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Traces of Your Touch (An AU Fanfiction)

Chapter 18

Bowman's Lake was jaw-dropping beautiful. From the picturesque landscape clustered with pine trees to the beautiful wooden cabins; it was a complete paradise for campers. The lake too was a wonderful sight as the small wooden dock overlooked it. Aria stood by the lake with Liana and Carol, taking in the beauty of it all.

The sun was bearing down on the landscape like a spotlight, emitting yellow streaks over the tranquil lake and tree-tops. The art students took up this opportunity to draw the beautiful landscape in all its glory. Everyone had stopped and gathered to watch the view.

Aria craved to have Harry by her side right now. How wonderful would it be if Harry and her stood side by side, holding hands and enjoying the beautiful view? She tore her gaze away and searched around for his familiar brown curls. However, it didn't take her long to spot him.
He was standing watching the landscape as well, surrounded by his followers. Aria spotted Amy there and a tinge of jealousy shot through her.

As if Harry had felt her gaze on him, he turned to look at her at that exact moment. The intense look was back in his eyes as he kept staring at her. For some reason, Aria felt a warm fuzzy feeling in her lower region. She smiled at him to lighten up the atmosphere, but Harry kept staring at her with the same intensity.

Eventually, the moment broke when Amy wrapped her arms around Harry, claiming her territory. Amy had recently broken up with her boyfriend, Krug, and had since been trying to claw down Harry's pants. She raised an eye brow at Aria as if to challenge her, but Aria knew better than to fall for the bait.

She looked out at the lake and wished she had taken up on Niall's offer. She'd give anything to see Amy drowning in the lake at that moment.

"Alright, kids. Time to start your assigned chores. Chop chop!" Mr. Hudson stated merrily.

After three hours of collecting twigs and putting up tents, Aria found herself exhausted and in need of a change in clothes. It had been a struggle working while wearing jeans. So, Aria had borrowed the most decent t-shirt and shorts from Carol that she could find and changed into it.

She was late at arriving from the cabin and started looking for a place to stand, as people crowded together by the lake to watch the eclipse. She tried to look for her friends but they were nowhere to be seen. Aria tried to hear Mr. Hudson explaining in the distance.

"A lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth passes between the Moon and the Sun, and the Earth's shadow obscures the moon or a portion of it. It is safe to watch without an eye protection as....."

Aria couldn't hear the rest as she felt someone grabbing her by the wrist. She turned to see the silhouette of a tall form standing next to her. She recognized the figure immediately as Harry.

"C'mon. You won't be able to see anything from here." Harry told her and pulled on her wrist to make Aria follow him. He led her to the dock and stopped to look up at the sky. Aria found herself doing the same as the moon passed over the earth's umbral shadow.

It was beautiful. The moon had begun turning into a beautiful shade of brownish-orange.

Everyone gasped in awe and started taking snaps of the eclipse. Aria just stood there staring at its magnificence, oblivious to the fact that Harry was still holding on to her wrist.

"Wow. It's beautiful. Isn't it?" Harry whispered as he watched in amazement.

"Yeah." Aria agreed, nodding her head without looking down.

"I heard it's called the hunter's moon. Weird isn't it? With Halloween a week away?" Harry queried, biting down on his lips. Aria looked at him to see the adorable dimple back on his cheek as he nervously sank his teeth on his pink lips.

"You're not scared. Are you?" Aria asked, arching an eyebrow as a smile tugged at her lips. This brought Harry's attention back on Aria as he shook his head in denial.

"No! Of course not!"

Aria nodded her head, faking belief and bit down on her lips to hide the smile that was tugging on her face.

"Happy Birthday!" Came the simultaneous shouts from behind Aria. Aria quickly turned around while Harry let go of her wrist. She found Liana holding a cake, surrounded by Carol, Niall, Alan, Nikhil and Louis.

A huge grin appeared on Aria's face as her friends started singing to her. By the time they had finished singing and clapping, Aria heard Harry whispering in her ear, "You didn't tell me it was your birthday."

But before Aria could turn around and reply back, her friends were ushering her to cut the cake. She closed her eyes to make a wish and blow the candles, but only saw Harry’s beautiful face behind her closed lids.

Aria lay awake in her sleeping bag, analyzing the day. Although it had started off with a bad news, it had ended in one of the most amazing ways Aria could have hoped for.

After cutting the cake, Aria and the rest of the group shared ghost stories and previous camping experiences over dinner by the campfire. Amy had tried to disrupt the peaceful and friendly atmosphere by trying to insult Aria, for engaging Harry into their conversation. However, Aria's knight in shining armor had stepped in and stopped Amy from making a scene.

Aria was still giggling over the look on Amy's face after Harry had told her off, when her phone vibrated indicating that there was a new message. It was from an unknown number and it read, "Meet me at the dock! -H"

Who in the world was H? Wait. Was it Harry? Or was Amy trying to fool Aria into coming close enough to push her into the lake? Aria got out of her sleeping bag, and searched for a weapon to protect herself from Amy before heading out. She found the pepper spray Carol always carried to ward off strangers and took it with her.

She made her way slowly to the dock through the dark and found Harry sitting at the edge of the dock, looking out at the lake.


