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Traces of Your Touch (An AU Fanfiction)

Chapter 20

The chicks, in the nest, chirped away happily as their mother indulged them with her latest catch. The life of a bird was a phenomenal example of motherhood; starting from incubating the eggs, so that they hatch soon, to teaching these fledglings the mechanics of flying, for their first flight. Aria looked fixedly out of the window, at the nest in the tree.

She missed her parents more than she ever thought she would. More so now, because of the incidents that took place the night before. She didn’t want to go home to an empty house. If her parents were there, at least they would have kept her distracted with their constant nagging.

Aria let out a sigh filled with misery before she felt a hand tap on her shoulder. She turned back to find Niall leaning forward against the chair, that he had occupied behind her. Aria turned around to check if the teacher was looking, before leaning back and inclining her head so that she could hear what Niall had to say without the teacher catching them.

“Are you going to the Halloween party tomorrow?” He whispered, loud enough for only Aria to hear.

“I’m not sure. Why?” Aria whispered back, a frown appearing on her face.

“You should! It’ll be fun!” Niall whispered, with a thrill in his voice. Aria recalled the last time she had gone to a party and the incidents that had left her scarred for life.

“Define fun!” Aria whispered back gloomily to which Niall chuckled.

“Look, Ari. I know you had a terrible episode at the pool party.” Niall started, convincingly.

“You don’t say!” Aria cut in, annoyed at the fact that Niall found it amusing that Aria was still resentful about the last incident.

“But.” Niall went on, ignoring Aria’s interruption completely. “This time you have us! Liam, Rosey, Louis, Zayn and I! So, Amy won’t have the courage to come at you if you stick with us!”

“Ahem!” Mrs. White, the math teacher, cleared her throat, raising an eye brow at Aria and Niall.

“Is there something you’d like to share with us Miss Morgan and Mr. Horan?”

The entire class turned to look at them, a few even whispered and giggled; probably sharing a joke about Aria, the maid girl. Aria shrunk back in her seat and shook her head, wishing the floor would open up and swallow her. She noticed from the corner of her eye, that Harry was staring at her with a frown on his forehead.

Aria recalled the incident that had taken place this morning. Harry had tried to engage her in a conversation, after they had arrived at school from the trip. The bell had rung and everyone had left for their first class except Aria, who had been held back because her parents had called. When she had turned around to find Harry approaching her, she had swiftly turned on her heels and had almost run to her class, her heart trying to pound out of her rib cage. There was no way she would give him a chance to make up another excuse, or even further embarrass her.

Aria was jolted back to reality by Mrs. White speaking again.

“Please concentrate on the board, you two. I’m sure you had a wonderful camping trip at Bowman’s Lake, but you can discuss about it after school.” Mrs. White finished with authority, before turning back to the board.

“I’ll think about it.” Aria whispered non-committaly back to Niall.

A wonderful camping trip? Yeah right!

“Stay over at my place tonight! Pleeeaaassseee, Ari!” Carol pleaded; her puppy dog eyes and a pout in place.
“I’ll think about it, Carol!” Aria replied for the hundredth time that day, yawning from not getting much sleep the night before.

“Li will be there as well! It’ll be like a slumber party! We’ll watch movies, eat popcorn, and do makeovers and everything!” Carol finished dramatically, eyes big as a saucer and hands spread out in demonstration.

“You need to calm down, girl! Before you break someone’s neck!” Liana said soberly, having just dodged Carol’s hands.

“I’m serious, you guys! Plus, we need to plan our costumes for the Halloween pa-” Carol trailed off, her eyes widening as she stared at something behind Aria. “Ari, I need you to stay calm.”

“What? Wh-“ Aria’s words ceased when she spun around to find her causes of distress stationed just two feet away, in the narrow hall. Amy was chatting away with Harry, as his body leant against his locker. They were surrounded by both Harry and Amy’s group; all of them engaged in their own little popular world. The way Amy was postured near Harry, it seemed as though they were lovers.

