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Traces of Your Touch (An AU Fanfiction)

Chapter 31

A/N: Hi, my beauties! I need you guys to download a song before you start reading this chapter. Some of the lyrics of the song will bring more depth into the chapter and I wrote this while listening to it. But please do not start listening to it until I ask you to in the story. That way it’ll just get ruined.

The song:
Switchfoot- On Fire

Gym class had always been a drag for Aria since she was good in only one sport- soccer. During her childhood, Ryan and her father used to play the game every day, making Aria feel left out. She hated learning how to bake with her mother, being a bit of a rebellious tom boy back then. It had been just this year that she had taken interest to some of the girlier things like make up and skinny jeans.

So, as a child she had convinced her father and brother to teach her the game. When she had gotten a hold of the concepts of soccer, she had fallen in love with the game and even watched some of the games with her brother and his friends. However, since her school was made up of a bunch of chauvinists, girls weren't allowed to play soccer. They were only allowed to be in either the cheer leading squad or the dodge ball team.

Both of which held little appeal to Aria. She finished her last lap around the field, having been punished for telling the coach that she wasn't interested to play dodge ball. Grabbing a towel she wiped off the sweat from her brow and drank water off the drinking fountain near the soccer field.

She decided to take a break and watch the boys play. It looked to her as though pretty much all of them were good at the game, especially Niall and Louis. They were doing astonishingly well compared to the rest of the boys and it looked as though both were the captains of opposite teams. Aria watched as Louis played in the mid-field, assisting the striker beautifully as he ran towards the goal post, occasionally dodging around the enemy defenders.

But there was one person missing in the field, someone who was standing at the sidelines watching the game just like Aria. It was Harry. It looked like the coach was using Harry as a substitute instead of putting him in the first team; and with good reason. Rumor had it that Harry wasn’t very good at sports. It seemed as though it was true.

Aria watched Liam walk off the field, and approach her with a smile.

“Hey! What are you doing here?” Liam asked, grabbing a bottle of Gatorade off the benches in the sideline.

“Oh umm- just watching you guys play!” Aria smiled back at him.

“Watching us play or watching someone in particular play?” Liam nudged Aria’s arm playfully, leaving her frowning in confusion.

“Watching someone in particu-?” Aria understood the meaning of his words once she followed his gaze. He was looking at Louis and Aria felt hers ears turn red. Was everyone aware of Louis’ interest in her? As if he felt her gaze upon him, Louis turned to look at her and Liam standing at the sideline. He whispered something to Krug and headed towards them. Aria felt her heart pound faster, and she wished she had a mirror to check if she was looking alright.

Once he reached the two of them, he greeted her with a smile. God, he looked so hot wearing the football kit. Aria smiled back, stopping herself from drooling at how sexy Louis looked.

“Hey!” Louis greeted Aria, his face lighting up at the sight of her.

“Hey!” Aria replied back, smiling back as a blush kept creeping up her cheeks. Louis kept staring at Aria for the longest time, and Aria couldn’t break her gaze away from his face either.

Aria could feel butterflies flutter in her stomach but she kept feeling guilty whenever she remembered the night before.

“It’s pretty clear that I’m invisible here so I’ll leave you two love-birds alone.” Liam exclaimed, giving Louis and Aria a wink before walking away, and leaving them feeling extremely awkward.

Aria was about to walk away when Louis spoke up. “So umm…how are you this morning?”

“Huh? Good! I’m good. You?”

“Yeah, I’m good too.”

They stood looking at the ground as an awkward silence followed their polite exchanges about each other’s health. However, the awkward silence was broken by the shadow of someone tall approaching them. Aria and Louis both turned to see Harry coming in their direction, a scowl clearly plastered on his forehead.

“Hey, mate! What’s up?” Louis asked, giving Harry a bro hug but Harry’s eyes were glued to Aria as he glared at her. Aria felt a bit awkward standing between the two men who were, in a way, fighting for her. Harry, eventually turned to look at Louis but his face was still solemn as he replied back.

“I’m alright. What are you guys doing here?” Harry looked at Aria with displeasure, as if he was suspecting her of having stolen a candy from him. Aria returned his glare and replied before Louis could finish.

“Oh! We’re ju-“

“We were talking! About important stuff!” Aria cut Louis off, making Harry clench his jaw in aggravation. For good measure, Aria walked towards Louis and stood by his side, leaning a little towards him like a lover.

“Umm- ” Louis looked from Harry to Aria and back to Harry again. He could clearly sense the change in the air and the tension between the two people standing with him. So he tried to ask them nicely instead of making any assumptions. “Am I missing something?”

Aria watched as Harry’s frown disappeared and he replaced it with his infamous smirk. She didn’t like that smirk this time though; it made her skin crawl. She knew that he had something in his mind and whatever it was, it wouldn’t be good.

“No! Nothing at all. Actually…I just came to ask Aria if she was doing okay. She sounded a bit out of breath when I called her last night for notes.” Harry’s smirk broadened as he registered the shocked look on Aria’s face. He felt guilty for playing such a cheap shot but he had wanted to kiss that smug look off her face and since he couldn’t do that, he decided to hit her below the belt. “Was everything alright, love? You sounded a bit…distracted!”

Aria closed her hanging jaw and clenched her teeth together, as tears started forming at the back of her eyes. She blinked them away. No way would she let Harry get the satisfaction of embarrassing her.

