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Traces of Your Touch (An AU Fanfiction)

Chapter 16

Aria watched as Louis got up to meet the other boys at the door, greeting each of them with a bro hug. She ducked under the table when she noticed Louis pointing towards their table.

"Ari, what in the world do you think you're doing?" Liana asked in a whisper shout, as she bent down to see Aria.

"I'm trying to hide so that Harry doesn't see me." Aria spoke in a hushed tone.

"He's heading our way right now. What do you plan on saying to him when he finds you like this?"

"Is everything okay?" Louis asked in confusion, noticing both Aria and Liana's positions.

Aria tried to get up and bumped her head against the table.


"You okay?" It was Harry's voice this time, as he bent down to look under the table. Aria noticed how he had to crouch all the way down due to his height. She let her blue eyes meet with his pair of green ones.

"Uh-yeah! I’m fine! J-just dropped the f-fork. Ha-ha." Aria said, faking a laugh. She noticed how the rest of the boys had also bent down to look at her. She slowly got up, making sure not to hit her head again. Her head was already throbbing from the pain and the anxiety. She sat back in her place and gave a small smile.

"Well, anyway. Girls I'd like you to meet my best mates Niall and Liam. And you know Harry. Right?"

Aria peeked at them, smiled in acknowledgement before lowering her head. She didn't get a chance to see how the other two boys looked. All she noticed was that one of them had blonde hair and the other had brown.

"Wh-Why don't you s-sit down?" Came the shaking voice of the normally hyper and confident Carol. Aria looked at her and found Carol and Liana gawking at the boys the same way Aria gawked at Harry.

She turned to look at the other two boys and realized why her friends had been blown out of their minds. They were all gorgeous in their own way. All four of them. Aria already knew how good-looking Louis and Harry were. But these two were equally hot.

"Hey, you're the girl who threw the beer at Amy! Right?" The blonde haired boy asked, his face lighting up in recognition. He didn't wait for Aria's confirmation as he went on, chuckling. "That was hilarious! I was laughing so much that I thought I'd piss my pants."

Aria just gave him an embarrassed smile.

"So, ladies. Are you going to the camping trip?" Louis addressed all three of them.

"Umm- We haven't decided yet." Liana replied, looking from left to right at the other girls.

"Well, you should! It'll be fun! We can push Amy into the lake and everything!" Niall chipped in, with a mischievous grin on his face.

"Oh yes! Now I'd pay to see that!" Louis piped in from the middle.

"There won't be a lake for miles, Niall. Besides, I don't think Amy will be going anyway. Scary creatures and all." Liam replied, smirking.

"She will, if Harry does!" Louis replied cheekily, raising his eye brows at Harry. Harry just shook his head and rolled his eyes at Louis' banter.

"Hey Carol!" They all looked towards the direction from which the unknown voice came. Three guys were standing there. Guys, who Aria recognized were senior to them. She stopped breathing completely once she realized that it was their dates.

They started approaching towards the table and Aria looked at Carol in panic. But she found Carol's face glowing, with a light blush highlighting her cheeks as she smiled goofily at the guy in the middle. She got up from her seat to greet him.

Aria knew the look on Carol's face. It was the look Aria gave Harry when he wasn't looking. Carol liked this guy!

As the guys reached the table, they looked around at the boys and their expressions changed when they noticed Harry. Aria thought she saw the one Carol liked getting a bit tensed and pale. However, he quickly masked the panic by putting on a smile.

"Harry? What are you doing here?" He spoke up, looking at Harry.

"Hey, Jack! How's it going, man?" Harry got up and greeted the older boy, smiling and frowning at the same time. All the girls were looking from Jack to Harry and back again to Jack.

"You kn-know each other?" Carol asked Jack, a frown also forming on her forehead.

"Well, yeah. Harry's sister and I are good friends." Jack replied, looking a bit uncomfortable.
"Oh. Okay." Carol accepted, smiling happily.

"So, what are you doing here?" Harry asked Jack. Aria felt her entire body turn cold. As she and Carol were about to open their mouth to make an excuse, Jack cut in.

"We're here for an interview for the school paper. About the match next week against Easton High."

Carol's smile slipped at Jack's excuse. She looked a bit hurt. But the way she was biting her lip, Aria could tell that Jack hadn't entirely lied.

"Oh." Harry turned to look at Aria. "You're in the school paper? I didn't know."

"Um- Carol is. I'm j-just here to help."

Harry just nodded his head and turned to his friends to speak.

"Then we should be getting another table, Louis."

"No. You guys can stay." Aria spoke way too quickly, sitting on the edge of her seat. She didn't want him to go. She was enjoying all of their company and the light banter amongst them.
Harry turned to look at Aria. His eyes crinkled at the sides, as he bit his lips to hide the smile tugging on his lips. Aria felt her cheeks heat up as she noticed the cute dimple appearing on his cheek. She looked away quickly, biting down on her own lips.

She heard the boys shuffling out of the seats and bid all of them goodbye. She looked up when she heard Harry speak up again.

"Guess I'll see you around."

He gave Aria a small smile before walking away with the boys. Aria grinned like a maniac, as the butterflies started fluttering in her tummy once again.


A/N: Hiiii cupcakes!!!! You guys are the bestest readers in the entire freaking world!!!!!!! Thank you all so so sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for the amazing response!! Thank you! Thank you!!! Thank yooouuuu!!!!!!! I love you guys so much !! This is literally us right now!!! Thank you to every single person who has voted for us and subscribed andddd left a feedback! :) I really can't express how much we love you guys for everything! <3 :)

Also, there's another bad news. Nam is bed ridden at the moment. She has some sort of a flu. :( However, whenever she's getting a chance she's trying to write the story. So she apologizes in advance if the chapters aren't that good. I hope you guys will understand if I'm not as hyper as I am most of the time. I'm trying to be enthusiastic, but I'm a bit upset over her illness. :) I'm really sorry, you guys! I know I should be more appreciative of all your support and love but I promise to make it up as soon as Nam is back on her feet! :) And guys, I'll reply back to all of you by tonight! I promise . Please don't hate us. I'm really sorry about all this! :( -A.D

S/N: The next chapter will be about the camping trip and Aria's birthday! And you could say that shit will go down! ;) Loads of drama and sexiness in the next chapter. The chapter itself will be pretty long. Btw, this chapter introduces a new character who will come along in the future chapters! So please remember him!

P.S- I'm not gonna ask you guys to vote, subscribe or comment today cause I feel awful for not being able to respond to any of you.:( The only thing I'll ask from you guys is- Don't hate us.:( Cause we really love you! <3 x - A.D


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