Aria felt her heart being torn away from her chest. Why did he lead her on if he was interested in Amy? Why did he kiss her? And at the changing room? Why had he touched her so intimately? She felt the rims of her eyes fill with tears. Carol was saying something, placing a hand on Aria’s shoulder, but Aria didn’t hear a word.

She saw the dimple appear on Harry’s cheek as Amy and her friends shared a joke; saw his shoulders shake with laughter. Aria let go of a single tear, and it trickled down her cheek. Her nose was red from having held on to her tears for this long. She turned away and looked at her friends. They had a sympathetic look on their faces and Aria bit down on her lip to contain herself from weeping loudly.

Liana hugged Aria and Carol joined in after two seconds. They escorted her out of the school building and held her as Aria let go of more tears.

“No way!” Carol shouted for the millionth time that night. Aria let out a sigh of resignation as she finished telling her best friends about everything that had happened with Harry till date. They had finished dinner while watching a movie and were now busy gaining some calories by eating ice-cream. Carol still had the spoon in her mouth as she cussed at Amy.

Liana spoke up this time. “Well, it’s not exactly Amy’s fault, Carol. Think about it? We all know Amy is a nasty, little, possessive slut. But Harry shouldn’t have denied the kiss. I mean, what was he trying to prove? And to think we were actually planning to get Aria to talk to him.”

Aria shook her head before placing a smile on her face. “You, guys. What’s gone is gone. Let’s forget about it. Okay? I don’t need you guys to get all worried about it.”

“Of course we’ll worry about it, Ari! You’re our best friend!” Carol spoke with emotion resembling a politician giving a speech for his campaign. “Oh! I know! Let’s go over to his house and spray paint ‘jerk’ all over his front door!”

“What? That’s violation of private property, Car! You wanna get arrested or something?” Liana put in, now getting herself in a cozy position in the bed to get some sleep.

“Damn it!” Carol huffed, sticking her lower lip out like a child. Aria just grinned before hearing her phone ding, indicating that she had a new message. She reached for her phone from the bedside table, setting the jar of ice cream aside. The message was from an unknown number. It read, ‘Can we talk?’

Aria frowned in confusion before typing back a reply. ‘I’m sorry but I don’t have your number saved on my phone. Who is this?’ She joined back into the conversation as Carol began talking about Jack. The smile on Carol’s face clearly showed how much she liked the senior. Aria suddenly got distracted by another text message appearing on her phone. She opened it and it read, “It’s Harry. I needed to talk to you about last night.”

Aria remembered that she had forgotten to save his number the night before. She felt panicky and annoyed at the same time. The boy had guts texting her after what he did. But what did he want to talk about? Her hand hovered over the call button. She dwelled upon whether to give him another chance to explain himself. Maybe he had a reason for doing what he did?
“No!” Aria didn’t realize that she had spoken out loud, glancing around to find Carol and Liana stopping to look at her in confusion.

“Oh! Umm- L-louis texted to ask if we were g-going to the Halloween party.” Aria lied, unconvincingly. She had no idea why she made that up but for some reason she felt as though she needed this to be a secret.

“Tell him we are! Don’t say no!” Carol began, excitedly. “I can’t wait till tomorrow!”

“Neither can I!” Liana added, cheerfully. “I think I’ll go as a vampire!”

“Oooh! I’ll go as a ring master! Macy already has the outfit! She’s going as a playboy bunny!”

Carol finished and looked at Aria in expectation.

“Oh- Umm. I haven’t bought anything yet.” Aria confided, shrugging her shoulders.

“What?” Liana and Carol asked simultaneously, their eyes widening in shock.

“What?” Aria asked back, looking at them as the blood rushed to her cheeks. She hadn’t
actually planned on going to the party but knew that she would be forced to either way.

“Oh God, Ari! You need to go shopping tomorrow!” Liana went on, sitting straight now. “Do you have money? I could lend you some.”

“No!” Aria replied quickly, feeling her whole face grow red. She knew that her friends just wanted to help, but she felt embarrassed whenever they offered to pay for her. “I mean, I do have some money saved from my birthday.”