“Yeah!” Louis agreed with Harry, making it harder for Aria as he recalled the night before. “You sounded a bit different when I called you as well, babe. Everything okay?”

Louis’ concerned voice made Aria feel even guiltier as she looked at the ground to keep herself from breaking down. She tried to think of a quick come back before Harry could further ruin it.

“Umm- yeah! I was just- Umm..Helping mom around the house!” Aria mentally patted herself for coming up with the convincing lie. But Harry decided to pop that bubble of satisfaction for her by saying the next words.

“Really? Cause you kept making these noises. You know like you were in pain. Like…how should I put it…like moans!” Harry watched in pleasure as Aria’s entire face turned red and she balled her hands by her side in fury. God, she looked sexy when she was mad. Louis looked from Harry to Aria, nodding his head and agreeing to having heard it as well.

“Oh- umm…I was moving boxes and I kept bumping into one thing or another when I was shifting them.” Aria lied through her teeth, her words sounding rushed. She saw Harry’s mouth open once again to say something but she thought better than to give him that opportunity.

“Excuse us, Harry!” She said, grabbing Louis’ hand. “But Louis and I need to talk about something important! See you later!”

Aria pulled a confused Louis away, leaving a stunned Harry standing there like a complete idiot. She pulled him till they came into a narrow alley leading to the boy’s locker room and hid behind the wall, to be completely out of Harry’s eye sight.

“Aria…what’s going on?” Louis asked as she leaned against the opposite wall of the alley, panting. She looked at Louis and contemplated on whether to tell him the truth.

“Louis I- I need to tell you s- something!” Aria stammered, nervous now that it was time for the truth.

“Okay?” Louis looked at her in confusion, wondering what it could be that was making her so anxious. In a way, he was a bit nervous too; fearing she would ask him to just be friends.

Aria stared at Louis, wondering how to start, not wanting to hurt his feelings. From the corner of her eye, she saw Harry approaching. His eyes fell on the pair of them and he balled his hands by his side as he registered how close they were standing. Aria feared that Harry would spill the beans on the two of them without giving Aria a chance to explain herself.

She looked around helplessly for a way to run away from Harry but when she saw dead ends on both sides, she grabbed Louis by the jersey and did the unthinkable. She pulled him into a kiss; right in front of Harry.

*cue switchfoot- on fire*

Harry stood there completely stunned, his anger completely forgotten. He watched as Aria kissed Louis’ unmoving figure. A minute passed but Aria was still kissing him and just a second later he watched Louis raise his hands from his side and place them on Aria’s waist. A sting passed Harry’s chest and he clenched his t-shirt near the area without even realizing what he was doing.

He stood there transfixed, staring at the two as they clung to each other. Aria’s hand had snaked around Louis’ neck and it made another sting pass Harry’s chest. He looked at the ground and recalled the time it had been his neck that Aria had wrapped her arms around.

Harry looked up once again, blinking his eyes a couple of times as if the sight in front of him would disappear and turn out to be some sort of a nightmare if he did so. He couldn’t believe Aria was doing this to him. He felt his stomach drop as Louis pushed her against the wall and deepened the kiss.

Had he done this? Had he pushed her to the point where she started liking Louis better and wanted to be with him? No! Harry refused to believe that he had anything to do with this. He knew that Aria was doing this to piss him off. But then…Why wasn’t she stopping?

Didn’t she realize that she made her point and that he would be more cautious about spilling the beans about his offer from next time. She heard Aria moan and break the kiss for some much needed air. He decided that he would interrupt them now but as he took a step forward Aria leaned back to kiss him again; making Harry’s heart stop completely.

She was kissing him again? Harry couldn’t bear the sight of the two of them anymore and he spun around and headed towards the opposite direction. As he walked back he felt his eye sight become blurry, as the sting continued to pass through his chest. He blinked a couple of times and clenched his teeth together as anger overwhelmed him. He stopped and found a way to transmit his rage. He turned to the wall and punched it with all his might, manufacturing a cracking noise in the air.


Aria's Outfit

Louis' Outfit

Harry's Outfit

A/N: Hi, my beauties! I apologize for not being able to put in proper notes for the past few chapters! Anne has been away due to family problems and I've been having to juggle all the stories, messages and feedbacks alone. I don't know how some of you do it but I have to give props to you all! :)

Anyway, I wanted to give you all a massive thank you for everything you all have done to make this story what it is today. :') Thank you for the votes, subscriptions and all the lovely feedbacks throughout the story. And a special thanks to all those who have stuck with us through thick and thin. :') Thank you for not giving up on us. You have no idea how grateful we are to all of you! :') I can't thank you guys enough!

S/N: It's 7 am in the morning and I haven't had a proper night's sleep since I was working on both the story and my holiday homework. I apologize profoundly for the crappy chapter and as you can tell, I haven't had a chance to proof read it. So, I hope you'll forgive me for it? :( I love you, guys! And regardless of the crappy chapter , I wanted to ask you a few questions.

What do you think Harry will do now?

Do you think Aria's starting to like Louis now?

Who do you support- Laria or Haria?

Let us know! :) The more feedback we get, the faster we'll update! ;) So, hurry and let us know your opinion! Love you all to the moon and back! <3 x :) -N.K

P.S- Please keep voting, subscribing and commenting cause we LOVE your love! :D


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