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Traces of Your Touch (An AU Fanfiction)

Chapter 11

Aria spent the rest of the day and evening closed inside the little attic that was her bedroom. She was way too baffled by what had taken place that morning. Had Harry really caressed her like that or had it been wishful thinking on her part?

It felt outrageous to even think that someone as good looking as Harry would talk to her, let alone touch her with such intimacy. He wasn't the most popular boy in school but he was very popular. However, his popularity wasn't just skin deep. He was pretty much friendly with everyone, regardless of which clique they belonged to. Girls craved to have him as their lover, boys craved to be him.

It was one of the things that had made Aria crush on him for six years straight. The way he didn't judge anybody. The way he smiled at both the nerds and the jocks. So, it had come as a complete shock to Aria when he had titled her as 'the biggest loser in school'.

And yet, he had stood up for her on Saturday. He hadn't really told Amy off, but he had stopped Aria from getting further embarrassed. Aria's heart fluttered as she remembered how sexy he had looked with the scowl on his face.

And then she remembered today...

Her heart literally stopped as she re-lived each and every second of the encounter in her head. Her breathing became heavy, her skin hot and she felt a tingling feeling in a place way below her tummy.

Why had he done that? What had made him touch her? Her, the pathetic girl who was madly infatuated with a guy she couldn't have.

Had he pictured someone else while he had been touching her?

That thought sobered Aria up. She felt a tinge of ache pass through her chest, as realization sank in. She knew that there was no way that a guy like him would mix with a girl like her.
Maybe he just likes you?

The thought crossed her head for a mini-second before Aria shook it off. Even thinking something of that sort would be crossing the line of self-absorption. Aria knew herself well enough to know that she wasn't the type to attract boys. She had see Liana and Carol easily catching a guy's eye as they passed.

But that had never been the case with Aria. She had always been aware of her lack of communication skills with men, apart from Alan and Nikhil.

She was brought back to reality by the sudden buzzing of her phone. She sighed as she remembered how many times Liana and Carol had texted her, asking if she was okay. She hadn't told them about the incident with Harry. She wasn't sure if she should. What if they just thought she was lying and laugh it off?

The phone buzzed again and Aria stretched to grab it from the side table. She unlocked it to find two texts from an unknown number.

The first text read, "Hey, love. I was just wondering if you were doing okay."

Aria stopped breathing. Love? Harry called her love once. Was it him? How did he get her number? Why was she freaking out?

The second text read, "I didn't get a chance to ask you before so I thought I'd text you."

Oh my freaking God! It was him! Aria squealed and hugged her phone to her chest. And started wondering how she could calmly reply back to him without sounding like a besotted weirdo with an OCD.

She texted back, "I'm doing better. But I don't have this number saved on my phone. Who is this?"

She knew who it was already but waited in anticipation, biting down on her lips from nerves. She stared and stared at the screen but five minutes passed by without a reply from Harry. As she was about to give up and put her phone away, it buzzed.

Aria quickly opened the text, grinning from ear to ear. But her grin slipped off her face as she read the text.

"It's Louis. You know, that rakishly, handsome lad you met the other day in the balcony. The one who swept you off your pretty feet. ;)"

She tried to smile at his sense of humor but couldn't bring herself to, as she started feeling highly disappointed. She felt so stupid. Why would Harry text her? He had probably already forgotten about her.

She texted back gloomily, "Hey, Louis. Yeah I do remember a boy from the balcony, but if I remember correctly he looked like a drunken creep."

She closed her eyes and dropped the phone on the bed. What was wrong with her? She put her face into her palms, and groaned. She needed to stop thinking about Harry completely.
The phone buzzed once more but Aria took her time reaching for it this time. Once she did, she opened the text and read.

"God damn, woman! You're terrible for a man's ego! :("
Aria smiled before replying, "No. I'm just bad for yours.;)"

She clicked the send button and waited for him to text back. It came within seconds.
"Yeah, well. Beggars can't be choosers. :( So, whatcha upto? Missing me? ;)"

Aria scowled at the part where he said beggars couldn't choose. What did that mean? Carol had told Aria that the Tomlinson's were one of the wealthy families in the neighborhood. So what had made him say that?

She typed, "You wish, Tomlinson! I'm at home, getting bored. And what do you mean 'beggars can't be choosers'?"

He replied back in a minute, "Nothing. If you're so bored, why don't you come over at Niall's? We're having a small get together here. It'll be fun."

Aria laughed, knowing full well that a small get together meant a full-on house party. However, she knew better than to go this time.

"As tempting as it sounds, I'll take a rain check. I've got a math quiz I need to study for. :("

"NERD ALERT! Fine then, I'll just come over to your place. Text me your address."

"Wait! Why would you come over to my place?" Aria asked, panicking. She didn't want Louis to see her house. Not that she was embarrassed of it or anything, but she didn't want anyone, other than her group, judging her just because of her financial status. Cause her house screamed poor.

"Just because."

"Because what?"

"Just because." Aria rolled her eyes at his lack of explanation. She should've known from previous experience that he would say that. She typed back.

"Look, let's meet up at the park by the lake. I'll leave in 5."

Aria waited for him to protest but he didn't text back further. She put down the phone and started getting ready, wondering why on earth she had agreed to meet up.


A/N: Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, my beauties!!!!!! So, we're supposed to be on a hiatus but recently, reading the fic of a friend has inspired us to come back and post a chapter! :D I will let you know at the end of the notes who that friend is, so that you too can also addicted like we did! :D Btw, guys thank you so so soooooooooooo much for your response. We are ever so grateful for everything that you guys are doing for us!! :) I know our story isn't very good as compared to most of our readers' but we still hope we don't dissappoint you!! Oh and sexies, I need your opinions as to how you want the story to go!! :D We could do with some since we're a bit stupid. :P Love you, kittens!! x <3 :) -A.D

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