“Yay!” Carol clapped her hands with enthusiasm before continuing. “Have you planned on what you’ll dress up as?”

“Uh. No.”

“Don’t worry, babe! You could always dress up as a vampire with me.” Liana offered.

“Yeah but wouldn’t it be better if Aria dressed up as something sexy? You know to knock Amy and Harry’s brains out!” Carol put in.

“Are you trying to say vampires aren’t sexy?” Liana asked in an irritated tone, raising an eye brow.

“No! Of course they are sexy! All I’m trying to say is that Ari needs to look so smoking hot that all the boys have their jaws dropping to the floor! Especially Louis!” Carol winked at Aria with a mischievous grin on her face.

“What? Why Louis?” Aria asked, bewildered that Carol would make such a bizarre suggestion.

“Oh, please, girl! Anybody can tell the boy wants to get in your pants!” Liana put in audaciously.

“LI!” Aria exclaimed, mortified while Carol started laughing hysterically.

“What? It’s true! You know he likes you, Ari!” Liana said in a matter of fact tone.

“No! He doesn’t! So can you stop?” Aria denied, even though her cheeks warmed and she could feel a smile crawl up to her lips. Aria knew that she and Louis got along well, but that didn’t mean he liked her. Did it?

She suddenly felt her phone vibrate in her hand and she saw another text message from Harry saying,

“Aria?” She looked at it for the longest time, wondering what she should do. But she was brought back to reality by her friends teasing her.

“Oooohhh! Is it lover boy?” Carol pestered like a little kid, puckering her lips to show kisses. Aria felt herself blush as she realized how right they were with their assumptions, but they didn’t know it was the wrong guy.

Aria brushed their bantering off as Carol made her sit in front the mirror, to give Aria a makeover for the party. Aria stared at herself without really looking. She was contemplating in her head whether her friends were actually being serious about Louis. But what about Harry?


A/N: Hi, lovelies! :) I hope you guys are doing well. I just wanted to thank all those who have supported me through this rough time. As I'm sure you have noticed that I deleted that incident considering I didn't want to be reminded of it. Plus, I figured that it's way too much drama and didn't need to get out of hand. :) But thank you to those who have stuck by my side and helped me in their own ways to feel better. I owe you guys! :) I hadn't gotten on the site for a while and neither had Anna cause she's busy with her mids. That is why it took me a while to reply to your wonderful words.

However, what did get me to come back was a simple tweet that I saw while looking up Harry's activities on twiiter. The tweet read and I quote, "hey if you're reading this guess what niall loves you liam loves you zayn loves you louis loves you harry loves you and so do i ~@warmlyziall" Now, I know that this is a very old and common tweet. But for some reason, seeing that on my tl just put a smile on my face. I figured 'what the hell, the boys love me!' even though I know they don't know my existence. :) And then I came here to see all your support and I couldn't stop the tears from flowing. :') Thank you all once again for everything. You guys are absolutely the best. If there's anything I could do for you guys, please message me. :) I love you all to the moon and back! <3 x -N.K

S/N: This chapter took me two days to write cause I kept remembering the incident that took place a few days ago. I apologize it isn't that good. Please bear with me a little more? As you can all tell that it's a filler chapter. The next chapter will be the Halloween party. And within a few more chapters, I'll try to bring in the real plot of this story. :) So, I need your help for the next chapter. Do you think Aria should keep her costume sultry or chaste? Should she go to the party as a Spanish Siren or a Vampire? :) Now, please note here that I have put up the two most decent Halloween costumes that I could find of Candice Swanepoel. :) The others are way more revealing. But if you do find better costumes worn by her, I'm open to suggestions. :) Love you guys. <3 x -N.K

Please keep voting, subscribing and commenting for the next chapter. :)

P.S- I'm gonna give all the people who supported me a huge shout out in the next chapter. :) So hold tight, my loves! And also, wish Anna good luck for her mids if you can? :) I'm sure it'll boost her up to do well. :) <3


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