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Traces of Your Touch (An AU Fanfiction)

Chapter 14

Aria woke up the next morning by the insistent buzzing of her phone. She had picked it up drowsily, only to be jolted completely awake when she found out that Carol had set Aria, Liana and herself up for a triple date.

Carol had called to inform Aria about it and had also told her to wear something nice that day to school. The date had been set up with three seniors after school.

Aria had gone completely ballistic and had yelled at Carol for almost half an hour. Neither Liana nor Aria had given their consent to a date; they weren't even aware that Carol was planning on something this preposterous. Liana had been taken aback by it as much as Aria had.

Carol had apologized and lamented afterwards, almost breaking down to tears. However, she had quickly recovered and gone back to her hyper self as soon as Aria had softened down. She had eventually managed to manipulate both Aria and Liana into going with her.

To top it off, Aria hadn't been able to sleep much the night before. It had taken her more time to study for the quiz than it normally did as she kept getting distracted by thoughts of Harry. By the time she had gone to bed, it had been way past midnight.

And thus, Aria had entered the school pissed off and sleep-deprived, wondering if the day could get any worse. Her thoughts were soon answered when she walked to her locker. Aria opened the locker and a stack of water bottles fell out from it. Aria swore out in pain, as a couple of them fell on her feet.

Aria was too stupefied to react as people around her started laughing and taking pictures. She didn't know what had happened or how the bottles had gotten there in her locker. Aria suddenly noticed a note taped against the inside of her locker door. It read, "Thought you might need it, bitch! ;)"

Aria felt her entire face getting red in humiliation as the crowd started gathering near her locker. She stabbed Amy over and over again in her head. But it didn't make her feel any better. So she just lowered her head and started putting away her books.

Within a few minutes, she spotted Liana, Carol and Alan making their way towards her through the crowd. Liana shooed the crowd away as she reached Aria.

"Alright. Show's over! On with it! Disperse! Now!"

The crowd slowly thinned and Aria let out a sigh of resignation.

"You okay, sweetie?" Liana asked, face filled with concern.

"I've been better." Aria replied, leaning against her locker.

"Well, your mood will improve in a jiffy once you hear about the Halloween party!" Carol said cheerfully, resembling a little pixie as she bounced on the balls of her feet in excitement.

"Halloween party?" Aria asked looking confused.

"Yup! It's Halloween next week! Soooo...Maurice is planning on throwing a party this weekend! That too in one of his old ancestral homes by the brook!" Carol squealed in utter delight as she finished.

Liana just rolled her eyes behind Carol and Aria managed to put up a smile for Carol's benefit. Alan started discussing about the math quiz with Aria as Carol kept chattering away with Liana.
However, Aria soon got distracted at the sight of Harry passing by, laughing at something his friend had said. He didn't even look at Aria as he passed and it hurt her way more than she thought possible.

As the bell rang, Aria walked with Alan and Liana to Math class, bidding Carol goodbye. They reached class together and took their regular seats in the second row. Harry was already there with his friends. Aria chose to avoid looking at Harry or acknowledging him in any way. Two could play at this game, she thought to herself.

Aria had felt Harry's gaze on her the entire time she had given the quiz. Having sat two chairs away from Harry, Aria had also managed to take a few peeks at him. She had been way too bothered and fidgety to concentrate and had ended up giving a horrible test
As the bell rang for the next class, their math teacher held them back to inform them about an important notice.

"Class, I'm sure all of you are aware of the lunar eclipse that will be taking place this Thursday. And I'm sure you've all heard about the camping trip your geography teacher, Mr. Hudson, has organized for your batch on that day."

The whole class, including Aria, groaned at the reminder. Aria groaned louder than anyone when she remembered that it was her birthday on Thursday.

"Don't whine! I, personally, think it's a wonderful opportunity for all of you! Plus, Mr.Hudson has put up a lot of effort over this!" Miss Noland spoke proudly, turning a deep shade of red. Everyone in school knew that Mr. Hudson and Miss Noland liked each other secretly.

"So, I'm handing you these papers asking for your parents' consent. I want you to hand them back to me by Wednesday morning so that I can make a list of your names."

Aria groaned again with the rest of the class and looked around to find Harry staring at her. The intense look in his eyes was back. But before Aria could react, Harry got up from his chair and walked out of the classroom.


A/N: Hhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, my lovelies!!! :D Here's another chapter for you guys!! Can I just tell you guys how much I love you? :D We're in a really good mood cause on of our readers messaged us to inform us that we were on the second page of the popular stories!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! We can't thank you enough for everything that you guys are doing for us!!!! :D You guys are absolutely incredible!!!!! We want to give each of you back for all the love and support that you have given us!! But it's taking us a lot of time to read the other stories as we have so much work stacked up!! :( So, we were wondering if there was any other way we could help you out? Like give you shout outs for your twitter usernames? Or maybe help you out with personal problems through messages? If there's anything we could help you out with then please let us know? :D Cause we're more than willing to give back!! Thank you once more for your support, my beauties!! :D We love you till the ends of the earth!! x <3 -N.K and A.D

S/N: I don't know what happened to me today but I wasn't able to write this chapter properly. My head felt jammed up and I just couldn't bring the flow in my writing!:( I'm really sorry if it sounds like a messed up compilation of ideas. :( Please don't hate me or the story? :( You guys have been so wonderful towards us that we hate disappointing you in any way! :(

Also, I want to put in a special thanks to Ciao Niccie, Amber Night, AreWeDifferentOrTheSame, Louis'sGyrl2013 and ChloewuvsHarry for always encouraging us and making us feel on top of the world with their kind words!! :) <3 And today's shout out goes to them!! :) They are not just wonderful writers but also incredible human beings!!:) We're extremely blessed to have made such extraordinary friends on here!! :) I can't thank you guys enough for all that you guys do for me! I hope some day I'll be able to give back as much happiness as you've given us.:') We're really lucky to have you. Love you, guys!! x <3 -N.K

P.S- Please vote, subscribe and comment for the next chapter? :D The camping trip and Halloween party are coming up! And things are about to get really interesting! ;)


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