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Wolf eyes


Harry's P.O.V

What? What's going on. Why's Sarah here.? No. She's a 'hunter'. Someone I despise most..
I knew going for a girl like her would have precaution. But - the only thing is. She knows nothing of what I am. I'm disgusted with myself.
She could easily kill me. I'm just confused.
My muscles tensed as my body shapeshipted. My long crescent ears forming into shaggy brown curls, my moonlit eyes shaping into green orbs, my piercing fangs dulling down to normal square like figures. My dirty pelt disappearing into my bare white back. My paws forming into normal sapiens hands. I stood up and grabbed my clothes than hung on a tree branch. I slipped them on and made my way to my bus stop. I had to make it seem like, I hadn't been out all night. Though I have..
Me and Sarah have much in common; we are both hunters. Though, she uses man made weapons I use my only weapon - instinct. I hate what I am. I want to be normal, I can't help it though. I have anger issues that are inedible to control. I could shape shift so quickly that anyone wouldn't know what hit them. I was forced to come here. I was being stalked by a group of hunters searching for me - I'm the last of my pack. After a savage rampage, all my pack members were killed. I only survived because I escaped those men. I am able to form as a Human because, I'm not full canine. I was bitten 5 years ago. Worst 5 years of my life.
I ran to the bus stop and stood by Sarah. She looked exhausted, only I'd know that. "Hey." I said with a grin. She turned looking startled. 'Didn't see you there..' she said as her voice echoed into a yawn. 'Tired?' I asked. She chuckled and parted her hair behind her right ear, facing me. 'Uh yea.. I was out last night.' She replied. I nodded pretending to be clueless. 'Have you ever heard of a wolf being out here? Cause I swear - I, I saw one.' She said narrowing her eyes at me. Play it cool, play it cool. 'Oh. No, not at all.. It was probably some stray dog?' I said. She nodded.
The entire bus ride to school I felt like everyone was watching me. I mean come on, I know I'm adorable. I'm kidding..
I just hate having such a big secret to hide. It makes me so weird. Plus I feel precautions whenever someone even says, wolf or canine or even Dog.
Sarah turned to me, and smiled. "Hey, do you hunt?" She asked. My heart sank, I felt immediately angry but I had to hide it. I faked a smile. 'no.' I said. She nodded slowly biting her lip staring off. "Do you want to learn? I love teaching people." She said enthusiastically. I bit down on my bottom lip really hard, trying to ignore the fact that she's wanting me to do something I dread. From the kindness of my cold heart, I smiled and said 'That sounds fun.'
Her face lit up and she clapped her hands. "Yay! We should start tonight? I'll need to sneak out though." She suggested. Bad timing, nights when I hunt - you know all 'wolfed' up.'Uhh. I can't because, I have to go to my - - uh, sisters birthday?" I replied. Clearly lying. She shook her head and scratched her chin. 'Oh okay, just let me know when youre free.' She said smiling ear to ear. I'll never be ' free.'


Sorry its short, It's just harry's P.O.V (:


OF course! & Thanks for reading <3 Glad you're enjoying (:
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this is really good can u read mine?
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This is AWSOME!!!!
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