Liana tried to reassure him, thinking she had actually offended him. "But don't you think you'd do better as a comedian or say a prankster?"

"Comedian or a prankster? God forbid! You have no taste, woman! Zayn get me my stuff!" It was clear Louis had come prepared in case someone didn't think he was good enough.

"Go get it yourself!" Zayn drawled, drawing a look of utter disbelief from Louis and a few chuckles from the rest, including Aria.

"So ungrateful! Niall, you know what to do!" Niall let out a groan but got up when Louis gave him a pointed look, which went unnoticed by Aria.

Niall was soon back with a bag filled with, what Aria figured to be, magic related stuff. Louis took out a bunch of play cards and coins before shooing them off so that he could get ready. None of them took any of it seriously as they waited by the school building for Louis to show up. Niall and Zayn had decided to stay back and help Louis, leaving Liam with Aria and her friends.

They all turned when Louis came out wearing a hat and a cape looking like one of those old magicians who performed on stage.

"Classic outfit, mate." Liam sniggered with the rest of the group.

"Save your negativity for later, my peasants. For now, be prepared to get amazed." Louis boasted, heading towards Liana.

"Since you were the one who laughed at me, I'll start off with you first." Louis addressed Liana, pulling up his sleeves. "So, this trick is called The Killer Prediction."

Everyone ooh'ed and chuckled at the name, drawing a stern look from Louis. He continued, "I'll give you a deck of cards and you have to skim through them to select one and memorize it. You will hand me back the deck without announcing your choice and I'll hand you an envelope in which my prediction will remain of the card you have selected. You will hold this envelope tightly between your hands and when I click my fingers, you will open it to uncover my prediction. But before you open it I need you to shout out the card just so people know that you haven't changed it after uncovering my prediction. Okay?"

Liana nodded her head in understanding, her entire face filled with thrill and excitement. Louis handed her the deck of cards and Liana looked through them before handing the deck back to Louis. Louis handed her the envelope and asked her to hold it between her palms before clicking his finger.

"What was your prediction?" Louis asked.

"Two of Spades!" Liana informed and opened the envelope to unveil Louis' prediction.

"It's a 6 of clubs!" Liana showed the card before doubling over with laughter at Louis' failure alongside the others. Aria tried to stifle down her own laughter so that Louis wouldn't be hurt.

"Damn it! I was so close. How'd I miss that?" Louis asked scratching his head in confusion.

"Oh umm- Li, do you mind checking the left pocket of your jeans? I think there's something you'd like to see there."

The laughter died down and Liana searched her pocket with a frown. She took out a card and her mouth dropped as she saw what it was.

"Would you mind showing it to the rest of the group, love?" Louis asked cheekily, a smirk tugging at his lips as he failed to hide his smugness.

"It's a two of spades!" Liana whispered in disbelief, showing the card in her hand, leaving everyone gasping in awe. Aria was the first one to recover and started clapping in glee, as the others followed. The smirk Louis gave her took her breath away.

"Now for the lovely lady here!" Louis turned to Aria, making her cheeks go red. "I have specifically chosen this trick for you."

Aria watched as Louis led her and the rest of the group near a window of a classroom. He turned back to look at Aria before speaking up.

"Now, love, I need you to skim through this deck and select a card. Okay?" Louis explained in a much more affectionate voice than he used with Liana. Anybody listening to them would be able to tell how fond Louis was of Aria. Aria nodded her head, oblivious to the smiles on her friends' faces at the sight of the two of them.

"You'll jot down your name or signature on the card you select and show it to these idiots." Louis explained, smiling at the group.

"I'm allowed to disclose it?" Aria asked, taking the deck from Louis.

"Yup. And once you're done, you put the card back and shuffle it as much as possible. And I'll try to find your card without even touching the deck. Okay?"

Aria nodded, selecting a card and signing off her name on it with the sharpie provided by Louis. She shuffled the deck in excitement and once she was satisfied with her shuffling, she looked up at Louis to ask, "Now?"

"Now, you take the deck and throw it with all your might at that window, right there. See it?" Aria nodded her head and positioned herself in front of the window.

"I think I've seen this in Criss Angel!" Niall chimed in, with a thoughtful look on his face.
"Jesus!" Louis sighed, in frustration. "Bro, can you not kill the vibe. Please?"

Niall gave him a bashful smile before gesturing Aria to proceed. Aria turned to the window and threw the deck of cards against the glass of the window with force.

"Now look at the glass! See the card with your signature on it?" Louis pointed out, making everyone take a closer look.

He was right. The card sticking against the glass of the window was the one Aria had signed. Aria tried to grab the card from the glass but noticed that it was stuck on the opposite side of the glass; meaning it was impossible for Louis to have gone into the class room behind the window and stick it there.

"How'd you do that?" Aria and Carol asked simultaneously, completely stunned, as the boys patted Louis on his back. Louis merely gave a smug shrug of his shoulder and raised a finger to draw everyone's attention.

"There's one little thing you missed out, babe." Louis pointed at the card for Aria to see. "See the small scribble right there at the bottom. Why don't you check what's written?"
Aria scrunched up her eyes to see the tiny writing and read out the words slowly, "Aria, will you have dinner with me tomorrow?"

Aria finished the last bit in a whisper, stupefied at the words written on the card. Had Louis just asked her out? Louis Tomlinson. One of the best looking guys in her school. Was she dreaming?

Carol's squeal brought Aria back to reality as she turned to see the gleeful expression on the faces of her friends. She watched as Louis slowly made his way towards her before putting his hand behind her ear and pulling out a card.

"Aria," Louis flicked the card to show Aria its content with a cheeky smirk painted on his face. "Will you be my queen of hearts?"

"So, what is it that's bothering you so much?"

The mocking voice of the psychiatrist broke Harry's chain of thoughts and he opened his eyes, only to stare at the ceiling.

"What makes you think something is bothering me?" Harry asked, without turning to face the older woman.

"Well, for one, you haven't visited my office for almost one and a half year till today." She said coolly, drawing a chuckle from Harry.

"Well, I didn't know keeping in touch with your shrink was supposed to be one of the chief priorities in a teenager's life!" Harry mocked, trying to get under her skin.

"Psychiatrist, Harry. Not a shrink. There's a reason I hang that degree on my office wall." Dr. Yang pointed towards the framed certificate on the wall before continuing.

"And it isn't a priority but based on our history, I hoped you would keep in contact." A touch of emotion was laced in her voice, making him feel guilty. Harry grimaced at the reminder before mumbling an apology for his behavior.

"You need not apologize. Now tell me. What is it that you're so upset about?" Dr. Yang asked in her most professional voice.

"I think it's back."

"What is?"

"My- my problem." Harry air quoted the last word.

"Harry I've said this before and I'll say it again. You don't have a problem. It was just a branch of the disorder. And you have recovered greatly since then."

"You don't understand, doc. When I say it's back, I mean history is repeating itself."

"Louis?" Dr. Yang asked anxiously, sitting on the edge of her arm chair. Harry got up from the lounger and sat up, nodding his head.

"What's her name?" Dr. Yang asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Does it matter?" Harry scowled at her.

"So, it's exactly Déjà Vu?"

"No, not exactly." Harry replied, before giving a sad smile to the older woman. "But yes. It is Déjà Vu."


A/N: Sorry for the crappy chapter after so long. Didn't have time to proof read and write a proper note. Apologies! But I have questions for you all! Please answer any one of these questions for the next update!

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Déjà Vu'?

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