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It's not Easy letting you go


Blake Gregory is 21 years old and still living in the past. When she was 8 she was part of a horrible car accident leaving her and her four other siblings without parents. The last 13 years she's lived with a bitter taste in her mouth and huge hole in her heart. Before she could even walk Blake was dancing and had been enrolled in dance class since then, after the accident she continued to dance but only because it gave her a chance to forget. Still broken, she turned down a full ride to Julliard and a talent scout from LA.

Lexar Falls is a small town located a few miles outside of Dallas, Texas so why is One Direction; a world wide known english boy group who found success within the too familiar show X-Factor coming to town? Well that's a good question. The Lexar High student body entered in a competition and won a private concert from the young famous lads. It's been talked about that the boys wanted to go on a short hiatus after four years of success, they decide to make Lexar Falls their home for the summer. During this time the boys come face to face with the town's tornado Blake Gregory.

Relationships will be tested, hearts will break, hearts will mend, one person will come to relization that they're not alone and another the world doesn't revolve around them. What will happen? Well you'll have to tune in.
Note: Please keep in mind as this story goes the content rating will change. Thank you and enjoy!


Blake Gregory

Blake Gregory

Blake is the town tornado, older sister to Charlie, and the main character.

Charlotte Gregory

Charlotte Gregory

Charlotte aka "Charlie" is the younger sister of the town tornado, Blake Gregory.

One Direction

One Direction

Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, and Louis Tomlinson.

Rienna Pavel

Rienna Pavel

Rienna aka "Rae" is the best friend of Charlotte Gregory.



How come you stopped writing for this story???
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Please update!!!
dang wata tradegy update soon i cant wait to see who's down stairs.
dang wata tradegy update soon i cant wait to see who's down stairs.
im in love please update!
summerloverr summerloverr