Harry turned around but Aria couldn't see his face properly. Her suspicions were put to rest when she heard his deep, raspy voice.

"You came."

"Umm- yeah."

"C'mon. Sit with me." Harry patted the spot next to his and Aria obliged.

"So, umm- why'd you call me here?" Aria asked, looking down at her tangled fingers as she felt butterflies flutter in her stomach.

"It's your birthday." Harry spoke, looking at Aria. Aria wasn't sure how that had anything to do with her being there but she just nodded her head.

"Take off your shoes and dip it into the lake. It's really soothing." Harry told Aria, pointing at her shoe. Aria didn't know where this was going but she found herself opening her shoe and dipping her toes into the cool water.

It was actually very comforting and Aria found herself relaxing within seconds. Aria and Harry sat there silently for a few minutes before she spoke up.

"Hey Harry?"


"Thanks for sticking up for me like that."

Harry just smiled and Aria found herself drowning in his beautiful green eyes. Harry was as mesmerized by Aria's eyes as she was by his. She felt herself inching closer to him when a sudden rustle made both of them jump and look back.

A pain shot through Aria's calf as her leg bumped into one of the pillars holding up the platform of the dock.

"Ouch! Fuck! What in the- Gah!"

"Hey, you okay?" Harry asked with concern as Aria pulled her leg up and moaned in pain.

"Here. Let me see." Harry tried to look, holding up Aria's leg.

"Harry, it's okay. I'm fine. It’s just a small- Ouch! Fuck!"

"Relax, babe. Just hold my phone over your leg so that I can see." Aria took Harry's phone and did as he instructed.

"It's just a small splinter. Wait, I'll take it out." Before Aria could guess how he would do that, Harry crouched down and started pulling at the splinter with his teeth.

The combination of his hot breath and soft lips against her fragile skin made Aria's entire body tense and shiver. She felt a hot fuzzy feeling in her lower region as he continued pulling it with his teeth.

"Oh- Harry!" Aria moaned out before she could stop herself. She quickly covered her mouth as her eyes grew wide from the embarrassing slip. Harry was trying to help her out, and here she was moaning like a horny pervert!

But Harry had noticed her slip, and raised his head from between her legs; enough to meet Aria's gaze. Aria noticed how his eyes had turned a deeper shade of green. He stared at Aria for what felt like hours before finally speaking.

"You like that, babe? My lips against your thighs?" Harry asked solemnly, as he slowly rubbed his palms up and down Aria’s leg. Aria shook her head in denial but her dilated pupils gave her away.

"I don't believe you." Harry lowered his head back between Aria's legs. He held her gaze to see her reaction as he slowly lowered his lips against her calf.

Aria's eyes widened and she gasped as Harry's kiss left a tingling feeling on her skin. His eyes were filled with lust as he lowered his head again to continue the onslaught inside her calf. Aria bit down on her lips so hard that she tasted the bitterness of her blood.

He kissed his way up her leg, as Aria squirmed and moaned in pleasure. But as soon as he reached her knees, Aria tried to clasp her legs together. She felt like she would explode if he went further.

However, Harry raised himself up to Aria's face and hovered over her face. His hot breath fanned against her lips as he whispered.

"I never did wish you a happy birthday. Did I?"

Aria watched as he slowly lowered his head and his lips met Aria's. Her eyes fluttered closed as she felt his soft lips kissing hers slowly. Fireworks erupted behind Aria's closed lids, as she kissed him back with equal fervor. She wasn't as experienced as Harry but she tried to follow Harry as he continued to coax her into opening her lips enough to let his tongue in. Aria raised her hand to wrap around Harry's neck when she heard a shriek coming out of nowhere.

"You fucked up bitch!"


Aria's Outfit (Minus the cap)

Harry's Outfit (Minus the shades)

A/N: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lovelies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all so freaking much for such a wonderful response for the previous chapters! I know they weren't the best and yet all of you kept your faith on the story! :') I know I've said this before and you guys probably think I'm too stupid to say something new, but you guys are the bestest readers EVERRRRRR!!!!!!We love you to the moon and back! We're reading all of your feedbacks now and replying back to each and every one of you!!! :D Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! We can't wait!!! -N.K

S/N: I know we said we'd upload this chapter four hours before but we didn't realize how big this would turn out to be! :/ We haven't gotten a chance to edit it either since we wanted to upload it asap for our wonderful readers!! So please excuse us if it isn't that good or if the flow of the chapter is bumpy! :( We'll make up for it in the next chapters! We promise! x <3 :D -N.K

S/O: Today's shoutout goes to all our wonderful readers who have stuck by our side even when we were going through a tough time! :D Please please pleassseeee read their stories! Also, don't forget to subscribe, vote and comment on those stories!!! :D Our lovelies, Ciao Niccie, Amber Night, AreWeDifferentOrTheSame, Louis'sGyrl2013, ChloewuvsHarry.

Also to our super sweet readers Canadianeeh, EMCLARKE12, Gabby Tomkins, Fiona Williams, Nowshin Styles and EmStyles1993!!!! :D

I know a shout out isn't enough for all the support you guys have given my way while I was ill but know that I'll be praying for each and every one of you so that you guys get the best in life! :') <3 x Love you guys to bits and pieces! -N.K


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